The weekly round-up, Brancaster, London and This is us.

This weekly round-up is coming to you a day late today, as I was ruining enjoying myself with my friends in London for a much-needed catch-up and get away for the night. Happy Game of Thrones day to you though, I am so excited for the return!

I rounded off last weekend perfectly with an impromptu trip to Painswick in the Cotswolds with my older sister and my dog Dougal. We just wanted a walk and to just get away for the day, there is something about the Cotswolds which is just good for the soul, maybe its the air, the hills, the rolling countryside? or perhaps it is the old world architecture, lazy relaxed approached to Sundays and the local feel of everything. It could be all but all I know is as soon as I see that old Cotswolds brickwork work I feel instantly more at peace with everything going on. We did a five mile walk up to Painswick Beacon, the weather turned out to be rather glorious and Dougal had the best time racing from corner to corner and around each field. I will always recommend the sleepiness of a weekend in the Cotswolds for anyone feeling like they need some me time. Especially if you enjoy a good walk and bumping into no one, absolute bliss. 

Last week’s schedule was so busy, with this week is looking worse so my blogs are going to be a bit all over the place. Despite burning through money as I earn it (I do but not at this rate) my weeks and weekends are just jammed between now and June. It is a little overwhelming but I like it. I have also added some new photos to my front pages so check them out. This is my weekly round up.

Trip to Brancaster Beach

On Friday my friend Alex and I made the journey over to my favourite Norfolk Beach to take Dougal for a swim. I love Brancaster. It is made up of miles and miles of sand dunes, there is nothing there but a car park and a small cafe and because of the size of it you rarely see people and it is all dog-friendly. We made the drive over Friday morning hoping that the rain would just hold off, which it did. We were so lucky. We took Dougal for a swim, took a long wander down the shore and then went to the White Horse in Brancaster Staithe where I tucked into the most generous portion of fish and chips. When by the sea it is a must. I love the beach too much, we have decided to return this summer. 

London to see Fliss

After my peaceful day by the sea on Friday, I decided to ruin myself in London and arrive home tonight (Sunday) feeling as though I have had 3 hours break from work and not 3 days. Fliss had arranged the best weekend out for us, I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed London so much. We started our Saturday at London Grind where we booked bottomless brunch. Having frequented quite a few bottomless brunches in London, I have to say apart from the Jam tree this one was one of my favourites. After brunch, we went home to get changed, managed to eat every snack in Fliss’ house and then went out. We went to The Gun in Spitalfields and then to Old Street Records. I have not had a hangover like yesterdays in so long, and I am living to regret it massively. Not wanting to miss out on a Sunday in London and I also wanted to take photos of Fliss we headed to Columbia Road Flower market. We were so terribly prepared. Pip and I faffed struggling all morning that we didn’t arrive there until lunchtime and the crowds were insane! I managed to have a panic attack I think due to the stress of feeling like I was going to be sick on someone if I didn’t move, and it just went from bad to worse. I didn’t leave with any peonies (they are out of season anyway) or exotic plant for the lounge instead I just felt violated by my own body. I managed to lose several items, mess up my new coat, take an hour to eat avo and eggs for breakfast but it was honestly the best weekend. I will always love London and am so grateful to have such amazing friends. 

This is us – Amazon prime

I included This is us on my media round up but as it has taken up the majority of my spare time this week it is getting another mention. It is series currently airing on Amazon prime, I think the third season has just launched in America but it is just so bloody good. Anyone I can persuade to watch it is watching it. It is the most wholesome, lovely series to watch. It is nothing ground breaking and I don’t think I am emotionally stable to watch it but it is seriously seriously good. I highly recommend everyone getting an amazon prime subscription to watch it.

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