Poem – Reflection

Staring in the bedroom mirror
Thinking I should be thinner
I can’t imagine
I will be happy with my reflection
Thoughts cannot change
I’m not foolish to believe
things get better with age
and I will like what I see
breaking down
I see
my group of friends
they are
Intelligent, kind, amazing people
Everything I want in life
I am mediocre, an average girl
no one can tell me
that I am good enough as I am.
I focus on
all the negatives I have been told
my nose,
my chin,
my body shape and
I cannot imagine it being different
I’m unattractive and boring
I am shy and insecure
I won’t believe anyone when they say
have hope
the world will change.
I am not pretty enough for someone else
it’s a lie when they say
Health and love is enough.
To love myself as I am
To learn to walk in someone else’s shoes
but I need to remember
The world is a shallow place

(now read from the bottom to the top)

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