The Weekly Round up: Kindness, Confidence and Cutting plastic

Good Morning Bank holiday Sunday. Is there anything greater than a Sunday which is actually a Saturday? A late Easter is my favourite because I love the bounce of one bank holiday to another. This week (despite some idiotic moments and some eye-watering costs) has been really rather brilliant. I have been away with work, I stayed at Sprowston Manor Hotel in Nowich. My room was upgraded to a suite where I enjoyed the biggest Bath in the history of baths.

The week kicked off absolutely gripped to the recent episode of Game of Thrones, it was utterly terrifying, have you seen it? I have also started series three of This is Us which has not disappointed in any way. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the horses before work on Tuesday which was the best mental health boost I could have asked for. Another week where nothing extraordinary happened but it just shows when the sun shines a little and people shower you with kindness even shit situations can feel like a walk in the park.

Random acts of kindness

I like to think my little random acts of kindness happen on a daily basis. They never need to be groundbreaking. They can start from small things such as making people cups of tea, telling people they look nice, or helping out in some way. Or as simple as taking time for others and having a little old catch up. Effortless actions which can make other people’s day nicer, easier or brighter. I do this because I know how wonderful it feels and how grateful I am when others do the same to me. On Saturday morning when I wanted to be mopy about my Friday night disaster my younger sister went out of her way to cheer me up and made me realise it is ok to be sad about things but it is easier to just get over it and move on. After brushing my ego off and doing just that I received the nicest parcel from our friends in America. A goody box of chocolates and soaps from California. These are friends I am going to see in a few weeks and I am beyond grateful to have such incredible people in my life.

Flushed my retainers away

I went to town and back about this on Instagram on Saturday because it was so idiotic of me. Friday night I went to get my retainers from the bathroom and after an unfortunate sequence of events I ended up tripping with my braces in my hand, dropping them and flushing them down the toilet. I was really upset because my teeth move so quickly without them and also because they are £105 each. I don’t know which I am more upset about? I managed to get an appointment with my orthodontist on Monday, they took new impressions and the new retainers were ordered. I am going back on the 9th May for a fitting. I am going to use the opportunity to discuss why they move so fast, does anyone else have this problem post braces?

Plastic-free in the bathroom

I am making a conscious move to try and reduce the amount of waste in the house. I realise I don’t need to purchase the number of cosmetics I do. I have relatively good skin which works well with just good moisturiser and a bit of a boost in hydration. I really don’t need the ten layers of skincare I am applying for no reason at the moment. I am trying to cut down on the amount I use and have a smaller, more simple skin care regime which will help me not buy so many beauty products. I have also started to ensure any products I buy are fully recyclable. The biggest change I have made this week is ensuring I have no plastic in my bathroom. I have replaced my shower face cleanser, shampoo and body wash all with different bars of soap. The cleanser I have used the Carbon Theory Charcoal cleansing bar for a few months now, which I swear by. I keep this in the shower to remove my makeup in the evening. It stings if you get it in your eyes but apart from that this bar is flawless. It removes all my make up and really does prevent any breakouts. My only small criticism is because I have swapped from a milky jelly cleanser which felt super hydrating to this bar sometimes it can feel a little drying when I am using it but its nothing moisturising after my shower doesn’t fix. My body wash I replaced with the soap I was sent from my friends in California. I will be stocking up on this bar. It is minty, it smells delicious and the coconut oil hydrates my skin. It was the best replacement for any shower gel. Lastly, I purchased this shampoo bar from boots this week. I am so aware of how many plastic bottles we throw away from the bathroom so this was the place I wanted to start with. After reading a large number of reviews I settled with this bar from Foamie as the reviews were the best I found. I am a bit dubious as to how well these work but I am going to give them a go. I am still looking for a conditioner bar, funky soaps are coming out well but I am unsure. If anyone knows of any please let me know.

More confidence in myself

I have very little confidence in myself. The only thing I am ever confident about is recommending books and podcast to people. The rest of the time I am filled with imposter syndrome (I once read that this is the millennial humble brag and since always cringed at the phase) or just feeling as though someone could always do something much better than I could. Long story short this resulted in my purchasing some already made Lightroom presets from another blogger. I am happy with my photos but I wanted to up my editing. I have about four Lightroom presets I made myself which I like but I felt buying a preset someone else had made was going to propel my photography so come payday I handed over £30 in exchange for 8 presets (which I feel is good value for someone who has no interest in making their own and wants that instant Instagram look). Hastily I downloaded them, ready to apply to my catalogue of photos, soon realising they weren’t quite as groundbreaking as I had hoped. Whilst I am not disappointed with the purchased presets and I am sure I will get good use out of them, for the first time in my history I actually felt confident the presets I made and use were better and I will continue to use them as my go tos. I prefer a natural look and I have found the ‘Instagram’ look is perhaps too overexposed and washed out for me. So a little lesson to not spend £30 to prove to yourself that you can do things as well as other people who are charging for their skills. Have confidence that you are as brilliant too.


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