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The first week of January! I have always loved January, that back to normal feeling. The sigh of relief when all the festivities are over. Everything can start on a clean slate. I enjoy the structure back in my life. Apart from the exception which was January 2018 and I am hoping we are off on a better foot this year as I already have two trips planned this month and I am hoping the rest of 2018 follows suit. This week flew by. A three day working week was the likely cause of such happiness. I did a big food shop on New Years Eve so I could kick off the New Year with healthy food in arms reach and I got my trainers back on and tried to run off the damage December caused. I don’t know if it is drinking and eating to excess which makes me crave exercise, the prospect of everything growing a bit lighter from December on wards or the fact I have had a break from it all, but I feel so much more motivated than I did before the holidays. This is my (very short) weekly round up…

Great New Years Eve

I am not a New Years Eve fan, I find it relatively over rated and by the time it comes around, I am usually bored of dressing up and drinking. This year I joined the family and some close friends at a low key NYE celebration and for the first time in a few years I felt as though I had enjoyed the whole night. We started the night at CaddyShackers. A new crazy golf course with bar serving cocktails in Leicester. It has adopted the same concept of Swingers in London and Ghetto golf in Birmingham. It was the perfect activity for the evening. I drank down a few cocktails and shots and completed the course (I should have won, I still believe FYI) before heading back to our town for a curry. It was a massively laid back affair with friends and family I love spending time with. I went home feeling so happy and excited for the rest of the year. Waking up hangover free to go riding first thing on New Years day was ideal as well. We always have a New Years day roast dinner at my Dad’s to round the holiday off. It was the perfect end to a rather nice Christmas.

Reading A lot of books

The period between Christmas day and the New year I managed to rattle through 4 books, which has really set me off on the right stride for the rest of the year. Three were purchased as Christmas presents and whilst I was hoping they would last a little longer I have loved reading them all. I am going to try and keep the momentum for reading throughout the year, maybe a little less voraciously as I now no longer have afternoons curled up on the sofa.

Getting back into a routine

My favourite part of January is having a routine back, I know I am a massive geek. I like routine, I like structure, I like to know what I am doing with my time. My December got a little hectic. I was out every night. Never eating at home, drinking a lot, going to work often hungover and the gym got zero look in.  I didn’t feel great by the end of it. This week I have really enjoyed planning meals again, especially as I have cut out meat for all of January. I have enjoyed running again, swimming in an empty pool and dusting my yoga mat off. I am hoping the enthusiasm continues for a little while longer.

Vitality life Insurance

I have mentioned that I have my life insurance with Vitality before. It was probably in this post last year however yet again because I exercised and didn’t die, woo go me. They have sent me £50 for going up a membership category. I am now a gold member and it didn’t cost me a thing, all I had to do was walk, run and stay active. Along with discounts with BA, Euro star, Champneys, Mr and Mrs Smith etc this year they are also offering free amazon prime subscription for a year if you can stay fit enough. Which is exactly what I have signed up for. I can’t wait to get started on the Marvelous Mrs Maisel series everyone has been raving about.



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