The Weekly round up: Weddings, Eyelashes and Seeing friends

Lauren it made the blog. 

Happy Sunday you lovely lot, thank you for staying with this week with all my Mental Health related posts! Argh, what a week! I am so pleased I am now officially on Holiday count down. Some parts of this week were utterly fabulous other parts not so good but either way, I am glad that I can start to just plan my week away next week and just look forward to that.

Today, I am going to take things easy, I have afternoon tea planned with my sisters and Granny and then I am going to start sorting holiday clothes out which I am super excited about. This is my round-up from the week.

Catch up at Bowden Stores

The week has been flat out from the start so I decided to take Tuesday afternoon off. I went over to Great Bowden in Leicestershire to meet my friend for lunch. We met at this adorable little cafe which I have been to once before called Bowden Stores. Its everything I love in an eatery. cute instagramable corners, a shop to buy homeware gifts, communal eating areas, dog-friendly and a yummy menu including mac n cheese and peanut butter brownies. We opted to sit inside and enjoyed a lovely lunch and catch up with my friend. We need to return soon when I am not trying to eat healthy to enjoy all the delicious four cheese options they have on the menu. Macaroni with a side of mac anyone?


I have not had individual lashes since I was about 21 when I had them done for a trip to London and they were far too long and I was just so conscious with them on. I know since then the different types of lashes available have changed but they never really interested me. I have always been quite content with how mine looked naturally with a little mascara until my friend went to Jenny to get some individual lashes and they looked insane. I thought as I am going to be a bridesmaid I would treat myself to a bit of a pamper and get them too. I went to Jenny on Wednesday, they cost £35 and they are amazing. The look so good, they are light, not irritating or itchy like the ones I have had in the past. I really forget they are even on. If you are in Leicestershire and looking for someone reliable to do the perfect not over the top lashes I really recommend checking Jenny out.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

My best friend got married this weekend and my goodness did she look unreal. Like always I don’t like to talk about other people’s weddding etc but after two days spent with friends I have serious weekend/ wedding blues. It was the most incredible day spent celebrating for an amazing couple. I was so honoured to be able to be such a part of her wedding day and spend the day drinking, eat so much and dancing with my favourite people.

Mental Health Awareness

You won’t be able to miss on my blog this week that it has been Mental Health awareness week.  I tried to cover as much mental health-related topics as I could, a lot of my time was spent on unforeseen things this week so I didn’t get to quite do what I set out to do but I think that is the joys of having a full-time job, business and hobbies as well as blogging because as much as I schedule and plan sometimes other things just have to take priority.  I hope everyone feels a little more mental health aware after this week.

Cleethorpes weekend away

I covered this last week but I just wanted to make a little note of how lovely Cleethorpes was. I always battle with my mum because Brancaster is my favourite beach that end of the country and always will be yet she argues that Cleethorpes is. I don’t know I didn’t believe her, although it still hasn’t beaten Brancaster (sorry Mum). We stayed on the fitties beach which is fully dog and horse friendly. The sand is so white and the sea, well is dark cold and muddy as you expect an English sea to be. We had a lovely weekend just resting, doing very little other than eating, walking the dogs and reading our books. The cottage my mum booked was perfect, everything so well thought out and the lack of wifi and signal was what I needed to help switch off. We are returning again in September which I am already excited about. It was a great opportunity to get out with my camera.

Last minute Friends catch up

Due to our team performing so terribly this year my Dad was given four extra tickets to the Rugby this weekend along with four extra tickets on top of that as our friends we sit with were not going so I did a quick ask around and Fliss, Niece, Rosie and Pip all decided to join for the last game of the season. We lost of course, although for once I don’t think we deserved to. It was so nice to catch up with Fliss and have more time with Rosie, Niece and Pip after celebrating all weekend. I am always so grateful on days like these that my friends will juggle busy schedules just to factor in an impromtu catch up. It was so nice to laugh all afternoon with them and I think my Dad enjoyed the Rugby a lot more sitting with my friends than just me.

Getting stuck into a book

I have managed to read a few books lately but I haven’t felt really hooked by a book in a while until I started Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. It was a book which was recommended to me by a colleague. I started it last weekend and I couldn’t put it down. I really thought I would finish it Sunday night but my evenings have been so busy I have had no time to do anything when I get home but sleep. I am looking forward to finding out how it ends and ordering some new ones for the flight next week. I have my eye on Queenie Candice Carty-Williams. I want something quite light-hearted but not cheesy, corny or cliche if anyone knows of any? I loved Cows by Dawn O’Porter if that helps!

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