Poem – All the things I cannot do

Everyone can achieve what they put their mind to
I am not capable of that.
It’s a lie when they say
I can learn new things.
I am not worthy enough to write
no one can convince me
I can post my words online.
not a part of my life
I cannot see it
running for fun
I let myself dream.
Unimaginable achievements
running a business
writing poems,
jumping a horse,
owning a house,
caring for a dog,
having a career,
being a good person
I am not good enough
you can’t tell me
give it a go.
I could fail
there is no chance
I will believe it,
more than
I already am
I am me.
It is who I am,
my perspective.
unless I learn to change,
This will be it

(now read from the bottom to the top) 


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