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Happy Sunday, I hate myself, you will too but I cannot lie I began to feel a little bit festive this weekend. I think it is the slow Hygge weekend, and realising the sooner Christmas is here the sooner I will be in Amsterdam celebrating with my favourite people.

I have had a crazy week. I went away with work for a couple of days, throwing routine all over the place. I have to admit I am really missing my gym routine so next week I am going to make a conscious effort to take things slow and make time for the things which make me feel happy.


This weekend I offered my sister a free babysitting pass and a sleepover for my nephew at my house. Don’t worry, I had an agenda. I, of course, love seeing my nephew, he is nearly five and just full of character but I wanted a night in on the sofa watching Christmas films too so it seemed like a win-win for all. I know I moan it is too early and it is too early but some years I miss this type of festive filled Saturday night due to other commitments. Early or not I was committing to it.

There is so much I need to do to my house at the moment but I have been staying away a lot living out of a bag so it was a good reminder to make it feel like home again with a lot of my favourite food for us all which my nephew loved and time to chill out.

Often where my house is involved the only thoughts of it I have is how to improve it, what needs doing and fixing etc. For now whilst everything else is so busy I am going to put more emphasis on it being somewhere I can go to unwind.


I am still nowhere close to being over my Lisa Taddeo obsession so as you can imagine her Sunday style magazine column is not making the idea of ending my Times subscription any easier. This article Taddeo wrote about bad orgasms was brief but so accurate and got me thinking a lot about getting exactly what we want and putting too much trust into someone else without having the confidence to say what it is we want. I am going round the houses, and probably gone into deep (no pun intended) on the matter but it is a great read. Again just sign up for the two free articles a week by making a login, don’t buy the subscription.

The next article I loved was the piece in The New Yorker about the famous WeWork offices exploring the scenario which has unfolded over recent weeks with their founder now Billionaire Adam Neumann. I am absolutely fascinated by this story and really hope someone makes a NetFlix documentary of it.

Lastly, this week I purchased the unexpected Joy of being Sober and its sister book The unexpected Joy of being single. I listened to a fantastic podcast with the author Catherine Gray on Ferne Cotton’s Happy place podcast a few weeks ago and the book had been on my mind ever since. Then during this week, a friend mentioned they had read them both and had recommended both around like confetti so I did not hesitate to order these both, I cannot wait to get stuck in.


My housemate Zoe text me Monday night to tell me to watch The Accident on channel four. She was hooked instantly and I followed suit soon after. I thought Sarah Lancashire was incredible in Happy Valley, a series I binged through so I hoped The Accident would give me the same sort of fix. I am on episode two and gripped on the story so far. I won’t go into the synopsis but if you love a crime/ thriller/ disaster I recommend giving it a go.


This is the first Autumn I have braved floaty skirts with bare legs in desperate hope I don’t fall back into my usual jeans and jumper winter fashion. Despite the odd breezy day I am really enjoying transitioning my summer wardrobe into my Autumn and winter fashion with the help of a few chunky knits. I mentioned my Aquacutumn vintage skirt last week, which my Mum kindly tailored for me and I have lived in since. I am enjoying vintage buys so much at the moment. I feel it has given me more freedom to create my own looks I am comfortable in without the worry of buying current season and whether I am wearing the right styles.


The inky list collagen booster is my latest beauty addition. I have been trying to pare back on buying unnecessary products. We hear time and time again to stay loyal to the products which work for your skin and to not add too many new ‘must-have’ products into your routine. I am also conscious of all the packaging.

The Collagen booster made the cut because we start to produce less collagen by the time we reach around 25. That was 5 years ago for me. Collagen is responsible (among other things) for keeping our skin firm and young. The inky list collagen booster is a simple serum which mimics the effects of your natural collagen. Making your skin look younger, plumper and smoother. I have been using this for a week now and I have to admit it has given my skin a nice winter glow. I am not sure how youthful I am looking, I will keep you updated.



Podcast content this week has been absolutely incredible. We can discuss privilege until the cows come home, and truly I think we should but no one can ever grumble about the free (within reason, I know not everyone has phone or laptop) access to podcast and the content on them is absolutely incredible at the moment. This week I really I enjoyed the following podcasts; The Highlow, because they are the Highlow but also because they talked more about Modern Love. Walking the dog with Emily Dean and her interview with Mariella Frostrup, How to fail with Ferne Cotton, Modern Love – we will meet again in five years time and Table Manners with Charlotte Tilbury. They were all fantastic.


My older sister and I are obsessed, I think verging on unhealthy with the artist Charlie Mackesy who illustrates the most wholesome, inspiring drawings of the mole, the boy and the horse. Hannah has the book, it is incredibly beautiful. After years of pressure from fans (well-done everyone), Charlie is now selling his prints for us all to buy. He is doing a gallery exhibition of them all over Christmas from the 12th – 16th December it is free to attend and I heard mention of cake, so I cannot wait to go for a mooch around.

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