The Weekly Roundup, Valentines, prime and chilled out weekends.

This week was pretty close to perfect. A week where nothing extraordinary happens but it was full of a lot of love, happiness and content. (FYI I vomited as I typed those words) but I feel so happy and unbelievably lucky at the moment. Everything just feels good and I hope for as long as it can it will continue. I am enjoying the simpleness of feeling things are ok and breezy. I know the light evenings leaving work and the welcomed rise in temperatures along with the constant appearance of sunshine has definitely helped. I have also switched back to Green Tea and I have noticed how much of a change it has made to my energy levels, concentration and indirectly I think because of that it has really boosted my mental health, so yeah guys I feel really bloody happy at the minute.

A lot of love

I know the main reason for feeling this happy is due to the amount of time spent with lovely friends and family this week. I kicked off the week with coffee with Lauren before work on Tuesday a failsafe way of waking us up in the morning and starting the day of the right foot. Followed by an evening at my Mum’s. My sisters and I had a Todhpurs meeting followed by dinner and a family game of scrabble, no one fell out, I wondered if someone had swapped out my sisters. Wednesday was filled with Galentines love. I don’t celebrate valentines, galentines, palentines however on Wednesday night my lovely housemate and friend treated me to the cutest gifts. It was a stark reminder that we really do not know what is around the corner. I knew neither of these girls six months ago. My housemate is now one of my closest friends, someone I message even if she is in the next room. They are both so incredible so when you are feeling down that socially or romantically things are not going your way, remember life shifts dramatically in the smallest space of time. I rolled into actual valentines full on the best brownies. I had the afternoon off so I met my sister and my mum for our weekly lunch club before enjoying the afternoon off in the warmest of winter sunshine. I felt so full of love by the end of the day and realised Valentine’s day isn’t that bad after all.

The Marvelous Mrs Masiel

I am so late to the party on this series but I am absolutely loving the Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, I am certain you will do too. It really is worth the hype. Set in Manhattan in the late 1950s if you loved Madmen but need a bit more pace, this has smashed it. Miriam ‘Midge’ in 1950’s terms has it all. The perfect apartment on the upper west side, a husband a young son and daughter. She is beautiful, slim, witty the perfect housewife. Her life takes a turn and she soon discovers she has a talent and a career path in front of her that would shock the neighbours. This series is quick, it’s funny, it is relevant and so ahead of the times. She is the role model all women needed in the ’50s, she is the role model we all need now. It is an amazing series you will really enjoy watching. 

Chilled weekend to myself

I am conscious February is going to pass us by in a dizzying blur we will wonder if we were even awake for it. Why does January feel so much longer when there is only a few days difference? January slugs by and then we blink and we are hurtling towards Autumn asking where the time has gone. I have two events on Saturdays in February and a family occasion next Sunday so this weekend I was the worst person ever. I cancelled all plans and decided to just have a weekend to myself. All I wanted before today was to read books, spend time with the animals and my family, binge on some TV and you know just do all the things we don’t get time to do in the week. I can remember being in my early 20s when a weekend of no plans would cause me so much stress and anxiety. I really believed having no plans was a reflection of me being a person no one liked. I do still have weekends where I feel better if there is a card on the table for something to do IF I wanted to go out, I am only human at the end of the day. Yet as I get older I really do begin to realise when a weekend like this is needed and actually crave the down time. Funny how things change isn’t it.  


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