The weekly round up – I’ve had a revamp.

After years of writing my weekly round-up posts which go out on a Sunday, I have decided to give them a little bit of a remodel because I had lost interest in them.

Over the years I have stopped and started with these posts, tweaked them here and there. I do love writing them, I find them reflective, cathartic and I love that I have a diary which spans a few years. Everything, however, is really rather busy at the moment in order to keep these up I decided they needed a little more structure.

From now on each update will cover much of the following, food, what I have enjoyed watching, reading, social, home, fashion, mental health, exercise, beauty and something to celebrate my wonderful friends. I don’t know if it will work but I want to focus on the good as I know sometimes these posts can become a little bit gloom-filled if I have had an anxiety-filled week.

Some of these updates happened a few weeks back because I started writing a round-up and then never got around to posting it. They are going to be slightly longer posts, which I don’t expect you to read all of, maybe just the parts which interest you. So here it goes…


Dinner at Ashfields

After days of deliberating where we should go for dinner, my Dad and I decided to head over to Ashfields Restaurant in Earl Shilton, for a long-overdue catch-up. I don’t know much about this restaurant other than two chefs I use to work with when I waitressed (I needed extra money to buy a house) have now taken it over ( I have since found out they have owned the pub for a year).

Adam and Shaun were always incredible when they were at the Goose, the best part of the job was sneaking some the food they had whipped up so I knew this place was going to be great.

We were well looked after from the moment we stepped in the door. The wine list presented, the specials shown. We sat in the bar area until we had ordered our food and then were promptly taken to our table. I decided on a large glass of malbec which contributed a lot to my non-stop chit chat to my dad. I am not one to worry about how well my wine accompaniments my food so I ordered the king prawns on sourdough bread to start followed by the seabass special for my main. Everything about Ashfields is wonderful if you are looking for somewhere special, but quiet and relaxing to eat in Leicestershire I would really recommend checking this place out.


Autumn styling

As I mentioned last week I have started second hand September, a campaign I wanted to support fully and I have to admit I am finding it all very easy. Mainly because it feels as though the seasonal shift has already begun which has given my existing wardrobe a bit of a revamp. Also partly because I have zero money to buy anything with anyway. I have really enjoyed wearing clothes in different ways to how I have worn them throughout the summer. Everything is feeling a bit more autumnal which has given me the chance to bring back much-loved pieces.

I am also really enjoying clothes swapping with my friends. We do this on holiday but hardly ever at home, however when I was in London last weekend we were all borrowing and swapping. It is such an effective way to share clothes, avoid spending and consuming for the sake of one night out.


Shein bedsheets

I am not writing this as a positive even though I absolutely love the bedsheets. A couple of weeks ago I was in search of some new bedsheets when I came across the cutest set from the clothing outlet Shein. I have never ordered anything from this brand. I have always heard relatively good things but the low prices have always unsettled me. I don’t understand how they can make and sell items so cheap so I have always stayed away but I needed new sheets.

I currently have sets from the white company but they have been relatively abused by my fake tan habit and they really crinkle in the wash. I tried and tried to find others I liked but this peachy pattern from Shein was drawing me back in and then I was offered (kindly by a little pop up) another 20% off making this set obscenely cheap considering it includes a duvet cover, sheet, and pillowcases so I decided to go for it. I was expecting the terrible quality to go with my guilty conscious but I have to admit not only does the set look great, it also washed well and the fabric is really soft.

I am telling you all this because I don’t want to come across as a huge hypocrite (even though I am) because I really do think we should stay away from websites such as Shein until they can provide us with more information on the ethics and sustainability resources behind their factory. I would have happily paid more for these sheets to ease my guilty conscience if the offer was there. So there is no real point to this section, all I’m trying to say is, if you are also a hypocrite like me and value nice bedsheets over the future of the planet then I recommend Shein, but please do as I say and not as I do.


Fleabag Live

Being poor and unimportant there was no chance I was going to be able to purchase Fleabag live at the theatre tickets so as soon as I heard they were showing it at the showcase in Coventry and I had managed to convince my sister to join, I was there. I love the series fleabag, I also love Pheobe Waller-Bridge so I couldn’t wait to see the live show.

I was a little sceptical I have to admit, not of the show’s success, but because my sister had agreed to join, without watching one episode of fleabag. I was worried it was going to be an hour and a half of hell for her but I didn’t need to worry. We laughed the whole way through, alongside the packed out cinema. The showings of fleabag have finished in the midlands but if you live in london there is still time to go see it. I would fully recommend catching the show, I think it is even better than the series.

Odd one Out – Jesy Nelson 

I am sure most of you would have heard that Jesy Nelson from Little mix has a documentary out on BBC opening up about her struggles with the online trolls and the constant bullying she received after the bands win on the Xfactor. The documentary is hard to watch but it is so important. I have discussed before I was bullied at school and it predominantly started because one person didn’t like how I looked and then taunted me for it for the rest of my school years. I know how just one person’s opinion affected me so I can’t begin to imagine how Jesy has coped with the sheer volume of abuse over the years. She is an incredibly brave, beautiful and talented woman who will change so much with this documentary. I think everyone, especially children should watch this, saying that I probably know a lot of adults who need to watch it more.


This week I don’t know how but I managed to read two books. The first is titled Somebody I used to know by Wendy Mitchell, This is the first memoir written by someone living with dementia. Wendy was sadly diagnosed with dementia at 58 years old. As a single woman living alone, she had to navigate from the woman she was to a new lifestyle, home and identity. Wendy started a blog at the beginning of her diagnosis which this book follows. A brave, sad and yet somehow still funny in parts, glimpse into the terrifying affects this disease causes. The second book was the Good immigrant, A collection of essays covering contemporary examples of how negative racist stereotyping and prejudice affect the experiences of British people across the country. I found I learned more from ‘why I will no longer talk to white people about race’ but I the good immigrant is hugely insightful, often humourous and the country would be in a much better state if everyone read this book.


I want to use this section to celebrate the amazing things my friends do. If I am completely honest, after watching Odd one out this week it reminded me just how important our words are. I know not to say negative things to people and I like to think I am kind to people but we also forget what an impact positive words can have on people when we say them.

I really want to use my space to tell people about my wonderful friends. I am not sure in what capacity this will work in but I am sure it will evolve. This week I was so fortunate to have an evening watching the Capture with my two amazing housemates. Living with two other girls could be a nightmare but they make my weeknights more enjoyable than I ever imagined they could be. I massively appreciate Becky for just understanding me and calling me at 5 pm every day, knowing full well if she tried to call any other time of day I am not answering. I had the nicest evening on Friday with Lauren, drinking wine, eating pizza and talking about our ongoing and unresolved problems, I am so lucky to have someone I relate to so much. I am grateful for my two sisters and the lazy weekend we had by the sea last week, to Rosie for just being an all-round incredible women who never ever fails to make me laugh and I am so grateful for my little group of four for the constant humour, support and entertainment they provide me with daily. All of them are such incredible, talented, strong kind women I am so happy to have in my life.

These are just the friends I have seen this week, so don’t take it personally it will be updated depending on my week and hopefully, on what is going on in friends lives, I can shout about.


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