The weekly roundup – Amsterdam, Meat-free January, and The return of Shipwrecked

Good Morning! Today is the first Sunday in February, can you believe it? Whilst January felt as though it was 72 days long I loved every minute of the first month of 2019. I managed to pack it full of lovely things. I got back into a somewhat of a gym and exercise routine. I took two trips away and plotted some more, whilst continuing to grab hold and run with the New Year motivation I started the year with. The month was certainly made easier by spoiling myself with new purchases which I am going to avoid in February. I managed to squeeze in two mid week evenings out to the pub with my girls this week, I had massively underestimated before I left to see them how much it does for my mental health. I missed last week’s post, as you will have noticed I was in Amsterdam but I am back with my new weekly roundup. 


As you will be aware from my last post, I spent last weekend in Amsterdam having the best time and subsequently spent all this week dreaming I could be still there or anywhere (within reason) from here. I love my home life, I have my horse, and my dog and nothing makes me feel more at peace than sitting with my little pigs but I do find the small town lifestyle here often quite stifling and uninspiring. Like a carousel going round and round doing the same things week in week out. Amsterdam was a welcomed break from the norm. It was a weekend with four girls who make me feel so happy,  carefree and 100% myself which is so rare to find. Amsterdam is the perfect city, a short flight from Birmingham and relatively inexpensive depending on how you spend your time. It was a weekend of side-splitting laughter and happiness. I can’t wait to book another trip with those girls, it really is what my life is about at the moment. Visiting places with the best people feeling grateful and full of happiness. 

Meat- Free January

This week marked the end of my meat-free January. Instead of taking on veganary (I can’t give up cheese or pasta) I decide to try meat-free January instead (I still ate seafood twice, sorry). I have been cutting down meat more and more of late. Mainly due to wastage. I find there are great food alternatives I can have in the house which are easier to prepare and less wasteful than meat, but my decision was mainly for the environmental impact mass farming has (and yes before you ask I walk to work). I have put my views on mass-produced meat across and will always fully support British Farming, it is something I care a lot about. I do however struggle with the thought of an animal being stunned and its throat slit open, just so we can have a burger. I know it is brutal and a little far fetched but if you were informed a family member had been killed in this manner you would be traumatised, so why let something else die this way? I don’t know if I can now see a time where I will be able to believe an animal can be humanely killed, ethically farmed yes but not killed so I am unsure where to go from here. I know I want a chicken Panang curry from the Thai at the bottom of my road, and the Duchy ham hock and chicken soup at Waitrose, and a build a burger and then I will decide. I can’t see myself going back to fully meat eating, I haven’t struggled without it but I think it was made easier by preferring seafood over meat, being allergic to beef and the alternatives that are readily available. 

The return of Shipwrecked and other TV

Monday was the launch of the eagerly anticipated new series of shipwrecked (or so I thought). Back in 2006 I was hooked to T4, Saturday midday when shipwrecked was on. I had one eye on my myspace to see if the guy I fancied had messaged me off the back of the crappy bulletin I had sent out and the other eye firmly fixed on this weeks shipwrecked drama. It was tv reality gold we teenagers had not really seen before. I never understood why it didn’t stand the test of time. Alas, the new series launched and I was hoping for a Bear Grylls crossed with Love Island styled series with some more ‘real’ contestants but oh no. What we have is the cast-offs from Love Island and every other quick rise to fame show that has graced our screens of late. (All bar the girl from Leicestershire, I feel she is so normal she sticks out). It is just another quick way to make money and gain some Instagram followers from zero talent. I really hate that I support these programmes by watching them, but is that enough to make me stop? Absolutely not, catch me on the sofa at 9 pm every night. Despite the trash TV I have become obsessed with I have been absolutely loving Netflix lately. I have watched the FYRE Festival Documentary which I am still getting my head around. I cannot recommend watching this enough. Not only from an events perspective but because it highlights the power of social media and the importance of responsible labelling from influencers when they are paid to promote a brand. Also the related memes are hilarious. The next is, of course, Sex Education, a more light-hearted, funnier version of skins and then I am still slowly but enjoyably making my way through Mad Men. I am hoping to make a start on the Ted Bundy Documentary too which looks brilliant. 

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