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Good morning, I hope you all enjoyed that extra hour in bed? That’s right, the clocks have gone back. I am not going to lie, I am definitely more of a spring forward type of gal. I would rather lose an hour of sleep and have the optimism and excitement spring brings with it and the potential for a life outside of work, but do you know what? I am going to roll with it this winter, use it as an excuse to get back into a gym routine now I’m not riding after work and worst-case scenario if things get really boring I might start going on some dates again. Who knows what this Autumn and winter will bring.

I arrived home from London today, a day later than planned but it was the best decision I have made for a while. The sun is now shinning, I am not hungover and I got an extra 24 hours with my favourite people. It was the most random, strange run of events this weekend, starting off with £160 taxi down to London because the trains into Euston were cancelled. Despite our ropey start, I watched England win their semi-finals heat in the world cup buried under blankets, with prosecco alongside the best people there are and then headed over to flat iron square to continue the day. Honestly, a weekend like this is so good for the soul, I am feeling so happy at the moment.

Events to go to

Fliss mentions one kilo sale in her vlog this week and it was all I could think about (I was on a train to Manchester on my own). This is how I came across this kilo sale. From the looks of it the sale tours the UK each weekend with a host of dates and locations coming up which you can check out here. For anyone unaware of what a kilo sale is, it is a massive thrift sale of old clothes where you pay for the weight of the bag of items you have bought instead of the individual product.

Next weekend is the last weekend Guinness will be hosting the World cup events at Flat iron square. For the last month, Flat Iron Square has been hosting World Cup specials for every game where you can watch the game, eat, drink and party into the evening. We nipped here on Saturday, there was such a fun, autumnal vibe. If you are into the Rugby I definitely would recommend heading over there on Saturday.


Last Sunday I raced through the Tin Man by Sarah Winman is an utterly beautiful book which takes you on a journey through love, life, loss and grief and the trials and tribulations of living in a small town in the ’90s. Despite the melancholic edge to this book a good proportion of it felt like being handed a warm, sugary mug of tea on a rainy Sunday evening. It was moving, heartbreaking and hopeful all at once. It was only a short story I think so many would enjoy.

This article by Nigella Lawson did the social rounds on Sunday and at first, I wasn’t sure what the hype was about. Nonetheless, I went away gave it some thought and went back to reread it. The question suddenly really resonated with me and really impacted how I lived this week. What would you do if you really loved yourself? Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? We are all told to love ourselves but it really isn’t that simple. I believe with questions such as these, they are open to your own interpretation. I thought about this question most days and acted in ways I would if I really loved myself. I decided that if I loved myself, I would get up in the morning and do yoga instead of scrolling through my phone. I cooked fresh food knowing that a body I loved and I was proud of deserved healthy food. I thought of ways to make friends feel better by thinking of how I would want to be treated if I loved myself. I learned so much about how to respond to different situations by holding myself in higher regard. It is a beautiful piece which taught me a lot. You don’t need to subscribe to The Times to read this ( I would recommend you don’t) you can access two free articles a month if you create a free account.


Following on from my mini revelation after reading Nigella’s article, I decided to channel my inner Nigella (It really doesn’t exist) and learn some basic recipes which would make me look like a nearly 30 years old if my friends came around. I feel I have perfected the autumn-winter soup rather well, although I am going to try and tackle a parsnip soup soon. This week I tackled the dreaded risotto to use up some vegetables in the kitchen it was a butternut squash and sage risotto which turned out very well for my first unsupervised risotto. The recipe was a BBC food job available here, super easy and delicious. As fulfilling and wholesome as it was I can’t help but feel that time I spent in the kitchen could have been spent doing more productive things. I am however going to try and keep up this more wholesome kitchen habit.


I uploaded a long post on Thursday about the joy of shopping in charity shops so I am going to leave at as my only fashion update this week. You can read the full post here.


This week I finally took a step back from Podcasts going around on loop and made my way back over to Spotify for a bit of a boost. Podcasts are great but nothing can lift a mood as music can. With a podcast, I wander up the street, with music I literally strut as if I am the main protagonist in every music video. There is something about music which can transport you back to a feeling and it really got my spirits lifted this week. I can’t help but shuffle around (not actual shuffling) I mean just unconsciously move (we won’t call it dancing) when music is playing. I love the places it can take you. I created a new playlist called Jade’s Indie Autumn for anyone who wants to follow. It won’t be for everyone, it’s a bit indie, indie dance, indie country (I am not sure if they are legit genres) but there are some great mood boosters in there for the now not so grey months ahead.


This week I started Modern Love on Amazon prime and it is bloody marvellous. I was won over instantly as soon as I saw Dev Patel was involved. I would marry this man if he knew I even existed. The series is based on the New York Column of the same name and I may be corrected if I am wrong but there is also a podcast out too which I have really enjoyed over the years. The column and the series are short unique stories of the trials and tribulations of love throughout life. Each episode covers a different story and different characters. The reviews have not been great but I have really enjoyed this. As someone who is somewhat of a romance cynic, I thoroughly enjoyed the sentiment and that real love stories do exist.


 Whilst I am trying to stay away from excess shopping I have to admit there have been a couple of beauty boxes launched recently which have really stopped me in my tracks. As someone who gets a buzz from more affordable dupes, it takes a lot for high-end beauty products to get my attention. I love this Cult Beauty box available online for £30. It is packed full of my favourites and is the perfect payday treat. It is currently sold out but there is a mailing list for new stock so pop your name on there. The next one was Sam and Nic Chapman’s new launch. The famous sisters launched their new collaboration earlier this week. This box is fully cruelty-free and 10% of the profits go to Breast Cancer Haven and Look Good Feel Better. This box is too packed with some amazing products such as M·A·C Mini M·A·C Strobe Cream, Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color,  Bumble and bumble Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray and Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette just to name a few. They really are fantastic value for money and a great way to try out some new products.



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