The weekly roundup, Day trips, Mid week treats and Exercise for mental health.

Last week I really appreciated the simplicity some weeks can bring. As I mentioned nothing special, spectacular or noteworthy happened I just felt happy all the time. A welcomed feeling when I know there has been weeks not so long ago where I have felt the absolute polar opposite. When days could feel difficult and I would often find myself holding back tears for no identifiable reason.  I know the good days follow the bad and sometimes it is just a matter of working through the grey but I do to try to hold onto the feeling when I am this happy and try to continue to keep those aspects in my life. Perhaps I am just getting older, and as I do I am learning to care less about others opinions on what I am doing. All I am sure of at the moment is that I love waking up earlier in the morning and just working my way through everything. I have a stack of energy to help keep me motivated. I have managed to complete tasks which before either felt like mountains or I just couldn’t be bothered to do. The idea of being able to ride after work in the next few weeks is also filling me with absolute joy and encouraged me to move my gym routine to the morning again to keep my evenings free. It has been another fairly quiet week as I had an event in London on Saturday, but this is my weekly roundup. 

Day tripper

For some reason, I find winter the best time to arrange UK day trips. Perhaps its because we are less keen to make plans in advance and therefore have more free weekends, the buzz of a city is more appealing when the UK is basked in sun or just the idea of places being a little less overcrowded than the summer months is more appealing I don’t know but I do know I love a day out, especially in the British Countryside.

Last weekend my family, minus a younger sister, packed into the car and headed an hour south of Leicestershire to Broadway Tower. Broadway Tower is a Folly, just outside Broadway village nestled in the heart of the Cotswold. It is the epitome of Cotswold, a little chocolate box village, filled with hunter wellies, Sunday strolls accompanied by dogs and mud splattered Defenders.

We climbed the tower which was only £5 each, the views were spectacular, on a clear day, (which Sunday wasn’t) you can apparently see 16 different counties. The national trust walks around the grounds are lovely too, definitely worth a visit. Our day out was finished off with a lovely roast dinner in at The Red Lion in Hunningham just outside of Leamington Spa, a pub my Dad and I visit if we ever find ourselves hungry heading back on the Fosseway. 

Today we are heading down to the famous Cliveden House for a family day. We have family members who live on the Nation Trust grounds who we have not seen since February last year, so we are making our way down, laden with presents to spend a cosy day eating delicious food and hopefully taking a stroll around the grounds. The UK is beautiful all year round but it really doesn’t get the credit it deserves in the winter months. I am going to continue to make more effort to explore the English Countryside. 

Week day routines

This week I really learned the importance of the small midweek routines and treats we can make to prevent our working lives taking over. I don’t want to keep mentioning the same things I do in the week, such a morning coffee with a friend, lunch club or running club every time but I realised this week how much these little routines make me look forward to every day of the week and not just Saturday and Sunday.

I set myself a goal in February to make more of my mornings. It can be difficult to get up when the mornings are still dark when our alarm shocks us to wake but I enjoy nothing more than making sure my day doesn’t start with work-related tasks. By adding little routines into your week it gives you something to make you appreciate the now and your present self instead of counting down to the next exciting thing. 

We are adults, there is nothing stopping us from getting wildly drunk on a Wednesday (unless you cannot handle the hangover) asking a friend out for a meal or an impromptu night out in the week. It is about time we started enjoying a Tuesday as much as we enjoy a Friday, which is exactly what these little slices of time allow me to do. I am going to start factoring them into every week.  My favourites this week have been a lunch with my Mum at our favourite lunch haunt and a meal out for my sisters birthday on Thursday.  

Exercise Routine

I don’t think you can miss the number of messages promoted recently highlighting the benefits exercise has on our mental health. I am witnessing more people reaching for their trainers for their mind’s health more than their physical appearance these days which is great. I am conscious when I share my exercise on Instagram people think I am being braggy because I am out building abs. It is not the case at all, whilst I like to look after myself physically, my main motivation for exercise is how much it helps manage my anxiety. 

The aspect of exercise I enjoy the most is achieving goals and targets so quickly. Times, weights, recovery measurements which a matter of weeks ago seemed impossible. I read a really interesting article by Pandora Sykes this week about Fomog (fear of missing out on goals) which really struck a chord on how much pressure we put on ourselves. Whilst goals are important most of them take a lot of work, patience and time, they are not something which just manifest overnight which can often leave us feeling frustrated and concerned we cannot achieve the things we want.

This is the reason exercise helps me. Every run I do a little further or a little faster, each plank I hold for a few seconds more or each yoga pose I manage which the weeks before just was not possible, reminds me how much we can and do still achieve. I find exercise goals easier to reach if you keep at it and are set realistically and this makes me feel great. Not only do the goals help, but popping my headphones in, getting out in the fresh air and just being outdoors does wonders for my mind.

This week I hit some great exercise goals and shifted my routine around a bit and I feel so good for it.

NB. Don’t believe for a second my fitness and healthy lifestyle is perfect, I made the worst and awfully bitter cacoa and peanut butter overnight oats on Wednesday night. 

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