The Weekly Round up

Hello, it is Sunday again, can you believe it? There is only one weekend left in October, I cannot get my head around how fast these months are passing. I was really lucky this week to have some time off from work to spend with friends. Dougal and I took a trip up to Norfolk to stay with my friends and their very cute sheepadoodle dog. It was a very wholesome few days away from it all which got me rethinking some of my routines etc a nice break which made me happy to get back into the swing of office life again.

This weekend has been rather relaxed, I have rather busy weekends up ahead as my friends 30th birthdays kick off soon so I am desperately trying to enjoy time at home and save money where I can before they all start. This is my weekly round up.


What’s on

This weeks’ what’s on comes in rather book heavy. It is where my interests lie at the moment so naturally, I am gravitating towards book readings a lot lately. I have thrown in a sample sale and some ice skating just to shake things up. My first recommendation is Elizabeth Day – How to fail at London literature festival. Elizabeth is the host of one of my favourite podcast and is currently on tour with her book of the same name, how to fail. Elizabeth is so eloquent in her work and interviewing style this book reading at London literature festival will be great.

The next is another book reading #notsorry Adam Kay author of the wildly praised ‘This is going to hurt’ memoir which was released last year has this week released ‘T’was the night before Christmas‘ Another humorous memoir of stories brought to you from the ward over the festive period. As a comic himself I can only imagine how funny this will be. I really want to go to the Cambridge reading if anyone wants to join?

For anyone who read my rave review of Scarlett Curtis’ talk at the Cheltenham Literature festival she is hosting another in London. Tickets are available here. It was an incredible talk for anyone who struggles with their mental health or knows of anyone who does and wants to gain a better understanding.

Moving away from books there is an incredible Agent Provocateur sample sale taking place at the box in London next week. The perfect gift to yourself this Autumn to make winter a like more exciting ehh?

And if you are needing a little pre-date for those purchases the iconic festive Ice Skating outside the National History Museum is officially now open for the winter.


Despite my good intentions… this week was a BIG food week. We finished off the weekend in the way all Sundays should end, a massive roast dinner with a group of some of the most wonderful people. Ten of my favourites huddled around my Mum’s dining table whilst she was on holiday. We all brought a side dish of the roast dinner with us along with copious bottles of wine and I have to say it was one of the best roast dinners I have had for a long time. Food and wine covered the table which we picked until we could not move. My sister made the HelloFresh leak side dish I mentioned on here a few weeks back and it is now a firm roast dinner staple.

Whilst in Norfolk this week my friend Catherine and I dived into the nearest dog-friendly pub with our soggy smelly dogs for lunch. We stopped at the Life Boat inn at Thornham near Hunstanton for the most delicious fish, chips and mushy peas. The pub was dark, cosy, very old worldy. The perfect place to warm up after a long walk.

Catherine and Beth who I visited in Norfolk made my stay feel so wholesome with their homemade bread and eggs fresh from the chickens, so when I got home I was eager to continue and whipped up a batch of my favourite sweet potato soup. It is so filling, low fat and I feel like I am finally packing in some long-overdue vegetables into my diet.

Last but not least, we managed to squeeze in another family outing to Black Iron restaurant at Winstanley House to celebrate what would have been my Grandparents 61st wedding anniversary. The food and wine were as delicious as always.


Last night I watched On the basis of sex on amazon prime and I’m not going to lie it was the best film I have watched in a long time. The biographical film is based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a women who was one of the few to gain a place at Harvard in the 50’s. After graduating whilst helping her husband and raising her child she struggled to gain any employment on the basis of her sex. The film follows Ruth’s struggles, obstacles and her fight for equal rights. This was a film I had wanted to watch for so long. Ruth has one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard, I cried so many times I am not sure out of happiness or frustration. I urge everyone to watch this film. It is free on Amazon prime.


Podcasts have not let me down this week. They are my constant companion whenever I find myself on my own. I love that the How to fail series with Elizabeth Day is back. This along with the High Low makes up my favourite podcast duo.

I have really enjoyed the Culture Call by the Financial Times. I found myself on here as I made my way through every Lisa Taddeo interview the internet had to offer. This is a weekly podcast hosted by Griselda Murray Brown from London and Lilah Reptopoilos from New York which means you get a wide host of interviewees. The interviews cover culture shifts, social changes, books, mental health and modern day life.

And a podcast which won’t be for everyone but one which felt wholesome and HILARIOUS at the same time was Table Manners with London Hughes. London Hughes, I think she is incredible, she makes me laugh so much. This is a fantastic episode from Edinburgh Fringe festival.


I ploughed through Three Women by Lisa Taddeo this week. This book was utterly magnificent. Taddeo managed to take three non-fiction stories about real women and make it read like a novel. It was outstanding, I want everyone to read it so we can discuss how good it is. I am also going to go on a bit of a book buying ban whilst I make through my current stake of ‘to read’ books.


I am really in two minds with clothes this week. I have several nights out coming up where I would like something new to wear but every time I browse ASOS I have this anxious feeling I am only contributing further to the climate crisis and end up exiting the page at the last moment. I am really in two minds as to whether to persevere with what I already have and just keep clothes swapping or to treat myself to a few new things. Whilst I deliberate this with myself I have made a conscious effort to upload my old things which I am no longer wearing onto Depop. It is the best way to earn some extra money whilst clearing out things you no longer wear. You can view my page here. My photos are terribly shocking, I find it so boring but I will get better.


Autumn has brought with it my equivalent of the nesting season. The time of year when you want the house to be all the more Hygge because we are spending so much time in there. This week I have begun to plan my utility renovation. It is not groundbreakingly exciting but at the moment it is used as our dumping ground. It will be nice to have the finished and turned into a room with actual use and storage so I will keep you updated on it all. I am also desperate to get my hands on some new prints and frames for the kitchen. I really love the orange/lemon/ fruit theme going on at desino, so I am thinking a couple of these near the front door. Anything to put off actually thinking about what I am going to do with the bathroom.




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