The Weekly Round up: Camera update, Mental health and Vogue’s 73 questions

Good Morning Sunday, Shock horror I am actually publishing this post on time this week. A first for a while I think. After one of my favourite weekends of 2019 I feel as though I am a little more on track with myself. I haven’t felt stressed or overly worried this week. I have had many opportunities to enjoy the things I like doing the most, riding the horses after work, gym in the morning and spending some time trying to learn new things. The remainder of my week I spent reminiscing and talking to anyone who would listen to me discussing the weekend just passed. I have the most lovely Sunday planned today, I kind of wish it would rain so I could have some guilt-free downtime but today I am going to the horses, then off for baby cuddles to visit my cousins newborn baby, I can’t wait, followed by a roast dinner at my Dad’s and then our weekly episode of Victoria at my Grandma’s. Very Hygge kind of day even if it is nearly May.

My New Camera

Many of you will be aware I bought a new camera a few weeks ago. Nothing fancy just the Sony A6300, a mirrorless camera which came with 16-50 mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens, I will upgrade the lens when I can afford to.  A mirrorless endzone camera system features a removable lens and uses a digital display system rather than an optical viewfinder if anyone wants to know the difference between these and a DSLR. This camera is also a lot smaller and easier to take around with me than my old Canon. It can do a lot more, it also transfers my photos straight to my phone which I love as I  have Lightroom on my phone so I can be editing on journeys and in any spare moment I have. I have been using queue times in supermarkets etc to get some photo editing in and it really stops you rushing around, that is a different matter though.

I have owned this camera for a few weeks now and I am absolutely loving in it. I still have a long way to go in fully understanding how to use it. I am after a more versatile lens but for now, the kit lens is doing ok. I love the filming quality of this camera, It is incredible I just need to purchase a stabilizer because my filming is very shaky at the moment. It took a chunk out of my savings but I am so glad I took the plunge and bought it because it has been glued to my hand ever since.

Blackwells book shop Oxford

This is slightly off-topic for my weekly round-up because it is not something I have been to or are going to and it is not happening this week either but I thought I would share regardless. Throughout mental health awareness week, Blackwells which is a super cute bookshop in Oxford is running its first mental health festival. A week of different author specials and talks discussing their recent books which are all featured around Mental Health. My favourite Bella Mackie will be there on Saturday which I am unfortunately unable to attend but the week is filled with so many incredible authors, content and relevant presentations if you are in the area or if this is something you are interested in look at this link. I think the sessions are all free to attend.

Vogue 73 Questions

Vogue’s 73 questions is not a new concept, I had watched a few of these a couple of years back, I enjoyed them but forgot about them. Then this week I came across Phoebe Waller Bridge’s episode which I absolutely loved, since then episodes were popping up on my youtube sidebar and I could not stop. I have been in a rabbit hole of celebrity homes, inspirational lives and so much talent. I have spent hours watching them. I loved Phoebe’s she is such a talented and incredibly funny individual but my favourite was Bella Hadid’s. Both Bella and Gigi have their own episodes, they always come across as two grounded, level headed and hard working girls but Bella’s was my favourite. Perhaps because she was at a stable yard or maybe because she came across as such a well rounded, humble person. Her answers were unexpected and inspiring. I think we could learn a lot from her outlook in life. To view, the 73 questions visit their site.

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