Media round-up – What I love reading, watching and listening to.

I have decided to shake these posts up a litte and end my book stack posts. It is always sad to stop posts when I enjoy writing them but I realised as I was beginning to purchase more books from the charity shop the less relevant my book stack posts were becoming.

I also share all the books I read on my Instagram stories. Sometimes by the time I have finished four or five books I am not interested in writing about them so I am going to combine these two posts.

Reading, Watching and listening to different media outlets is how I spend the majority of my time. If I am out walking or running I will have my headphones in. If I am scrolling through social media I will usually read an article or watch a video which has been shared and if I actually prioritise a bit of self-care in the evening I will watch a series or film on TV. So this is my recent roundup of things I have loved. 

News Worthy

Jameela Jamil: The Makers Conference – It is hard to miss all the wonderful work Jameela is doing. The steps she is taking to empower women, to break down barriers and change social expectations derived from the patriarchal system we still allow to govern our lives.

I don’t want to play the poor old me card, I am white, slim and my hair is easy to manage (you can tell the first World problems I live by) but I still struggle with a magnitude of insecurities which lead me to buy into so many beauty products and skincare fads, health foods and clothes etc. This keynote lecture is aimed at how we should be raising future generations, it is exactly what I wish I could articulate when I think of the future I want for my nephew and his generation. She speaks so well and whilst I don’t agree with everything she does, she is pretty close to perfect. 

Bella Mackie – Guardian: My actual Women crush. I love everything about Bella Mackie. Until the end of last year, I knew nothing more of her than she was married to Greg James. It wasn’t until my friend sent me this article she wrote for Vogue, which helped me so much that I began to search out other projects she was working on. Fast forward a few months and you cannot miss the amazing campaign work she is doing for mental health. Bella is funny, so smart, I can enjoy anything she writes about and she talks so candidly about her mental health and how her therapist and running has changed her life. As someone who only got into running in the last two years, I loved this article on exercise for your mental health.

You will find I can relate to most posts on Refinery29. An American digital and entertainment company posting relevant articles aimed at women daily. They have a UK site as well where I find most of my morning reading. I shared this post on Facebook and from the response I got I can safely assume many found it relatable. Much of this article resonated with me, even though I am nowhere close to becoming even a reader of vogue, because it is too out of my budget let alone an editor, plus I can’t spell. However, there are so many quotes peppered through this article which made me feel as though she was writing for me (like the narcissist I am).  ‘How can you be so ready for adventure, and also so fearful? Encapsulates actually how I feel. I think so many of you will get a lot from reading this article. 


Life after Life – Kate Atkinson: I am currently reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. It is a book I picked up for the charity shop, it’s quite hefty so a rather daunting read when I have so much going on but so far, despite a lot of negative reviews I am enjoying where it is going.

Ursula Todd is born one snowy winters night, in one version she dies before she draws her first breath, another version she lives.

‘What if you had the chance to live your life again and again until you finally got it right?’ When I began reading this book, I wasn’t sure whether it was a ‘version of Us’ style of how different scenarios could alter the course of life or whether Ursula knew she could change the course of her life, which now halfway in is where I think the book is going. I am enjoying having a book in my bag to reach for. 


Paradise- BBC Sounds: I have not been this gripped by a podcast series since Serial series one. This is the most graphic/ traumatic true crime podcast I am yet to come across. Perfectly executed by the BBC (no pun) This podcast is fast-paced, snappy and so addictive. 

How to fail – Elizabeth Day: A series which focuses on our failures. How we learn, grow and let them shape us into the person we are today. I have enjoyed listening to the different elements which can hold people back and how they have been able to overcome these. I have only listened to three so far. The first was an interview with Jonny Benjamin. Jonny spoke at an event I organised last year. He is the most inspiring, grounded and kindest man I have had the pleasure to meet. I would recommend listening. The other two were with my ongoing favourites, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton. 

Red Box- The times: I have only just subscribed to this podcast so I haven’t delved into the archive and I’m not sure if I will as it is a political podcast on current affairs. However, there are some I have listened to and two stood out. The first is From their own correspondent’, an interview with three London based foreign reporters. They discuss Brexit, how and who reports on the current state (take what you want from that) of the country and how Britain and Brexit are now being seen overseas. The other was one I found really interesting called, Its a mans world and it shouldn’t be’ with its timely realise around International Women’s day. This episode Matt Chorley is joined by Caroline Criado Perez discussing her newly released book Invisible women and Anne Ashworth The Times money and property editor exploring why women are more likely to invest in Isa than men and why they should be taking more risks with their money. Such an interesting episode I will definitely revisit. 

TV and films

I haven’t watched any films in a long time, partly due to time and concentration and nothing has really taken my interest. Other than The favourite and The basis of sex but I haven’t had time for the cinema Or friends to go with but these are series I have enjoyed lately.

White Gold: BBC – I didn’t love series one of White Gold ( I know shoot me). I found the characters still too in their roles from the inbetweeners and I stuck with it purely for Ed Westwick. I decided to give series two a chance and I am glad I did. It is noticeably improved. By the end of episode one I had laughed more than I did throughout the whole first series. An easy watch with a lot of laughs.

Fleabag: BBC – Again another series I didn’t think was worth the hype. I enjoyed how easy series one was but I didn’t find any of it particularly relatable. I don’t know if that is the point but as it was supposed to be a millennial representation/ comedy I didn’t think it was that good but the episodes are 30 minutes long and it is nice to have a character on the screens who are doing equally as bad in life,( maybe it is more relatable than I thought?). I enjoy catching up on the weekly episodes, it is funny and involves no concentrating or energy, definitely the TV for me.

Dirty John: Netflix – This is the first series which has me hooked and off my phone in so long. The series is based on a true life story about deceit and manipulation by one man against a list of women. The story focuses on part of John’s life and his marriage to Deborah Newman. Gripping, scary and unbelievable. I then followed it with the Dirty John documentary which is also on Netflix which I think was actually better but easier to watch once you have seen the series.  

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