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I have begun sharing my #ootd photos on Instagram more often recently. I find it a useful prompt to make a little more effort with the outfits I am planning and usually because I am actually impressed that I haven’t just pulled whatever was clean off the hanger. A habit I got far to use to recently. My friend Fliss has the most inspiring styling page. She is my #stylegoals she can just pull things together so easily, without spending a whole load of money on each item so I have tried to take a leaf out of her book and be a little more creative with where I shop and how I style things. Check out her youtube video here on charity shop tips, I found it so useful. I also really enjoy, From Roses What I Wore posts, they are beautifully simple but I love gaining an insight into how people put outfits together.

I love how clothes can make me feel, how confident a good outfit can make me but I am not one for spending a lot of money and I also don’t get the opportunity to shop much. I live in a fairly rural location where even local high street stores are a drive away and I don’t have much free time to browse online stores. If I want new clothes it is easier to have something in mind and search for similar items because perusing retail websites consumes too much of my time.

A lot of the outfits I wear are recycled pieces, charity shop, high street or sale. I love a slogan Tshirt, an oversized jumper or a pair of tapered trousers. A style I never thought I would get into. My style also goes from casual/ smart casual to countryside-esq so it is a very mixed bag. My work is also very casual resulting in home/ work outfits merging into one but I am hoping to share weekly outfit posts like these and the links of where to buy items from to keep me on track of planning the night before. I am also hoping it makes me a tad more creative with what I already have.

I am really into sustainable fashion. As easy as it is to go out and buy from our high streets, I try hard to recycle, buy second hand etc to just give the environment a little help. You will not hear me worrying about buying something new for an occasion. If I already own a dress or an outfit which I feel happy in, I will wear it again and again. I’d rather get wear out of something I love than contribute any more to landfill.

So this is a round up of a few of my outfits from the recent few weeks. (I will in future try to get more outside and away from my dirty mirror).  I have included as many links to items I am wearing in the line up below. Any items which are no longer in stock I have tried to include something similar which is still available. The suit was 2018 H&M I couldn’t find the same one but there are a lot of similar combinations on their website. My yellow coat is from Esprit last year too and I have not seen anything similar from them since however, New Look stock a cheaper alternative. My Rolling stones Tshirt is from their No Filter tour in 2018 which you can still buy here. My Mom jeans were purchased from Urban Outfitters in 2016 so I have included some similar jeans instead. The shoes I wear are either my beloved converse or my Tommy Hilfiger trainers.

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