The weekly round up: California, letting go and the return of love island

We’ve been on the run, driving in the sun, looking out for number one. CALIFORNIA, here…… I’ve been and gone. boo. (My 15-year-old self still knows every word to that song). As everyone reading this will be aware I went out to visit our wonderful friends in California last week, a week I will never get over.

As you can imagine this week has taken some easing back into, my jet lag has been anything but ideal. I spent the weekend sleeping only to not need sleep Sunday night, as Monday morning back at work was looming over me. I feel as though I am slowly returning to normal.

I love this time of year, there is something about teettering on the edge of summer that leaves me feeling in a flurry of excitement. My diary is filling up, each day. I am no longer counting down days because I feel, in summer every day has the potential to be filled with something exciting. Even work seems somewhat easier and breezier this time of year. So yeah, I guess you could say things are in a pretty good place at the moment. This time next week I will be 29, Can you believe it? Where have my 20s gone. I think many had hoped that my love for my birthday would have tired by now, but I am as excited about my 29th as my 9th birthday.

This is my weekly roundup.


This was one of the best holidays/ experiences I have ever had. I am itching to pack up and get back to California. It is the first place I have visited where I could actually see myself living there. This is a testament to how well I was looked after and how lovely and kind everyone is there and probably due to their lifestyle being is so similar to mine, albeit a little healthier and warmer. I stayed with our lovely life long family friends who had planned the most amazing week for me, I still cannot believe how much we managed to see. My vacation was only a week but I felt as though I explored a lifetime of adventures, I experienced so much in those 7 days in California. I witnessed the best landscapes and wildlife, I met the most incredible people and explored new towns, beaches, foods and sites. I am now on a permanent hunt for clam chowder, is there any where in the UK that makes Chowder this good? It is a week which will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have already set up price alerts to go back. I now fully understand how people catch the America bug. California is so vast and diverse, it offered something new around every corner, not to mention the friendliest people. I cannot wait for another trip over there.

Letting go

I know I was only away for a week, and I am not going to begin by harping on about how being away changed me as a person because I don’t think you can do that much changing in just 7 days. It has made me aware of how much I do for myself though. I always assumed I was someone who shied away from being out of my safety bubble but I don’t think that is the case at all now. I think I am a lot more independent and spontaneous than I ever gave myself credit for. I think if I say no to things its because I don’t want to do them or I know I cannot afford to more than not being spontaneous. I digress, yet one of the main things I came away from last week was the motion to feel as though I can let go of a whole host of useless worries. Mainly worries about small life jobs which are not really that important. Jobs such as keeping on top of weeds, hoovering all the time. Stress that the house is not clean enough, my car needs a spruce, nothing which is going to dramatically improve my life if it’s done and it is certainly not going kill me if I leave it for a day or two. I am not talking about just cleaning alone, I am talking about so many menial jobs which don’t enrich my life which I was allowing to stress me out. I am hoping I can carry this attitude on because I have enjoyed myself a lot more since returning and actually enjoying downtime without filling it with jobs which just need doing again a few days later.

Love Island

It is back! How can it be that a year has gone by since Dani, Jack and co graced our screens? I know Love Island divides the nation but I love it. I am however trying to be less judgemental whilst watching it. Whilst I am aware they put themselves on this show and I would never ever write anything degrading publicly its hard not to laugh at the memes emerging from the show when you don’t know the people and you don’t take into consideration what that joke could mean to them. This year I am going to continue watching it because I love it but I am going to be far more mindful of images I like on Instagram etc. I don’t want to look as though I am supporting anything which is poking fun or mocking contestants because from previous years it’s clear that we don’t know what effect these ‘jokes’ have on young people in the villa and I don’t want to contribute towards that. I think we can enjoy the show without making fun of them, even if contestants ‘make it easy’ to do so. Without trying to make this boring I just want people to be a little more aware of how damaging a ‘small’ and ‘harmless’ joke can be.

New TV shows

I went through a period where I could find nothing to watch on TV, which I have to admit was kind of nice as I was ploughing through books however this seems to have come to an abrupt end. Over the last couple of weeks, I have enjoyed so many series. I started with Dead to me, a short Netflix series which is truly brilliant, followed by What if. What if is a series made by the writers of revenge staring Renee Zellweger. This series had potential to be so good, it hooked me from the start but the ending began to get a little far fetched and by the last episode I had lost interest. I have also enjoyed the weekly episodes of Years and Years on BBC with Emma Thompson. This series is a BBC alternative to Black Mirror, it takes a futuristic look at how a family changes over the course of their lifetime and how changes to technology, politics, climate and environment dramatically influence their lives. Each episode grows more fear within me that as far fetched as they may seem now could become a reality. Along with giving up all my spare time to watch Love Islands, I am also looking forward to starting Chernobyl on Sky Atlantic, the reviews for this show have been amazing.

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