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Here we are, it is December!  As much as my month ahead is bursting with plans I wouldn’t mind skipping straight to Amsterdam and the New Year. I find December rather stressful, there are so many occasions, so many invites with ‘we must catch up before Christmas’ so much cheese, I become so weight conscious this time of year. The frosty weekend, followed by a wine and cheese night with friends, however, has got me feeling all festive so I’m trying to not be such a scourge. This is the first December I have said no to an advent calendar to stop unnecessary Christmas waste, but I am now wondering if I am ready to be this level of adult.  This week, what can I say it has been a bit of a hit on my bank balance but we made it through didn’t we? This is my weekly round up.


Our HVAR VLOG is up on Fliss Youtube channel. We didn’t capture as much content as we should have, it was our first vlog together and it really is harder than it looks talking to the camera around people, so we weren’t as well prepared as we should have been.  The Vlog isn’t that long and we definitely are going to make the Amsterdam edit better but MY GOD am I missing being in the sun with my favourite people. It was one of the best trips we have had together. I am desperate to return next year, flight alerts are on and I think we have recruited some new travellers to our group, so stay tuned, but have a watch and if you haven’t already please subscribe to Fliss’ channel it is really worth it. She lives in London so her Vlogs fill in the gaps between visits to her.


I was obsessed with this article The Cut shared from New York Mag from their week feature of famous people who shaped the last decade, I really enjoyed them all especially the interview with Margaret Atwood. Nonetheless, it was this interview with Kevin Systrom the mind behind Instagram which really blew my mind.  Could you imagine being the person to create Instagram? An app which has changed so many peoples lives for the better or for worse over the last ten years. It has so much power whether we want to admit it or not. Despite Instagram being a huge success with a shit ton of money, I wonder if he has any regrets? The interviews are long reads but definitely worth listening to.


It is no secret I hate chitchat phone calls, I screen everyone, I hate them. What I do love is a voice note and no it is not because I love the sound of my own voice. These have become a bit of a lifeline for me especially as some of my favourite people live so far away from me it means I can hear their voices without the commitment of a phone call.

You can chat when you have time, without having to rush. it takes less time than typing, it’s more personal and you can hear everyone’s tone which is often miscommunicated via text. It also gives you an opportunity to listen to what your friend fully has to say, without interrupting or thinking I have a story for that. My friend Fliss checked in with me this week because I have been having a bit of a mental health slump and honestly I am so grateful for this form of communication, friends like mine and the changes in technology which means I can do this.


The Naked Professor podcast is back, with series two. This podcast every man should be listening to. I have mentioned it before but it is hosted by Matt Johnson, mental health ambassador alongside life coach & writer Ben Bidwel. This podcast includes candid conversations and interviews with other well-known men discussing their mental health and taking great strides to break down the stigma which surrounds male mental health issues. This series to me is so important, I would encourage all men in your lives to listen to this podcast series. I receive as many messages on Instagram from men as I do women about mental health, maybe if not more. Saying that they are not in a good place but don’t know where to start. I think if you have any men you are concerned about of course I suggest them seeking professional help but these podcasts are a great resource to make men feel a lot less alone in what they are feeling and could be the first step in encouraging them to seek professional help.


I have tried to avoid the Black Friday sales as much as I can, I got a great deal on Wednesday when I found a skirt which was on an Affiliated link on Instagram on Depop pre-owned for £10. I did however with the money I have made from eBay sales this week treat myself to some boots in the black Friday sale. I made the decision to only allow myself one ‘treat’ item in the Black Friday sales and other items I needed for others as presents. I made a rule that I would only buy items on Black Friday which I buy throughout the year, so my repurchased makeup and underwear and the one treat the rest I avoided. If I didn’t want it before the sale I didn’t buy it in the sale. The rule has worked well, I am not feeling the pre-Christmas Panic I usually feel.


Did you see my Instagram story this week announcing new Aldi dupes? My love to hate, marmite products have now included some new Khiels additions. Their midnight repair oil and their face cream. These are both available online and the price difference is just ridiculous, I feel guilty as Khiels is one of my favourite skincare brands but with the price difference so extreme it is hard not to want to try them. I also purchased there dupe Smashbox primer which I am excited to try out.

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