The weekly round up – a very nice week

With that title, I am surprised you even clicked on the link….

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful – Annette Funicello. This little quote is on the first page of my diary for July which sums up exactly how things feel for me at the moment. My life is far from being perfect, I actually feel as though I am bulldozing my way through life at the moment. Ageing backless. I am becoming a little more reckless (although lets face it is me so reckless is probably not the right word), a little less organised, far less structured, a tad less worried but feeling a huge amount happier because I began to realise that the less you worry about what life ‘should’ look like or how yours looks compared to others the happier I become. I have stopped making jokes of my situation to ‘make light of it’ because there is nothing to make light of, I have a great life. I have stopped worrying if I will catch up with others because I am seeing more often than not these days the cracks beginning to show in the unsustainable goals. If success was measured by how genuinely happy and content we each are I believe we would have far different parameters of what we strive for and the goals we set than our current state. I went off on a bit of a tangent there but I think breaking down these barriers is so important. If we talk about these issues to each other it can deconstruct the stigma that life needs to be ‘perfect’ so that being said this is my a little bit boring weekly roundup.

Enjoying time at home

I have had a whirlwind month being out and about. It all kicked off with the best of it travelling to California, returning home at the beginning of June, then I went to Cambridge with work, whizzed down to London for birthday celebrations, stayed at home for a few days repacked and went to Cardiff and Pembrokeshire. It is safe to say Dougal hates me and feels well and truly abandoned and my home life feels a little in turmoil at the moment. Catch ups with friends had lately just been over whats app and other than love island I have had no time to catch up on tv so you can imagine my joy of actually having one full week at home in my own bed. I have managed to tame a bit of the garden, clean the house, shop and stock up on home essentials. These little things really help me feel grateful for all that is going on at the moment. I have also managed to catch up with so many friends this week, from lunch dates to early morning coffee catch ups, Friday night dinner and Saturday sunshine chills. It’s amazing what a week of feeling settled and content can do.

Buying presents

I have had a flurry of birthdays and celebrations lately, some just past some coming up and I have absolutely loved buying gifts for my friends and family. I obviously don’t enjoy the financial impact of them all but I love, love, love giving gifts I know my friends will like. I like thinking about what they would enjoy and planning, scheming, sorting, wrapping… just all of it. I have had an influx of parcels delivered lately sadly not many are for me but I am so excited to start distributing them all. I genuinely think treating others is so much nicer than receiving, although I do love a good present I am not that selfless.

Love Nina – Nina Stibbe 

My friend Fliss bought me this book for my birthday and I bloody love it. It is like nothing I have ever read before. It is nothing groundbreaking there is no narrative as such it is just a book made up of letters Nina a nanny living in London sends back to her countryside loving sister who still lives in their home town in Leicestershire. I have chuckled my way through this book, it is the bohemian approach to London in the 80’s I always wished I could have lived. It is a really great summer read I have thoroughly enjoyed. Massive friend points for her amazing present buying skills.

Goo Goo Clusters

I am going to tell you how wonderful these little mouthfuls of sugary, chocolatey, americany clusters are but I don’t think you can get them from anywhere but Nashville. Sophie kindly sent me some after her recent trip there and I can tell you they went in two bites. They are delicious. I had the original which is milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts and marshmallow nougat and the peanut butter cluster made from peanuts, peanut butter and chocolate, which for anyone who knows me knows that is my favourite type of chocolate. I have followed them on Instagram because like Tony’s chocoloney I know one day they will reach us although I am still trying to find Hershey’s gold bars over here. You can also buy goo-goos by the box so if you are ordering send some my way!

New pony additions

Although we objected, stamped our feet, said no to more horses. My mum’s new Shetland Max arrived on Wednesday night and I like the fickle pony loving person I am instantly fell in love with him. As I get older I can see the appeal of having lots of small ponies over horses. They are cheaper to keep, easier to manage, don’t have shoes on and are usually easier to handle with the few exceptions. We didn’t need another Shetland but I love him already and he is definitely going to fit in well at the farm.

I know this a very tame and mundane update but next week is back to moving all over the place, different cities, birthdays, appointments etc so I want to make sure I enjoy the slow-paced weeks without feel the need to crave the next big thing, the next night out, celebration or holiday.=, so thanks for sticking with me.


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