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Good Morning Sunday. I am here, with another post. I cannot believe I have managed to keep them up for two weeks now. Miracle of all miracles. I feel like I am settling into September better now, the first week I was a bit like ‘argh summer cannot be over’. I have had the best few months and I was not ready to swap my shorts and Birkenstocks for wool coats and dark mornings but this week I have started planning a few things, enjoyed how beautiful nature is this time of year and realised there is still so much to look forward to, a change in season doesn’t always need to be a bad thing, just no one mention Christmas to me yet.


This is a late entry from a few weeks ago when we were down in London. After a heavy night, we wanted a roast dinner before we made our way home. We managed to get a table on the balcony (thanks to Fliss’ persistent watching) at The Talbot in Angel. Through my hungover mumbles, all I could keep going on about was the view. It was sunny and the view was a perfect juxtaposition between the quiet suburban streets of London against the backdrop of the city, I tried to get a good photo but it didn’t do it justice (inserted below). Along with the view, I honestly can say this was one of the best roast dinners I have had in a while, enjoyed with my absolute favourite people. If you are looking for a new spot in London to enjoy on a Sunday, I really recommend it here. So big thank you to Jon and Fliss for showing us all the best places in London.


I will probably mention it on every Sunday post until October because I am still doing Second hand September so it makes the fashion update difficult. However this week I came across a site on Vogue which I absolutely love. It is a website called Manifesto women which I can only describe as a cross between Asos and Depop. There is a mixture of second hand and vintage clothing in a neat and tidy format which I love. I struggle sometimes with Depop when I don’t know where to start and I don’t feel as though I can just browse on there. So yeah, this was a big win for Second hand September. I also sold a top on eBay so I feel I have fully embraced giving clothes a new purpose.


I am not going to pretend I am not to be a big fan of Downton Abbey. It is a Sunday series I got into watching with my Grandma on our weekly winter Sunday nights at her house. It was always the perfect Autumnal TV to settle down to in the evening with plenty of tea and biscuits. It was a given, of course, we were going to go and watch the film as soon as it was released and that is exactly what we did on Tuesday. The first thing I will say about the film is that you don’t have to have seen the series to follow the story in the film, they had done that well. The film wasn’t the most exciting story ever to be released but it was wholesome, feel-good Downton fixes I feel we all needed this Autumn. Yes, it is nothing groundbreaking but it was an ITV drama that entertained us for years. Although it could easily be saved for a Christmas DVD if you are pushed for time to go see it.

Autumn is upon us, and what better way to start the season then a good old weekly thriller to sit down to in the evenings. My housemate’s boyfriend got me hooked on BBC’s new drama The Capture which is on every Tuesday at 9 pm. It is the one programme I sit down, ready for each week. I know so many of you will enjoy this series so I don’t want to give anything away.

I feel as though I am sharing everything I can find about fast fashion this month in light of second hand September. BBC 3 have started a new six-episode documentary series called Breaking Fashion following In the style and the influencers used to promote the brand. I thought the series was going to show the detrimental effects that influencers have on driving fast fashion but the first episode covered the influence Lornaluxe and the operations behind the brand. I was surprised that influencers and cheap fast fashions brands would want to be involved in a series like this so it will be interesting to see which direction this series goes in.


I have been dipping in an out of the book I am currently reading titled Nine perfect strangers but I have spent the majority of my reading time this week nose deep in articles. The majority of them I have shared on my twitter feed but the one which resonated the most with me was featured on Elle’s website written by Emma Gannon titled The truth about self-sabotage and why we’re afraid of success.


Product-wise I have no updates but this week I have started wearing make up for work again. I haven’t bothered to do this for such a long time but recently I have fallen back into a massive slump with my anxiety and needed to find little perks within the day to help me curb it. Making a little me time in the morning seems to have helped. I begrudge spending money on makeup for work as it’s pointless and I don’t love the effort of removing it all at night but it is important to remember how these little things can give us those little boosts we sometimes need. And if this isn’t the reminder all men need that we wear make up for ourselves and not them, I don’t know what is.

Listening to

Podcast wise, I am happy that the High low is back in full swing. My Wednesday fix always helps to give me a little bit of a mood boost. This week I also loved listening to Ferne Cottons happy place with Reggie Yates, it was a funny, candid and wholesome episode between two people who have clearly been friends for years. Ferne’s podcast never fails to put me in a good mood.


I love Kasabian but I have to admit despite Tom’s great singing efforts Serge has always been my favourite. Serge recently has gone solo, realising his first album The S.L.P and it is incredible. For anyone who is a fan of the band who hasn’t had a listen head over to Spotify, you will not be disappointed.

Most of you will be aware that I have become absolutely obsessed with a band called Geowulf. I stumbled across them when their song 31 was featured on a playlist I was listening to which I instantly loved and still have on repeat a few months later. They are an Australian male/female duo based in London. I am so obsessed I’m making my friends go seem in a tiny place in London in November. I cannot remember the last time I liked a new band this much so excuse me whilst I continue to harp on about them.


My homeware obsession this week is these little Instax mini holders my friend Lucy bought me for my birthday from Oliver Bonas. They fit perfectly amongst my bedroom decor and finally have given me the opportunity to display some of my favourite photos which have been hidden away in a box for years. These exact designs are no longer available but they still sell them in a few other shapes here.


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