Weekly round up – Mary Poppins, bad skin and why I always fail at spending bans

We have made it through our first full working week of 2019! Did anyone else struggle with the mornings this week? I am usually very good at waking up as soon as my alarm has gone off. Yet twice this week I have switched my alarm off and fallen back to sleep only to wake at 8 am in a flurry of panic.
Despite the morning struggles, the daily ache of DOMs. (Yes I am a New Year cliche and start everything the first week of January), this week has whizzed by.
This was my first week of eating less meat (fish not included) and I have found it so easy. I guess I never cooked much meat at home anyway. When out for dinner I have always opted for seafood over meat anyway so it has not dramatically impacted my life. I have found, however, it has made me more creative with recipes. A few friends have invited me over for dinner and I am conscious I don’t want to be the awkward, hard to cook for dinner guest. Instead I have been trying new recipes so I can suggest quick, easy and cheap meals which isn’t pesto pasta. So yes, so far I am enjoying it.
I have said I am cutting down for more moral reasons. I don’t love the idea of mass farmed animals. I do believe animals can be ethically farmed but I don’t believe there is a humane way to kill a healthy animal. I don’t like the idea of halal either. If I do need to buy meat I am buying it from the local butcher so I know where the animal has come from etc. 
My new year motivation has thankfully continued into this week. I have enjoyed getting back into my running. I have ran most nights with my sisters and even though it is dark it is nice to be outside and not packed into over crowded gyms. The thing I love most about running is how fast you improve and how each run you can see a noticeable difference. I am going to make a conscious effort this year to not let my running fall by the wayside. I do however need to spend a bit of time in the gym to do some weights, circuits, etc. I want my bum back and to actually build some abs but I am definitely seeing exercise featuring in most of my days now which is a great feeling.
As I mentioned back in December I am looking at ways to change up my weekly round up. I haven’t made a conclusive decision yet, I am beginning to think it is going to be a working progress so this is my weekly round up.
Mary Poppins
On Wednesday the family and I finally got together to watch the newly anticipated Mary Poppins. I have to admit I am not the biggest fan of the original Mary Poppins. I like the film however it was rather dated when I was a child and instead I always reached for the newer animated releases from Disney. As I grew older and began to appreciate the classics I no longer had as much time to enjoy them. This film did not disappoint at all, in fact it blew my expectations out of the park. As I sat comfy in my massive reclining chair at the cinema in Coventry and the iconic Disney castle and music filtered down onto my screen with a well known skyline placed behind it ( a neat little touch which did not go unnoticed) I knew instantly I was in for a treat. What I never got from Mary Poppins as a child, and perhaps I am more aware now I am an adult working in mental health is all the important life lessons Mary installs in the child. The trip a little light fantastic song (which I had on repeat as soon as I got home) really resonated with me as someone who suffers from anxiety and my mental health along with her lessons of looking for a new perspective, and not juding a book by its cover. I went home feeling uplifted and optimistic and a whole lot more humbled. It was the perfect January film, with very catchy songs. I have to say, in my personal opinion Emily Blunt was the perfect Mary Poppins and has filled Julie Andrew’s shoes perfectly.
DIY days 
I have put off house diy for quite a while now. This weekend I managed to drag my sister in to help me make a start on some jobs and god it feels great to make just a few home improvements each week. I finally ticked off one of the jobs in the kitchen which should I should have finished a year ago! Which also prompted a good old kitchen spruce. We worked on my photo wall, again a job I started about two years ago, and couldn’t finish alone. Lastly we made a start on painting the doors. There are a few things I have in the pipeline, small jobs before I tackle what I am actually going to do with the bathroom and utility. Even the small jobs make a big difference!
Winter skin 
I have had the worst luck with my skin lately. It was either a bad reaction to something or I have had an eye infection but the skin around my eyes has been so damaged for the last few weeks. I have stopped using any make-up and cosmetics completely. I can’t even use cleansers I just wash my face with water. I have taken daily antihistamines and picked up some cream for those who suffer with dry skin (which has never been me). Whilst I am sure having no product on my face will do me favours in the long run, not moisturising my face is horrendous. I feel grey and dullish and can’t wait to get some glow back to my face.
Spending ban failure
I hadn’t planned a spending ban. I assumed as I had two holidays coming up and no birthdays other than Fliss’ (which I sorted weeks ago) why not try save as much as I can this month? Honestly as soon as I decided I was on a spending ban my finances went crazy. I ordered new trainers for running and some new Nike leggings for the gym. My next purchase was a pair of timberland boots for Amsterdam. Never did I envisage 2019 bringing timberland’s into my life but here we are. Then it was new jeans from topshop. Followed by gifts for friend’s birthdays later in the year, and various other cosmetics I do not need. Moral of the story is that spending bans do not work for me.
I am an impulse buyer. I fear items selling out. So as soon as shopping is on my mind, which saying ‘spending ban’ sparks there is no stopping me. So from now on there will be no more spending bans just a lot of old clothes going on eBay. I am however, trying to make a conscious effort to read the books I already have in my house before I buy any more. Hopefully this ban will go well.

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