The Weekly Round up – Just kids, Podcasts and Incredible drawings.

Good Morning, I am not going to pretend this was ready for a Sunday share because I am so far behind. I am currently festering in a pool of fear after an unnecessary amount of prosecco Yesterday. I only have myself to blame I was weighing up the pros and cons of drinking gin or prosecco. The argument being, gin tastes good, no calories, no bad hangover, makes me a very boring drunk vs prosecco, taste good, very cheap, turns me into a massive dickhead and makes me into an anxiety-ridden mess the evening after, somehow the Prosecco prevailed and I am sitting here wondering whether it would be better for all if I move to the wilderness and never show my face again. Does anyone else get the fear this bad? Despite assessing life choices, my week was pretty spectacular. A lot of sunshine, a lot of time doing the things I love. A few books, gym visits and I got a couple of days in Glasgow so I cannot grumble about the rest. This weeks again feels a little thin on the ground but I am trying to keep up with them for my sake alone.

Just Kids – Patti Smith

My lovely friend Sophie in California posted me this book she bought whilst I was in America with her and I can only wax lyrical about how incredible this book is. Just kids is a memoir by Patti Smith focusing on her relationship with her lover in their 20s then close friend and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It’s the most poetic piece of writing I have read in a long time. I cannot get enough of it whilst trying to savour every word and not read it to quickly. It is based in an era I longed to have lived in, having the rags to riches, success story that I would have always be too sensible and scared to have had. It romanticises the bohemian, acid fueld way of living in the 60s, going from drug-filled bedsits, to benches in central park and endless amounts of dead-end jobs. I know it is not a lifestyle I would have ever been able to imagine but I guess this is exactly why we have books. I already cannot wait to give this to my mum to read. I also love that Sophie picked this up from a used book store we were at and it has been passed on and over and made its way over the Atlantic to me.

Early morning rides with the horses

This is a little mundane but it has done wonders for my mental health and allowing a bit more time in the evenings to chill out prioritise Love Island. Last week with the weather so nice (I am fully aware I need to stop talking about the weather) I got up just before 6 most mornings to take Rooney and Sabrina out. Riding outside at 7 am in just a T-shirt is one of the greatest feelings and I will always preach on about how good doing something for yourself before going to work makes you feel. It is a habit I am going to try and keep up throughout the summer.

Drawing by Lorna

A friend of my housemates who turned into a friend of mine because she is so lovely draws the most amazing portraits. (heading photo) she drew one for my housemate’s birthday of them both and I instantly fell in love with the concept and wanted them doing for every one of my friend groups. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted one doing of pip, Niece, Fliss and I above all the rest. I don’t have best friends, I have so many wonderful women in my life and I don’t value anyone individually over the others. This group, however, is my support network. The three I go to for everything. The ones who hear my woes, get drunk with me, talk to me on a daily basis. They are a little unit which makes me happy every morning when I wake up. So with Fliss’ house warming and nieces birthday on the horizon I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get one made for all of our houses. I also have one of Dougal with Alex arranged for my birthday which is also amazing. I can’t wait to get them all up on the wall. Lorna takes commissions via her Instagram here.

Desert Island Discs with Emily Eavis

This episode got a shoutout on This week’s high-low podcast, instantly I knew I needed to listen to it. A few short seconds into this interview with Emily I realised I have never truly been envious of anyone’s life but hers at that moment. Fully aware it must be a stressful and exhausting existence for her now,  growing up with parents who owned Glastonbury is a life I cannot begin to fathom. Emily states numerous times in her interview how the festival at the beginning didn’t mean anything to her and how she longed for a conventional life with parents in chinos driving a Volvo but as she got older and became more involved her love for Glastonbury grew making it into the festival it is today. I have been to Glastonbury before and whilst I stand by the fact that I think it was one of the best experiences of my life, festivals are not for me. I hate carrying things, putting up tents, the dewy layer on everything when you wake up, I don’t enjoy camping. I loved every second of the episode and wish they could have done an extended interview.




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