The Weekly Round up

Good Morning Sunday, as I sit and type this the rain is pouring outside, I have a cup of tea on the go and I am catching up on last nights strictly, can there be a nicer way to start a Sunday?  I  have had another lovely week, I am finally finding the joy in living life a little more chilled, I guess there are some perks to Autumn. This is my weekly round up.


Yesterday as a family we visited Churchill’s war rooms in London followed by the Imperial War Museum for Dad’s birthday day out much to my younger sisters horror. She has never organised a present for Dad before and now suddenly she has his birthday and present for this year sorted, in hope that we don’t repeat yesterday. Pip aside the rest of us really enjoyed yesterday. We started with the War rooms at Westminster which we had booked in advance, these tickets were £22 online. There is so much to see and do in there and the audio tour adds more interaction into what is a rather heavy couple of hours. It is a similar set up to the Imperial War Museum but a little less intense. After the war rooms we made our way over to our second museum which is where I think we lost Pip but I was amazed at how much you can see in there for free. I would hugely recommend them both if it interests you, but definitely the war rooms.

Upcoming events I want to go to

This is new but I sometimes stumble upon events, shows, readings etc which I am desperate to go to and often miss them because I heard about them too late.I am still kicking myself about the recent lettersLive. Often I don’t go because my taste in things are a little strange so no one actually wants to go with me (which is the more pressing issues). I think this night with Scarlett Curtis and Dawn O’porter hosted be Elenor Mills with the Times will be brilliant. Both Scarlett and Dawn will have an audience to discuss their new books which are both released this month. So if these women interest you (which they should) check it out.


My foodie recommendations are back this week with a restaurant. My cooking at home was very short lived. This week we visited Black Iron in Leicester. It is one of the only places I like to visit in Leicester. I have written a whole post on Black Iron a few years ago so I won’t go into great detail. I did, however, enjoy a lovely night with plenty of wine, delicious food and laughter with my Mum and younger sister trying to explain to my Mum why she is a feminist. If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate in Leicester I would currently only recommend Black Iron., the vegetarian scotch egg was something else.


I have started listening to the Fashion Fix on BBC Sounds. A Podcast which tries to fix fashion by tackling the ethical dilemmas from fast fashion to body shaming.  As you will be aware I becoming more and more interested in sustainability, what I am buying, where I am buying from and how much I am buying new. I have changed my opinion massively on shopping high street, I am not saying I will never buy from there again but I am certainly more mindful. Companies such as in the style, NastyGal grab my attention so easily because they have the perfect pieces for a night out at such affordable prices but I have completely stopped even looking on these sites because compromising our future for cheap clothes to wear on a night out is really not worth it to me. I would really recommend this podcast even if the BBC sounds app is highly annoying.


I went on a bit of a book haul this week at the charity shop. I picked up a handful of books for £1 each which I love. I also finally finished 9 perfect strangers, Huzzah! It was terrible, I wouldn’t recommend. It was a real slog to get through.

My favourite read this week was the hugely anticipated release from Scarlett Curtis ‘It’s not ok to feel blue and other lies’. A collaboration with SHOUT the free service provided by HeadsTogether the book includes 70 plus essays from well-known individuals navigating us through their mental health battles, journeys and struggles. I absolutely loved ‘Feminists don’t wear pink and other lies’ so I couldn’t wait for this to land. I cannot put it down, I know it is a book I will refer to and reference for years to come. There is so much content with it that I can relate to, and it really does help close the gap of isolation my anxiety can often leave me with.

I also enjoyed reading this article in the New Yorker discussing the rise of the ‘real’ and ‘authentic’ Instagram post. I cannot be the only one tiring of the need for users to stress how much we realise this is the ‘real them’. I don’t think many users are naive enough to believe that everyone is the glossy showreel Instagram use to be. So please let’s stop tagging authentic photos with #brave because let’s be honest it’s not brave it is just real life.


My home update this week comes in the form of yoga as I am trying to appreciate the things I already have in the house. I do have a house plant additional for plant row which I absolutely love and one which has given my little yoga corner a bit off a plant boost. I have dusted off my mat and Dougal has been teaching me his moves. (I joke, he just does this when he sees the mat). I have been using yoga with Adriene videos and fallen fully back in love with yoga.


I have had no time to watch tv this week, other than strictly, the capture and antique roadshow, it’s clear why I am single isn’t it?  I have a mountain of things to catch up on. Nothing groundbreaking just Made in Chelsea and co because it is my guilty pleasure.


I feel that a lot of the podcasts I love are missed off because I  have so many mental health episodes I want to share with you so this week I am going to share just the podcasts which make me feel good.

I am really enjoying my weekly rugby update from the Rugby Pod, out each Wednesday. With our season kicking off later in the year because of the World Cup, it has been a nice little injection of the sport to keep me going. I have been catching a few of the world cup games on TV but it is not the same as watching them live.

I absolutely love shagged, married, annoyed by Chris and Rosie Ramsey. It is utter nonsense but its laugh out loud funny. It never fails to pick up my mood and make me laugh. For the same reasons I really enjoy listening to Private Parts Podcast with Jamie Laing and Francis Boule. There is no real substance to it although I learn the odd snippet of information from Francis but I do find it entertaining and sometimes that is all I need.

Give a miss

The Sunday Times bloody subscription. Apparently, although I am still disputing this, I didn’t cancel my £1 subscription in time and now I am paying £26. I called back in June trying to cancel my first subscription, came away with a second subscription (the put the most attractive sounding voices on the other end of the phone, and you can only cancel with a call). I called again on Monday and because the money was already due to go out I am now left with another 3 month subscription and to call again in December. I am certain it is easier to get out of a marriage or a mortgage. Don’t go there.

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