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(photo from Vegan Junk Food visit I am still dreaming about)

Happy Sunday! This is my first one day weekend out of two in February and I for one cannot say I am in favour of them. I was smug not working much of January, which has only come back to bite me. Two six-day weeks and only one weekend to myself in February is going to result in a very fast month but I am going to welcome the time in lieu and start taking a bit more time off for myself, spa break anyone? I have a really good Champneys discount FYI. I loved this week, after a massive catch up with a friend on Monday I felt a shift in my perspective and saw things others have been saying for a long time. Since then I have felt so motivated and happy with the direction everything is going in. This week was a little uneventful, it is February and after an expenny start to the new year I am trying to rein it all in but in all, it was still rather good. This is my weekly round up. 

Morning routine

I have always been a morning person. I love being productive before I leave for work. Since October/ November time however I have fallen into a really bad habit of sleeping in until 8 am. It soon developed into a habit of not even setting my alarm until 8 am. I was leaving for work feeling rushed, and unprepared to face work. Instead of continuing this madness I decided one of my February goals was going to start making more of my mornings. The plan is to set my alarm for at least 6:30 every morning and achieve something before I leave for work. This can be something really simple such as listening to a podcast or doing a bit of cleaning. I am hoping it will encourage me to add a few morning gym trips back in as I loved my morning spin class I kept up for the majority of last year. This is only my first week so I will let you know how I feel by the end of the month but so far I have noticed a gigantic shift in my mood. It feels great to do something completely detached from work before I leave the house. Work should only be a part of your day and not consume all of it. I cannot tell you how big the shift in my mood and my outlook is. I feel excited, driven, optimistic and excited which I didn’t think was going to come from just waking up an hour early. Never forget the importance of looking after yourself, feeling good for work and dressing for the day ahead. 


Podcasts are nothing new in my weekly routine but the High Low finally came back this week after taking the ENTIRE of January off and I could not be happier. Podcasts add so much to my day to day. I like the constant nattering in my ear, as though I am surrounded by friends all day long. I make no secret of the fact that the High Low is my favourite, it is just everything I want in my life first thing on a Wednesday morning, this week certainly did not disappoint. I also really enjoyed the Happy Place with Ferne Cotton and her guest Davina Mccall. It was a very open and honest interview with the TV presenter, on learning to love yourself packed full with a lot of food for thought. I came away feeling much more positive about my appearance and optimistic about the person I am. The last podcast I listened to was Getting Curious with Johnathan, (from Queer Eye) and his interview with Jameela Jamil. I am thoroughly enjoying everything Jameela is doing at the moment, she is such a positive role model for all young women. This interview was hilarious, not only did she manage to articulate the problems with cultural appropriation and cultural borrowing which I have just not managed to do anywhere near as close, it was laugh out loud funny too. Johnathan speaks so fast it reminds me of my conversations when I am happy/ excited where I can’t even finish one sentence before moving on to the next. A little light on the podcast front but three fantastic episodes you should listen to. 

Booking Flights

I have wanted to book this trip for so many years I cannot believe I have finally done it! I have been looking for flight companies that have flights out of anywhere. Yesterday as soon as I arrived home from London I booked my flights to California in May. In 102 days to be exact. I am going to visit the kindest most loveliest people in their home town and I cannot wait! Hopefully this year I will be able to book a trip to do more of California but all I really wanted was to see our friends and their version of California and not the deal we are sold in travel guides and via Instagram. I don’t know how but I found a really good deal with Virgin flying direct to San Fransisco and I cannot wait. I have never flown long haul by myself. I would always describe myself as someone who is happy on their own but the thing is I have never had to do something this big without a sister or a best friend by my side, there has always been someone with me so whilst I know when I get to the other end there are going to be some of my favourite people waiting for me I am still pretty nervous about the whole thing. I am hoping it will be the start of just doing more for myself and not waiting for a time which works for others. I am also hoping to make 2019 the year I can travel more. All I know is that I am counting down for May I cannot wait!

February goals.

Each month I try to set myself 3 goals.  I don’t know if this is a little lame or not but having three areas to concentrate on per month works for me. More often than not I feel as though the need for the concentration on these areas occurs naturally. I also find it less overwhelming to try and not dramatically improve too much of myself all at once. January’s went semi ok. The first was to eat no meat which I found very easy, although I did still eat fish. The second was to book flights, which I did yesterday (so a little later than planned) and the third was to spend more time doing what I love which I excelled at. A lot of time with the animals, riding, running, and seeing friends, I eased myself into the new year. February’s goals are; to appreciate what I already have, instead of wanting more, I wrote a blog post on this goal earlier this week. The second is to make more of my mornings. I want to achieve more before I leave for work and make sure my day doesn’t revolve around working for someone else and my third goal is to be more confident, especially in group situations. To become less scared of public speaking and just get out of my comfort zone. So over the next month you will probably see me doing more chatty Instagram stories (these are the stories I love most to watch) I hate my voice and I hate seeing myself on video, despite what people might think, so I am going to give them a go throughout February. I am beginning to realise there might be a few old goals I need to revisit such as practising yoga more at home which I might try and tie in with my early mornings. Does anyone else find monthly goals more achievable?  

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