The Weekly Round-up: Hen do, 44 5ks, and a Sunny Easter

Sitting down to write this post I promised myself two things, 1. to not talk about my love for the Amazon Prime series This is Us and 2. to not overzealously discuss how amazing a sunny bank holiday is. Yet here we are.

By Wednesday I had finished both available series of This is us and my god am I invested in these characters. So much so that by Wednesday morning I had read the synopsis of every series 3 episode which has aired in America. The struggle is real. I have a void in my life which I am struggling to fill. The next is this weather. I was at a hen do this weekend I helped organise for my friend who I am bridesmaids for and I just wanted the weather to be nice. I was going to be happy as long as it stayed dry so when I saw the forecast change from ok to pure blue skies and 21 degrees we couldn’t believe our luck!

I have felt severely overwhelmed with my to do list this week. I honestly feel as though I existed through the days and ate what was available in front of me. I only got one run in and absolutely no me time so I am hoping now the weekend is done I can take some time to get back on track and feel a bit more productive again, I hate feeling as though I don’t have enough time.


The week kicked off with my housemate Alex’s birthday. I love a birthday, anyone’s birthday it doesn’t have to be my own. We went out Tuesday night to celebrate her turning of age (sadly I am still older). We just nipped to our local yet favourite Thai at the end of a road for food which was incredibly delicious, I can’t stop thinking about it, along with an intense and heart-rending episode of This is us. Errr is there a better way to spend a birthday?

Hen do

I won’t talk about this too much as it wasn’t my hen do and I don’t like to talk about other peoples big celebrations too much. However I am a bridesmaid so I played a part in organising the weekend and the relief that it is done, we pulled it off and the bride is happy is a feeling like no other. THE PRESSURE IS UNREAL. We were beyond lucky with the weather the whole weekend went better than we could have hoped for. It was perfect sitting in the pub gardens Sunday afternoon basked in the sun, laughing away guzzling down cold drinks and devouring pub snacks. If we didn’t have her wedding to look forward to I would want to do it all over again!

The end of Pip’s 5ks

Lent has finished, Hoorah. I am not religious so it is not something I would usually celebrate. I gave up refined sugar, which apart from the odd biscuit here and there and one cupcake (someone bought it for me and I didn’t want to say no) I did ok with. The big one over the last 40+ days (because lent isn’t actually 40 days, who knew?) was Pip’s 5K runs every day for charity I mentioned a month ago. I am beyond proud of my younger sisters achievement. Before she embarked on this mammoth challenge she had not completed a 5k run and since then she has managed to lace up her trainers, come rain, shine, hangover etc and get out there to complete her daily run. I still can’t get my head around her commitment to it. It is something I just would not have the motivation to do. She didn’t miss one single run. Her GoFund me page is still available here if you would like to make a last minute donation.

Sunny bank holiday

Not much to say here but doesn’t nice weather make everyone happier, and life easier? I love to feel the sun on my skin and it has really made me excited for the summer ahead. 100% need to get some more holidays booked in. I rounded the bank holiday off in the most perfect way. I hid chocolate around the farm so we could take George on a easter hunt on Pixie. After he collected all his chocolate up and we finished faffing around with the horses we had a family bbq down at the orchard. It was the best bank holiday weekend I think I have ever had.

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