The weekly round-up. Mothers day, Phone smashing and sugar-free snacks. ‘

Spring has finally sprung hasn’t it, and doesn’t it feel great? All apart from the fact I bought a new running top to keep me warm and since it has arrived I haven’t needed to wear it. 
I wasn’t going to post a blog this week, I have been so busy. Firstly I didn’t have the time and secondly (is secondly a thing?) I didn’t have much to share but I am trying to maintain some sort of a routine. This week has predominately been enjoyed by munching my way through loaves of butter sourdough toast smoothed in chilli Jam and curbing my obsession with teaming summery skirts and trousers with chunky winter tops. Sorry, it is a little thin on the ground.

Mothers day

I was going to scribble some rhyming lines down for my Mum and call it some sort of poem but sorry Mum I had zero time. Instead, I have had photos printed I took like the true narcissist I am. Scattering my ‘art’ work around everyone elses homes. This is a present I like to share around most people. I see it as a nice gift to give, I am hoping she feels the same. 

Today I hope most of you are aware that it is Mother’s day so we are off to Lincoln to my Mum’s favourite Tapas restaurant called Ole Ole to celebrate my Mum, sister, Grandma and my sister’s (non-official) Mother in law being wonderful people and putting up with us. I am excited to see a bit of Lincoln and finally try this food my Mum raves about. In all I just want to say Thank you, Thank you to me, my two sisters and My Mum’s husband Andy for being able to put up with my Mum. Nah, I half-joke, she is such an incredible, quirky, kind, generous (if you are my nephew) person who I wouldn’t want to ever be without. She tries her hardest every single day, offers advice whether you asked for it or not. But she is bloody good and fixing my clothes, and making sure we are happy and there is no other person in the world I’d want as my Mum. So happy Mothers day Mummy.  

Whipping up some sugar free snacks

Some of you may be aware that I gave up added sugar/ refined sugar for lent. I have hated most of it but it has helped reduce my snacking and made me a bit more experimental in the kitchen. After devouring many Deliciously Ella balls and Nakd bars (why did that sound dirty) I decided that I could in fact be making these myself instead of wasting £2 a pop. This week I whipped up some Nakd peanut delight bars. Made from just three ingredients, date, peanuts and honey. I didn’t measure theses ingredients out, I just bunged them in the blender until they made a mixture that was work able. put it all in a baking trey and left to chill for a couple of hours until cutting them up into little bars. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I am going to anyway, I honestly think mine were even tastier than Nakd bars. I am going to try making these into a weekly snack. 

Catch ups with friends

This week has been busy but for once it was because I was packing it full of friends. Which is by far my favourite kind of busy. Last weekend I was surrounded by some of my favourite people for Pip’s birthday, to avoid lonely friend blues I packed this weekend full of even more lovely people. Tuesday night my new housemate moved in, so two went to three and I treated them both to a takeaway. This was actually mine and Alex’s first take away since she moved in last year which is frankly ridiculous but it was lovely just chatting away and devouring a fair few dishes. This was my first non-meat Indian too, we went for King Prawns which I loved. Wednesday was a big lunch with work friends to celebrate a birthday, followed by an evening with my Grandma watching a local production of Les Mis. At the time I felt I couldn’t fit in but was the switch off I needed and felt well rested and relaxed by Thursday which was dinner with my love Market Harborough Alex (its confusing have two close Alex’s now) in Rugby. We got a Meerkat deal and nipped to prezzo in Rugby to enjoy a feast of carbs and wine with a long over due catch up.  Then the weekend rounded the week off with a lot of time with my older sister and Nephew and then to the pub for a friends birthday.

I often find I am too overwhelmed with things to do to fit a social occasion in every day but it was the switch off I needed from running around all week. I went from a Monday feeling stressed to this weekend feeling as though I have had a really great week. 

Smashing my Google Pixel

If anyone was to ask me what I love most in the world after family, friends, pets my Google Pixel 3 is probably next. I would hand over my house probably before I handed over this phone. It is the best little bit of technology I ever owned. It’s my phone, my answer for everything, my lifeline to running a business, my alarm, my fitness tracker, my podcast supplier, my blog reading source, social media access, connection to those I love the most and most importantly my camera because it is so bloody good. My ode to my humble yet brilliant phone could continue all day long. So you can imagine my horror at the weekend when I smashed the screen. Making adobe lightroom difficult to judge with half the screen missing. Why does it take a smashed screen to make you want to buy a screen protector?! I am in the process of getting it fixed, and when I say process, constantly asking people of phone repair places and dismissing them all because they are so God Dam expensive. So if anyone knows of any reliable and stupidly cheap places. Give me a shout. 

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