2019 review, round up and a whole lot of photos

Another year has flown by and here we are back staring at my yearly round-up. In the past, I have dissected each and every month of the said year whilst giving you a narrated run-through of my not so exciting escapades, like the true narcissist blogger I am. This year due to distinct lack of time and also becoming slightly more aware how self-consumed I am I have narrowed it down to just resharing photos I have inflicted upon you throughout the year.

It blows my mind that the 2010s are over. I was a 1990 baby which makes the turn of each decade slightly more poignant for us because there is a turning of age for me too. In 2010 I turned 20 and in 2020 I will be turning 30. Not only do we reflect back on changes to the entire population over the last 10 years but it is also a reflection of how that decade has been defined for me and my 20s. A muddle of so many mixed emotions, personalities, personas, decisions, regrets, ambitious, ‘pinch me moments’ and ‘what the fuck did I do to deserve this’ moments. I have made friends, lost friends, loved, cried, swore never to let people in again, only to fickley forget this a few days later. My 20s have been something remarkably average yet these years and the days which filled them are mine and I am so grateful for every experience. They may have not gone exactly to plan but I am strangely thankful they haven’t. Without those knock backs and failures, I wouldn’t be here in December with the people I love the most looking forward to an incredible year to come.

2010, it feels like nothing groundbreaking came from these ten years but it was the launch of the first Ipad, a huge change in feminism and how we are perceived. We saw the release of the last harry potter book and all the films. Leo finally won an Oscar, there was pokemon go,  #metoo movement had women finally speaking out, Black lives matter movement started and gained huge momentum finally. Instagram, it really has only been 10 years since this app took over our lives. The Kardashians, love or hate them they became the youngest billionaires penetrating various markets and building what I see as the most superficial but you can’t deny successful empire. Then there was Game of Thrones, Brexit, extensions everywhere, whether they are taped to heads or being handed out by the EU. There have been more General Elections than I have had paychecks (so it feels). There are now 20 – 30 + year olds making a career out of vlogging and blogging and various other internet-based ventures, which 10 years ago would have had you seen as the annoying friend who doesn’t stop recommending things (this is me). It has been the breeding ground unfortunately for the infamous pyramid schemes and products which actually work but can’t be named or discussed. There has been the storm of downloadable media that is podcasts. There has been a change in how we view communities and friends, where groups can now be formed via the internet. So much as changed in the last 10 years, we have gone digital and gained access to endless learning and possibilities. I feel this decade has changed me like no other. It gave me access to the potential I didn’t know I had. I taught myself things, learned I had skills I didn’t know of and for someone who was shy and timid, the internet taught me how to make new friends. So whilst I am hugely thankful for the wonderful year I have had, the friends I have made and the memories I am yet to make. I couldnt get to the end of 2019 without reflecting on what the last decade has brought with it.

Alas, here we are, December 2019.  I have had an incredible year with Pip, Fliss and Niece by my side. I was honoured to be a bridesmaid for one of my most beautiful, kindest friends Becky. I had an amazing trip to California to stay with our generous, warm, and lovely friends Donna, Sophie, Jack and their family back in May. I laughed until I couldn’t breathe and stayed up all night drinking and inflicting quiz’s in London throughout the summer, and will always be grateful for Fliss and Jon’s hosting and their flat we all love. We became obsessed with Hvar and vow to return again next year. A team of us launched a podcast at work which I love. Todhpurs has continued to grow and we have introduced new products to our range.

I have seen the most humbling acts of kindness from Tiff and others towards my sister and me.  I got my two little ponies who make me so happy thanks to my friend Abi and her Mum who I am indebted to forever. I have had an incredible year with my two housemates Alex and Zoe. I have been immensely proud of my friend Lauren watching her smash goals and I have lived for the company of Rosie who makes me laugh daily. I am so lucky to have so many noteworthy friends in my life. I would love to mention them all but I would be here forever but they know who they are. I have watched my nephew grow and learn stronger negotiation skills than our government, what the politicians lack with Brexit George has ensured he lives life his way. I have made lasting memories with my parents and my two sisters. As another year comes to a close I am filled with so much gratitude for how things turned out.

It has been a year marked with untamable forest fires, Greta Thunberg fighting for our future, climate change marches across the Globe. The Game of Thrones finale. Toy story – the never-ending saga, The lion king,  hot girl summer, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth divorce, Lizzo just lizzo, another adaption of Little Women and I make no joke when I say there can never be enough. Jenifer Aniston broke the internet with her first Instagram upload. Lisa Tadeo Three women, mind still blown. We shouldn’t but we have to – Kylie Jenners Rise and Shine, where had she been hiding these talents? Another election, more extensions, Brexit, Brexit and more Brexit. So instead of more melancholy reflections or trips down memory lane here instead are some of my favourite photos of 2019. I am going to add to this album throughout December.

Just a little N.B, of course, this year hasn’t been perfect. It has been peppered with loss, heartbreak, challenges and setbacks along the way. I would hate to make anyone think it has been an easy ride. I haven’t even gone into therapy for once. I just wanted to keep this throwback a little more light-hearted. 

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