My focus for 2019

I want to avoid titling anything ‘Goals for 2019’. I made a decision in 2018 to set no goals at the beginning of the year, instead I worked through small achievements each month which was more effective. Scribbling ideals down at the beginning of the year and forgetting about them two months later did nothing for my sense of achievement or self-esteem. As this worked out so well I would like to follow suit this year, focusing on areas for improvement each month and thinking of a few ideas of how I would like my 2019 to look. I try to avoid putting too much pressure on myself. I don’t want to reach December disappointed that my year didn’t go in the direction I had hoped it would back January. I am aware that these are goals are continuious, as soon as I have achieved something, I am searching for the next. It can often feel as though nothing is good enough. If I have learned anything in my 20s it is that so much is out of my control and I need to embrace change and take the opportunities I can. So these are the areas I want to focus energy this year.


2018 saw some substantial developments to my house even if by January 2019 it now feels like nothing has changed again. I  had the new kitchen fitted, changed the floors, changed all the doors upstairs and added a lot of new furniture. Whilst I needed a break from it in 2018, mainly due to finances I am keen not to lose the momentum. I need to paint doors, touch up paint work, sort the odd job out and really make an effort with the garden in spring. I would also love to make a start on the utility to room and re-carpet the stairs. Whilst these are all achievable there are other areas in my life I want to focus finances on so we will have to see what can be done as I go along. There is a lot I can still do which will not cost me too much it is just giving it the time it needs.


My main priority for 2019 is travel. I am keen to book my flights to America to visit our friends in California as soon as I can this month. If I can explore more of America this year I would be thrilled whilst squeezing in some European trips in throughout the year if I can. I also love the idea of solo travelling but I am not brave enough to book flights which can restrict the amount of places I travel being single. I also want to carry on making the most of UK cities whilst travelling with work. We have plotted some lovely places this year which I am excited to explore.


I was lucky enough to get a promotion at work last year and I want to throw myself at this. I love my job, there are some days I wonder what I am doing with my life, but I find working in within Mental Health and fundamentally helping others rewarding so I want to push myself this year and see how and where we can grow our events.  We have a few new developments and products in the pipeline for Todhpurs which is exciting. Whilst our priority is growing the brand this year we need to focus on attending more trade shows. With full time jobs it can be difficult to dedicate weekends to standing at Trade shows but it is the best way to raise our profile. This month I am going to sit down and plot where we should be going. I still am not 100% what I want from my blog. I know the commercial side does not interest me, I am not here to be sent free merchandise, but I do want to continue to grow it and improve my writing, is it too late to go back to school? 


I am sure every year I believe will be the year, I grow up, learn to miss out on things and prioritise saving. So lets pretend this year will be the year. I want to continue saving, whilst I want to use the last year of my 20s to travel as much as I can I want to make sure I start focusing on the fact that I cannot own a house with my sister my whole life. Whilst I now have equity in the house I want to have enough that when the time comes I can comfortably buy somewhere on my own. There are also a few more changes I want to make to this house, furniture I want to buy as well so I think I will continue to save a little more than I give myself to spend. 

Health, fitness and well-being

With big summer plans and another bridesmaid dress to fit in, I want to ensure I feel my best, which right now after Christmas I certainly don’t. I plan to get back to my spinning routine twice a week, running and being more active. I am planning on living as close to as a vegetarian diet as I can, without feeling like I am depriving myself of food I love. I want to do this for personal reasons as I struggle with the idea of animals farmed just for the benefit of us eating them. I also want to focus on over all well-being, sleeping well, meditating and practising my yoga and most importantly spending as much times outdoors as I can.

I also want to spend as much time with the horses as possible, get Rooney out jumping again. I love being at the farm not only is it great exercise and social it does so much for my mental health when it is not raining or cold. 

Friends, family and Social

If there was one area in my life I felt I excelled at it would be my social life, and my commitment to my friends and family. I am an introvert who loves keeping friends, I am a friend collector, I just love people so I always like to make an effort with the friends I have. This year I want to continue seeing my friends, saying yes to situations and making new memories with them. I am so fortunate that I will be Becky’s bridesmaid this year a Hen do and a Wedding I cannot wait for. Along with travel plans, birthdays and days out in the pipeline already, I plan to make the most of the amazing people who surround me. 


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