The Weekly round up

Happy November you lovely lot, I am for once not going to comment on the speed of this year instead I am going to be thankful we have two wonderful months to fill with memories with my incredible friends and family. I have had a lovely week. I made the most of my body clock still being set to BST and woke up at 6 am every morning. I took a drive over to the farm each day to see the horses in daylight and enjoyed some of the most incredible sunrises.

I have just returned home from a lovely weekend in Bristol marking the beginning of my group of friends 30th birthdays. I really don’t feel older or more mature than 22 right now but celebrations were the best way to kick off a rainy start to November. I just wish I had more time with them! Due to an insanely busy week, and hiding at my Grandma’s all evening with tea and chocolate avoiding chores and writing the round-up this week is somewhat thin on the ground. I was desperate to keep my weekly roll going so I will do better next week hopefully.


I have had another charity shop win week picking up the cutest Marks and Spencer high neck pink sweater. It still had its tags in and only cost me £6 so I was going to put it on eBay but I love it so much I could not part with it. Instead, I have listed a lot of my other clothes I have not been wearing recently. I have been trying to share good charity shop items which I haven’t bought on my Instagram to show how easy it can be to find nice pieces, so make sure you keep an eye out if that is your thing. Sticking with the second-hand theme I also purchased two vintage Aquascutum skirts this week one from Manifesto Woman and one from eBay both of which I am obsessed with and will be featuring heavily in my winter wardrobe.


I broke out in so many spots this week after a rather boozy weekend so my beauty regime this week has been very stripped back. I have cleansed my face religiously with either Micellar water or the Carbon Theory Cleansing bar. I have used toner and only one light moisturiser and things seem to be on the up. Thank God for basic care and drinking a lot of water.

Bondi Sands dark fake tan is giving me life at the moment. Winter is hard, we lose our tans and nothing feels as good, so I am grateful for this delicious smelling tan in a bottle for making me feel human. Lastly, my friend Beth dropped off my birthday present this weekend, (6-month late birthday presents, are honestly my favourite). It was a gift bag of & Other stories bathroom goodies, which I raced to use when I got home slightly hungover today. There is nothing more relaxing than a steaming hot shower with new luxurious bath and body stuff to make you wind down on a Sunday evening, I smell incredible.


Geowulf (the over mentioned band on my blog each week) have a launched a new album! My friends (they had no choice) and I (all my idea) have tickets to see them in Hackney later this month so when they announced a new album I was slightly concerned the new album was going to be terrible and that was the band my friends were going to have to stand and listen to on a cold Monday night. You will be relieved to hear I am sure, I have had this on repeat all week. I love a mixture of their older and more recent songs. I really hope Geowulf take off because I think they are rather marvellous.


I have included this little segment this week because there are two Instagram accounts which have given me so many laugh-out-loud moments this week, I think you should follow them. The first is Depop drama for anyone who has ever sold anything on Depop you will relate to this account, there are some side-splitting comments. The next is awards for good boys, honestly one of my favourite accounts. It jests at the fact we celebrate men for being just average decent human beings because we are programmed to accept so much less. It is very light-hearted, feminist and funny.


Events this week come in the form of another book reading, I know #sorrynotsorry because this one is celebrating the almighty Fleabg, the London edition of this show has sold out but you can still get tickets to the Manchester reading here.

A little last-minute heads up there is a Kilo sale taking place in Leicester on Saturday 9th November for anyone feeling Thrifty.

That is all from me, sorry I will make sure the post is better and much less rushed next week, somehow? 

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