The weekly round up

Good Morning Sunday! I feel I am finally getting into the swing of these more autumnal weekends. A good dose of kicking back and relaxing feels amazing after such a busy spring and summer. This week was packed full of nice little changes to routine, from dropping my nephew at school to feeding the horses before work and walking Dougal as the sun was rising. I have been swimming, organised a tea and chat catch up with my team for World mental health day and went on a work walk where we cried with laughter as we took a stroll around our town. A nice reminder of the importance of switching things up from time to time.

Things I’ve done

Last weekend I impulsively booked tickets to Cheltenham literature festival for my sister and me without telling her. I assumed if I was paying for the ticket and driving her there she had absolutely nothing to lose in coming with me. Cheltenham is a lovely town and the talk was only on for an hour, was my rational behind the impulsive change of plan for the upcoming weekend. I had made plans to pack the afternoon and evening out with things she enjoys too.

I booked tickets to see the talk with Scarlett Curtis, Honey Ross, Kelechi Okafor, Poorna Bell and Eve Delaney which kicked off at 7pm Saturday night. I have recently read the book Scarlett curated and would be discussing titled ‘It’s not ok to feel blue and other lies’ you may have notice I have mentioned it quite a lot lately. The talk lasted an hour and covered the four essays submitted by the amazing women mentioned and some questions around it. I really enjoyed it and felt so much better sharing the evening with a room full of people who get what it is like to struggle with Mental Health. Cheltenham lit festival as an experience is truly wonderful. I am definitely booking more time out next year to attend more sessions.

Pip had an afternoon of wine bars and great company so I don’t think I have been sacked as a sister just yet!

Events and things to do 

I am sticking with this section because I feel its important we all get out there and see as much culture as we can. I feel there is so much on offer these days at realistic prices that there really is no excuse to get out and see some new things.

My first recommendation is a present my older sister and I have bought each other for Christmas which is Letters Live in Manchester. Having missed the hugely anticipated night in London last week I was thrilled when we could purchase tickets to see this in December.  I am trying to explore a little past London, despite my love for the city I want to see a few other places so Manchester seems like the perfect stop.

There is still time to see Fleabag live in Cinemas if you have not already seen it. This was one of the funniest nights out I have had in a while. You will not regret going. Check out where it is showing on the National Theatre Website.

My last recommendation is The Receipts podcast live at Warwick arts centre and various other locations. I mentioned a few months back how much I love the receipts podcast so if you love these women as much as I do, check out their live tour dates.


Yesterday we enjoyed dinner at one of the most Instagram-able restaurants in cheltenham. It was called Brassiere Blanc, I think it part of a chain of restaurants. The injection of florals and colour was the perfect antidote to a grey October afternoon and the food and wine were delicious too. I would really recommend booking a table if you are in the area.

This is not a food recommendation but we really loved John Gordon’s Spirit and wine bar over the road, so much so we are planning another trip to go back. Both recommendation from my housemate Alex.


My sun-kissed skin is no more, I have reverted back to my unwelcome natural skin tone which means CC cream is needed to stop me from looking ill in public. My go-to products at the moment are the IT Cosmetics CC cream. which I buy in a medium. I have to say this is the best coverage I have found for my skin. It beats any foundations I have tried. It is light, dewy, glowy and has added SPF 50 which is still so important even in the winter months.

I also recently purchased the Aldi dupe of the Pixie rose oil. I really wish these dupes were not this good because I feel guilty every time I buy them but I snapped this up for £3.99 instead of £26 and it is incredible. As always with Aldi dupes, I wish I had purchased more. I did buy my sister one though, so I may try and sneak that out of her room.


If I can encourage you to listen to one thing this week it would be last week’s episode of Nobody Panic discussing Lauren Bravo’s new book – breaking up with fast fashion. I learned SO MUCH from this episode. It gave so much insightful information and some fantastic sustainable brands to follow. I have had a massive shift in my feelings towards fast fashion and the high street but the stats in the episode have made me really aware we need to do so much more than we are doing to tackle the effects fashion is having on the climate.

I am so happy that the new series of Dear Joan and Jericha is here. This podcast series is absolutely ridiculous and full of nonsense but Jesus does it make me laugh. Full-on belly laugh. It is one of my all-time favourites you should listen to if you need a bit of injection of laughter into your day.


I am thoroughly enjoying the transition to chunky knits and jackets October has brought with it. I still get pangs of nostalgia when I think back to the summer but I need to leave it in the past now. This week I picked up this All Saints dupe Top Shop jacket form Depop for £20. I am not a massive fan of leather/ faux leather jackets but they are great for a winter night out and I need to stop taking my sisters, sadly. I purchased this in a 10 so it fits over my jumpers. For £20 it was a really good deal.

Whilst I have loved my continuing browsing of charity shops, (I managed to pick up three new jumpers this week!) I stumbled across these casual Mensy trousers on a Topshop AD on Facebook last week and thought they would be the perfect trouser to take me through winter. I live in various forms of tapered trousers and despite these being part of their summer collection I think they will be perfect for AW19 because they are almost jean material. I purchased these in a size 8 because it was all they had left (They were in the sale for £15, also just seen they have a 10 now, Goddamit). I was absolutely shocked when they arrived and they fit me because I don’t think I have squeezed into a Topshop 8 since I was about 12. Again I am trying not to endorse fast fashion outlets but I do believe if you know you are going to get a lot of use out of an item for years to come it is semi-ok.

(Charity shop jumper and Topshop trousers photographed below).


I binged through the first five episodes of The Politician on Netflix last Sunday and since found myself racing home to watch it whenever I could. There is just one series available currently but it is totally geared up for more. Their rendition of River by Joni Mitchell has had me glued to Spotify too.

I was slightly disappointed by the ending of The Capture on Tuesday. After a month of viewing, I was eagerly anticipating gaining answers on the season finale which never happened, the ending was all geared up for a second series. That said, it was an instant favourite this year which I fully recommend still watching.

Lastly, and I am not suggesting anyone should watch this but I did catch snippets of Sunday night’s episode of the Mummy Diaries on ITVBe only because Todhpurs were featured on their show again! These boots were not gifted, we have just been very lucky. So thank you ITV I will do more to promote your channel!


I loved the sentiment behind Sophie Cliff’s ‘9 joyful ways to make someone’s day‘. Just simple things like my mum ordering me a book I have wanted for ages, or going to see my Grandma on a Sunday night, checking in on friends or having impromptu roast dinners have really picked me up lately so it was a nice reminder of how simple things can make someone’s day better.

I also reached the end of ‘It’s not ok to feel blue and other lies‘. This is a book which I will reach for, quote, reference and rely on for years to come. Scarlett Curtis has done a wonderful job of taking an isolating and lonely illness and making us feel a little less alone in it all.

My Mum surprised me this week with a copy of Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. There is no greater gift someone can get me than a book I want which is still only available in hardback. My Mum is this weeks hero and I cannot wait to get stuck in.

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