The weekly roundup, Friends, Queer eye and Talking candidly about mental health

Good Morning Monday I don’t think I have posted a weekly roundup since the last of the lovely weather a couple of weeks ago, and here I am typing away whilst there are endless blue skies. I would like to believe the surge in motivation is not connected but I am guilty of feeling so much more inspired and productive when the weather is good. 

This week has absolutely whizzed by. I have been out at a number of events lately, in London then up in Scotland it has meant a lot of time out of the office and a lot of lieu time off work which has been welcomed. I started the week in Scotland, I went from a few meetings in Edinburgh then over to an event in Glasgow. After I managed to pack the rest of the week with running, getting on top of things and I finally feel like I have shifted a mountain of to do. I also spent my Sunday afternoon wandering fields with my lovely friend Rosie and my dog Dougal and as my friend Lauren would say, it was 100% good for the soul. Spring felt as though it had arrived and it was nice just chatting and walking for hours in the countryside. 

The slightly strange heading photo was from the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. I try to see a part of every city I visit for work but with a busy schedule, I didn’t have much time. I had one hour free and the beautiful Botanic Gardens were opposite the hotel I was staying in so I popped in for a bit of tranquillity amidst a busy couple of days and it was beautiful. My favourite part was three older ladies sitting on a bench, eating sandwiches and laughing together, I smile every time I think of them.

Pip’s 40 days of 5k runs

If you follow me on Instagram you will see my younger sister is running 40 5K runs instead of giving something up for lent to raise money for charity.

She is raising money for Norton House, a charity in Leicester who provides accommodation and support to adults who suffer from mental health needs or learning disabilities. She is now 19 runs in and has battled against wind, rain and the aftermath of hurricanes to ensure her run is complete.

If you know us, you will know running doesn’t come naturally to our family. Pip and I started running together two years ago when running 200m felt like an achievement.  We only started to take it more seriously in the last year. I know how much running improves my mental health, it is the main motivator for getting me out there and I know Pip feels the same hence the chosen charity.

I am really proud of her, it is no easy task, she isn’t getting a day off so if you have time check her page out and check Norton House out. I know it will mean a lot to her. 

Speaking Candidly about mental health

This has been on my mind for a while now. I have been toying with the idea of doing a mini vlog series about my mental health, positivity, well-being and how I look after myself.

I would love to do a mental health podcast. My favourite podcasts are Mad World by Bryony Gordon and Happy place with Ferne cotton because both focus on mental health and include interviews with people of interest who have conditions related to their mental health.

However, I am not a trained profession nor am I a person of interest or a public figure so I am not sure what use A podcast from me would be but I really want to start talking frankly about our mental health, from the perspective of a  normal (ish) 20 (nearly 30) something women (that is me btw).

I know taboos and stigma around mental health are reducing, especially over recent years but I just don’t feel we are doing enough around our closer circles, around friends and family. I don’t believe we are being honest enough about how we all really feel.

I am toying with the idea of writing a few posts, after I published my post on Friday. I will be honest, it is scary putting yourself demons, warts and all out there for the world to see. Yet all I want to do is help people. I don’t want to see another headline of a loved 20 something taking their lives because they don’t believe they are living up to unobtainable expectations society is putting on us.

I am really interested in the psychology of addiction when it comes to purchases especially in conjunction with social media and the increasing pressure of purchasing the latest trends. I am hoping by being honest myself, wearing my ‘flaws’ on my sleeves, accepting them and informing anyone reading this how I live with them it might encourage anyone reading this to start talking about how they are feeling.

Any initial conversation is hard, honestly, I felt as though I was talking to my parents about sex as a teenager I just felt so uncomfortable but like anything the more you talk about it the more normal it will feel and it also becomes a everyday subject for others to broach with you.

I want anyone who knows me in real life or online to know they can speak to me about how they are feeling and I will listen. I won’t offer any of my terrible advice but I will help you find the people/ services or just resources you need to feel yourself again.  

Queer eye

My favourite feel-good programme is finally back. Yasss queen. I have recently been enjoying Ru Paul’s drag race, I am so late to the party. Whilst I like this for easy TV I don’t find it that ‘feel good’. I love how the series has given drag queens the light and taken away a lot of shame and stigma around drag acts but oh god the drag queens are so bitchy.

Queer Eye, however, is on another level of feel good and I love it. They are five guys who go around southern states of America, states which are historically homophobic to give men whole life makeovers. They make over their looks, their homes and give them lessons on how to improve their lives, wellbeing and confidence. They are the kindest, considerate men I have ever seen on TV. I managed to watch the whole series throughout my via hungover weekend. Series three is on a new level of incredible. 

Birthday weekends

I love other people’s birthdays nearly as much as I love my own. I really enjoy buying presents and planning surprises so you can imagine my excitement when we had two birthdays in a row. Firstly was last weekend. We threw my Mum’s husband a surprise party at Winstanley house with a sit-down meal, a band and far too much prosecco. I was not in a respectable way by the time my Mum had to carry me to the car. I do not ever promote or advise this level of drinking it was foolish, embarrassing and something I will no doubt do many times over again. Despite waking up very embarrassed my few memories of the night (I thankfully made it to the end of the night) were of just fun and so much laughter. My table was filled with some of my favourite people, the band were fantastic and despite feeling worse for wear on Saturday I loved it all. My Mum and the team at Winstanley did an incredible job.

Saturday was my sister Pip’s 27th Birthday, it feels so strange she is 27, I still feel about 27 so it really boggles my mind that I am approaching 29 at a rapid rate, is it strange that I am excited about this? Her birthday kicked off (excuse the pun) at the Rugby on Friday night. The Derby game between Leicester Tigers and Northampton Saints. This is one of our family tradition, it is the one rugby game a year the whole family goes to. We lost as we expected to but it was nice watching it with the family tucking into some pie and chips. An episode of Don’t tell the bride was recorded there on Friday night too! Saturday was Pip’s actual birthday with a night out in Leicester with 22 of the most amazing friends and family. I have been battling a bit of a sickness bug this week so I wasn’t the life and soul of the party but did manage to stay out until 3 am sober but everyone was having so much fun. It was just so nice to have so many people in one place to celebrate her day, the turnout was a true testament to what an amazing friend she is, although I may be a little bias as she is my sister. 

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