The weekly round up: decorating, Simon and Garfunkel and a trip to the beach.

Happy Sunday you lovely lot. Thank you for coming back each week and reading these when I am not offering up much more at the moment. I am trying to plan out some better content but my time is just running away with me lately. This week was no exception. I didn’t get to spend as much time with the horses as I would have liked, my gym trips were pretty no existent but I did prioritise a little bit of downtime Monday afternoon. I loved my bank holiday weekend so really I have no complaints. Other than perhaps how much I am ploughing through money, that I could complain about all day.


Last weekend I decided to stop avoiding the paintbrush and roller like I have been and finally start redecorating my house. I decorated when I first moved in but initially, I was very safe with the colours. It was my first house and I didn’t know what would work in which spaces etc so now four years on I feel as though I can be a little more adventurous with colour and designs of spaces. I haven’t gone crazy, I only painted one wall in each room which means the other three walls in every room needs a new coat to make them all look fresh again. I need to go back over the white walls and tidy places up but I already love the improvements I have made recently. The lounge I painted all the back wall a darker grey. I added my favourite mirror from Ikea along with the cutest plant basket from Sass and Bell. The lounge is really coming together. There are a few changes left to make. The light fixtures need to be changed and I need to add some curtains but I finally feel as though the room is coming together. My bedroom too is not far off. I need a new mirror in there and I would also like the wide chest of draws from Ikea, a few shelves and some plants. Renovation is definitely more exciting when the end is in sight and you can begin to just add accessories instead of large purchases and paint!

Simon and the Garfunkel – The Story

As a birthday present for my Dad, last year my younger sister and I purchased tickets to see Simon and Garfunkel the story as it did its UK tour. We were going to see this in London when the Leicester date came up and instead of rushing down to London to see it, it made sense to purchase some tickets closer to home. So Wednesday the three of us made our way to de Montfort Hall, snacks in tow to see it. Non of us were entirely sure what we were going to see. I knew it was going to be a catalogue of some of the biggest hits, I also knew it was not going to be a mamma mia, We will rock you type of Musical. I am not a raving Simon and Garfunkel fan. I love their songs, I love how their music has stood the test of time and I will always love listening to them but I was born decades after they started to write songs, so I think I only know about 10 songs confidently but that aside it did not change how much I enjoyed this show. I can listen to any live music as long as it is done well, and my god this was. They are still touring the UK, the outdoor theatre near my home has also got a production of it playing this Autumn and I think it is still playing in London. I would recommend to anyone who enjoys their music or any Simon and Garfunkel/ Theatre fans out there. So most people.

Seaside visit

This morning I am waking up beside the sea with my nutcase of a dog and my even crazier family. We have taken a little trip up to Cleethesthrope for a family getaway.  We had originally planned to drive up on Friday and stay until Monday but with crazy schedules at the moment and busy workloads, my sisters and I decided to join for just the night which was enough for me to have some time to switch off without panicking about how much I need to do at home. My Mum has kindly booked us a cottage situated on the beach which is beautiful. It has been the switch off I needed in the midst of a busy period. Just some downtime with no horses, no gym guilt just time to read my books, catch up with family and make more unnecessary pompoms.

This is us series three

I know I have probably given This is us too much air time but unfortunately, it is not going to stop. This is us and Game of Thrones are two shows I actually prioritise some down time after the horses instead of working until I go to sleep. I managed to catch series three which has just aired in America and I can tell you it does not disappoint. I love this show so much. It is so wholesome and just encapsulates everything I have been looking for in a series. If you haven’t watched it yet, I urge you to sign up to Amazon Prime and watch it. It is sad in parts but its a really nice series to sit down to in the evenings.

Charity shop buys

I have been avoiding charity shops lately because I end up buying so much. Mainly books. My book stack has grown wildly out of control. I cannot leave a £1 book behind because I know I will instantly regret it. However, on Tuesday, I was in town and I thought I would nip in for a look when I stumbled on a Fortnum and Mason’s large hamper case I purchased for my Mum. I would love it in my house I just don’t know where it could go, and I would only end up storing stuff in it! I did, however, manage to pick up two books for myself. First was The Hunting Party, a book released this year which has been on my reading list since it came out and strangely a book I was only recommended by a colleague on Friday called, The Narrow Road to the deep North.  The strangest part of this book sitting on the shelf is that it is not that well known, its quite specific and the man who recommended it to me had recommended three books two of which I had purchased from eBay on Friday. I thought I would wait until I had read those before buying this one to save some money.  You can imagine my surprise when it was just sat on the shelf. I absolutely love charity shops for a myriad of reasons. If you have not yet checked out your local ones I recommend that you do, you can find so many cool things in there, giving something old a new home.


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