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My first media round up of 2019. Here we are. This year I had the perfect Christmas combination, early mornings out riding and time spent at the farm, followed by home, shower, lazy lunch and a lot of time to enjoy my new books, films or Netflix series. These are the things I enjoyed over the Christmas break. 

TV (aka Netflix series)

The first series I got through over Christmas was series four of How to get away with murder. When I mention this series to friends who have watched it, they all seem to say they had given up with it at series two. I really don’t know how. It is such a gripping series and season four did not disappoint. I wasn’t very well at the beginning of the holidays, so whilst I was stuck in bed I rattled through this in a matter of days. I think it was my favourite season of them all. The next series I started was Mad Men after a lot of hype from my friend Becky and my reliable trusted source the High Low. I am so late to the party with the series, and I am still on series two but I love it it comes highly recommended. It is such an interesting perspective of gender roles and profiles in the 1960s. I then watched The Long Song on BBC from another recommendation. I watched all three episodes in one night. The Long Song is a BBC adaption of the historic novel by Andrea Levy which was published in 2010. The story is told from the perspective of July a young women working as a slave on a plantation in Jamaica. It follows trials, tribulations and survival of the slaves and the plantation owners. The next series I watched (I really thought I’d watched no TV this holiday) was the ABC Murders on BBC. This is the annual adaption of an  Agatha Christie novel which comes out each year. I have always enjoyed these in the past so was happy to get stuck into another one. I know there has been a lot of criticism around the BBC version as they have changed the ending slightly but judgement aside and taking into account the cinematic experience, because it is beautifully filmed, I really enjoyed it. Who doesn’t love an old fashioned murder mystery. Lastly there is season five of Luther, which has returned to BBC and I for one cannot be happier that this nightmare inducing Brit crime drama is back on our screens.  


This Christmas I rattled through my gifted books. I will included this on my Book Stack post I have coming up but I wanted to share my favourite which was Normal People by Sally Rooney. I first read Sally’s debut novel ‘Conversations with friends’ last year and instantly fell in love with her writing. I don’t think I have read a book like hers before. It was so intense, she has this ability to draw you in and feel as though you are one of the characters. I couldn’t put it down. My review for conversations with friends is here. Understandably I was eager to get my hands on her new novel Normal people which my sister kindly bought me. I read this in one night, I just could not put it down. I will review it on my Book Stack in a few weeks but I can’t see another book topping this one soon. It is a must read for 2019.


A couple of articles I was able to read over the holidays. I really enjoyed this article in The Pool by Sali Hughes, it is something I have believed in for a long time and a perspective I always offer my friends if they feel guilty for the first world problems they are moaning about. Everything is relative and it is OK to be upset to the bad things that happen to you. The next was an article in The Times style Magazine by my favourite Dolly Alderton discussing the pressure to have the perfect family at Christmas. It made me laugh, apparently being best friends with your siblings is one of those smug expectations people apparently live up to. I would say my sisters are my best friends but their is nothing smug about my family situation. I enjoyed the breakdown of ideals this Christmas period. I noticed more than ever on social media, users opening up and being honest that their holiday period is never perfect, the hardships and the tribulations we all go through and the emotional labour some of us endure throughout the time off. 

Blog posts

I really enjoyed reading this blog by Sophie Milner Sophie discusses the problems with dating in the Tinder age and our commitment to the cause when the next best guy is just one swipe away. I know I have struggled with this in the past, whenever I feel someone is not worth my time or energy I am back on the apps reminding myself their are still a whole pool of guys out there and to not focus all my energy on one person. She discusses the negative effect of Thank u, next culture and our generation which she labels ‘romantically greedy’ I really related to it and I think many of you will too. 


I didn’t leave myself much time for podcasts over the holidays. I did however start Table Manners with Jesse Ware and her mum Lennie. This is a brilliant podcast covering cultural topics, Uber ratings, interesting guest interviews and delicious food. It is the perfect Sunday night podcast. I also started on the new episodes of Teachers Pet which continues to follow the unsolved investigation into the disappearance of Lynette Dawson. I also came across a mini series with Bryony Gordon which I am excited to listen to and another crime podcast called Dr Death


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