The Weekly Roundup, Portmeirion, New hair and giving up on adulting

“I think I am happiest sitting on a step, looking out at the ocean with an ice cream,” I said to my older sister at lunchtime on Tuesday. 4 Hours into my working day and still pining to be back out in the February sunshine we have been graced with, looking out off the Welsh Coast into endless blue skies.

This weather has been the welcomed winter pick me up we never usually get, and whilst I am unsure whether it is going to have us thrown completely off kilter come May when we have no idea the day, date or season, I for one am making the most of it. It boosted my mood in ways only being handed a million pounds could have done (maybe not quite as much) but I think everyone has noticed a shift in mood and feelings as the sun has basked down on us this last week. I know we cannot ignore the worrying signs of global warming when year on year we are reaching new temperature records and whilst I cannot pretend I haven’t enjoyed the warmer weather it has made me step up and make more radical environmental changes in my day to day purchases this week which I want to continue going forward. 

My week has followed as peacefully and happily as the last few. I have tried to keep up with what is making me happy. Quality time with friends and family, back to basics and a lot of time outside exercising. So this is my weekly roundup, despite a lot going on, there wasn’t a lot of newsworthy events to share with you, so I’ve finished off with some highs and lows.  

Day Trip to Portmeirion

A few weeks ago I had not heard of Portmeirion and now I cannot stop telling people to go and visit this little welsh ‘holiday’ village. My older sister wanted to visit on a recommendation and I had booked the Monday off so decided to go with her.  I cannot take a day off to just sit around doing nothing. It hinders my mental health so we hoped in the car 8 am Monday morning and made the long but breathtakingly beautiful drive over to North Wales. I wasn’t expecting to be able to write a whole post on Portmeirion but I have decided to save all the main details for a post this week otherwise it will take over this week’s round up however I couldn’t have excluded a mention from this post because it was the best way to spend a day off and the perfect start to the week. With the sun shining down as we meandered through the Welsh valleys I could have been convinced we were in New Zealand, the views were spectacular. I am always pleased on these occasions to live in the Midlands where nothing but Scotland and Cornwall can’t be explored in a day. If you have ever expressed any desire to visit Portmeirion I urge you to go. It isn’t a day out you will regret. It was just what I needed, a road trip laughing with my older sister, car snacks and a lot of George Ezra on repeat ( I am regretting buying my nephew that cd). 


I think I am fairly fortunate with my hair. It is relatively easy to maintain. I like the colour so I never have to have it coloured or dyed, it’s thick enough without being unmanageable and it grows really bloody fast. 

In November I had quite a lot chopped off and instantly fell in love with how easy short hair was to maintain. It was probably about shoulder length with a blunt cut but suddenly styling in the morning took seconds and I was looking noticeably smarter for work each morning. Fast forward to February my hair had returned to what I would class as long hair. Not super long like it was in the summer but back to the stage where it takes a few crocodile type clips to keep it separated to style. With a hair appointment in the diary, I decided to brave one more short hair cut before the summer. It usually grows so fast so I hope by having it cut short again it will be more manageable throughout spring and will hopefully be back around this length for May time when I am going to bridesmaid and off to California for a holiday. 

I love how changing my hair up makes me feel. I go to the Barn in Frolesworth Leicestershire, and I have my hair cut by Lotte. I have done for quite a few years now. She is brilliant, I always leave feeling so happy, with nice shiny, bouncy hair and I just love how good it makes me feel.  

Some highs and Lows of the week

It can’t be me who finds being an adult so damn hard all the time can I? Don’t answer that, I know from a lot of my friends it is hard work. With the perks of making your own rules comes with responsibility, and that responsibility I am finding is bloody expensive. I bought a house as you all know a few years ago, and whilst I love being a homeowner the never-ending stream of issues that seem to come with owner said house kills me. This week along with the shower I had fitted in December still not working, my Sunday was ruined by a fearer gas leak in the Kitchen. I am still not sure what it was but whilst trying to identify where it was coming from I managed to break the gas meter box, the house was freezing, I had no idea if I was about to blow down mine and the neighbour’s homes and I was constantly checking Dougal had not been poisoned. 

I was also the host of this weeks lunch club. I settled on jacket potatoes because I know they are liked by all. Thankfully I had cooked them in the microwave that morning, wrapped them in foil and popped them into the (not on) oven. I raced home to prepare lunch to find the oven not working. Everything was ok, other than feeling disappointed I had prepped so well and it hadn’t paid off. Thankfully the oven then started working after we had eaten but why do these things happen at the worst time. 

My brake pads also need replacing which is this weeks job. I really need a break from being an adult. I know these are trivial first world problems, heightened by the fact I faced these very hungover but my next house is going to be so eco it can’t go wrong because I can’t cope with being the fixer of house problems.

Despite these annoying but rather minor issues in the grand scheme of things, I have enjoyed a lot of small things this week which made me happy. Long walks with Dougal on Wednesday night in the lovely sunshine. It felt like a May evening. Riding at the weekend with Pip and Bob. A long-awaited win by Leicester Tigers against the Wasps. A night out in Birmingham for my friend’s Bob birthday and laughing until I cried on many occasions, dancing for hours to cheesy rock Pop. Actually having time to watch some series on Netflix, I started Dirty John and I am hooked. Having time to read, mowing the lawn because I had turned into one of those lunatics. Having wonderful friends who are always just a text message away.

These are the small things which make my week but I always feel are too trivial to share yet they are what make up most of our time and should be celebrated more often as the true heroes of our happiness. Sorry for the cheese, I’m off now! 

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