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I am back with another media round up. Sorry, I can’t meet any sort of pattern or routine with these posts. They are very as and when depending on what time I have had that week to read, watch or listen to things.

My time is always prioritised by jobs desperate to be done, so whilst I try to dedicate my dog walking time to podcasts, a spare 30 minutes here and there for reading, and the time whilst I eat dinner to watching an episode of something, sometimes other things get in the way. There are always emails to be sent, social media to schedule or a blog post to write so I don’t always get the time. These, however, are some things I have really enjoyed lately. 


I am currently reading God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson. This is a companion piece to Life after Life which I recently finished reading and loved. I have just begun reading this book but if I enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Life after Life I will be happy. 

I was really pleased to read a post by Sophie Milner on the recent increase in shaming photo taking. I can understand that constant photo taking is a strange concept to many. The days of taking a quick snap to remember a nice day are gone and now its more 100X different angles to remember a nice outfit. The way we take photos, what we do with them and how we share them has changed dramatically but so have cameras, our access to them and how instant they are. I find it really disheartening so many people have an opinion on what it means to have outfit shots or photos of you in a place which you have enjoyed. So many put it down to narcissism and maybe to some degree it is but I know mentally I am in a good place, my self-esteem for the first time in many years is great and I feel happy sharing clothes which I finally feel good in. I for one won’t stop taking them just because of someone else’s opinion but Sophie articulates this far better than I do. 

The only other article I have had time to read and enjoy was an article by Dolly Alderton, a firm, featured favourite over here on this blog. She wrote this lovely piece around Mothers day on why we all end up a bit like our Mothers. My Mum and are like chalk and cheese, she is loud, I am quiet. She says it straight, I mince my words until I have exhausted the dictionary. She knows the right thing to do and I battle with my conscience daily. Yet over time, I feel the differences between us have lessened. I see her love for keeping people in her life creep into my day to day as I make the time to keep in touch with as many people as I can, and her ability to make friends with everyone, I like everyone I meet, a love for reading and seeing new places and of course fitting as many pets into a space as we can. It is a really lovely article I am sure many will enjoy reading. 


I have been ploughing through some new podcast series when I say new I mean new to me not new series. My favourite at the moment is Walking the dog with Emily Dean, author of Everyone died so I got a dog. I have only listened to a few but the jist of the series is that Emily meets well-known celebrities for walks with their dogs (or a dogs trust dog) to chat to them about their lives and their Mental Health. My favourite so far has been with Gary Lineker, although the interview with Alan Carr took me by complete surprise and had me laughing out loud throughout the whole episode. 

Another series I have really enjoyed lately is Feminist don’t wear pink and other lies – Scarlette Curtis. Scarlette, the author behind Feminist don’t wear pink and other lies interviews contributors to her book on what Feminism means to them and when they realised they were a feminist. It is interesting to see the different approaches from women across generations and how the era they were born into has resulted in different outlooks and approaches. 

TV and films

I can’t be the only one happy with the return of Made in Chelsea and Towie? I know its trashy tv but I love it. Even if I do feel increasingly old by each season. I can’t also be the only one who was wildly disappointed that Vicky Pattinson’s announcement she was to be staring on Celebrity Love Island was an April Fools joke either? I was really excited but despite using my limited time to fit in terrible TV I have been enjoying some amazing series. 

This is us – Amazon prime – This series received raved reviews at a time where I really wanted to get stuck into something new so one afternoon I gave it ago and never looked back. I even got my housemate into it a few days later and she flew past me. 

Queer Eye – Netflix – The recent series took me a day to get through, albeit I was very hungover. It is the most feel-good television ever created. The series follows five gay men around southern states of America, states which historically have been very homophobic to give whole life transformations. I manage to cry at most episodes. They are the kindest most uplifting men I have ever seen on tv. I am already counting down for the next series. 

VictoriaITV – I don’t think there is any tv better than a good period drama and Victoria has to be one of my favourites. I think this is now the third series airing Sunday nights at 9 pm. It follows the story of Queen Victoria from her early years as Queen through to her death. It is the perfect programme to settle down to on a Sunday night at my Grandma’s with a cup of tea and a few biscuits. 

The afterlife – Netflix – I am no fan of Ricky Gervais as a person, I have really tried hard to avoid his series in the past but The Afterlife was getting so many good reviews I decided to give it ago. I am only a few episodes in but so far it hasn’t disappointed. The episodes are only 30 minutes long so an easy watch. It manages to entwine comedy into a crippling mental condition and poignantly touches on the hardships of carrying on with life as a bereaved partner. 

Fleabag – BBC – I am unaware if I mention Fleabag each round up because it is uploaded weekly. I didn’t love the first series but this series I am appreciating it a lot more. I don’t know whether it is better or if it has stayed consistently good and I just understand the content and concept better. Each episode is 30 minutes long, uploaded weekly on to Iplayer and I love it. I have tried to save them all up to binge in one go but I end up caving each week. I watched the finale yesterday and it was perfect. After loving series two so much, I am gutted they will not be making any more. 

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