Poem – New year new me

New poem. These are all goals or resolutions I have set previously. I have pulled them from various goal setting blog posts. So daft that the majority, either come naturally because I enjoy them or I have zero interest in, other than French, I am serious about, just in case you are a tutor reading this.

Learn to play the piano
Pick up a new language,
preferably I’d choose French
one I think I can manage.

Stick at spinning
go for a morning run
practice yoga each day
Book in a half marathon

Save money each month,
and try to stay home.
Sell unwanted things on eBay
Spend less time on my phone

Learn to cook complex meals,
and eat clean all day long.
Remember this year isn’t skinny,
it is all about being strong.

Spend more time with the horses,
I really do like to ride.
Then spend time walking the dog
Explore more of the English countryside

Start dry January,
and cut down on meat.
I am going to sit and think about,
what I’m really going to eat.

Make family my priority,
the ones who care the most,
Invite them over for dinner,
(add to list) Become the perfect host.

Upload more posts to my blog
Take better photographs
Should I start sudoku?
I could be better at maths.

Work smarter and harder
Improve my finances
Take on a few side hustles
to help boost my chances.

I will start the year on a spending ban,
no purchases for me
no makeup, clothes, or books
throughout all of January.

Talking about books,
I am going to read at least fifty two,
that is one a week,
I might need to buy a couple, ok a few.

I should set additional goals,
the marathon I might not make,
I should do more for charity,
I could raise money, donate and bake.

Spend more time with friends,
but wait, I cannot go out.
Oh dear, it is only the 20th
I am ready to scream and shout.

I am going to book a holiday,
one main and then two more.
(now February) staying in to save
has become quite the chore.

Oh New Year I am already exhausted,
It is tedious becoming a new version of me
I was rather fond of last year’s
To be honest I think I might leave her be.

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