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(I know the header has cut my head off, not much I can do to change that fortunately for you).

I continue to surprise myself with how I have managed to scrape by to keep up with these posts lately. I know they are not profound or particularly well written but I have always enjoyed looking back over them, nothing seems to encourage reflection more so than December.

I am not going to dwell on the election too much as I know many opinions differ. I know this week the results didn’t go the way many wanted them to go. I am not very vocal on politics because I don’t understand all the policies all of the time and I don’t feel as though any party represents my demographic. I voted Lib Dem this year because they were closest to what I want from a party, and I know in the town I live in which is nearly 70% Tory I could vote for who I felt most comfortable voting for. I am strong in my belief, I didn’t want Brexit to happen but the majority have voted and apparently they want Brexit so I think its time we move forward with it and create the changes we want ourselves. The result of this election doesn’t mean we can’t support the causes we want to improve ourselves. Be more environmentally aware, give to charity, buy from companies who pay their UK taxes and support their employees above statutory regulations. Watch your bills and look at where you can save energy and switch. I know these are basic and don’t stop the fact we have a misogynistic, racist, homophobic clown running the country but the majority have spoken and apparently the majority still want to leave the EU so it is time to start moving on. Sometimes we need to make the changes we want to see and we can’t solely rely on the government to do these for us.

This week, I managed to squeeze in two trips to London which always makes me feel so much better. I have almost finished my Christmas shopping and enjoyed some needed time with my friends, so really I have nothing to grumble about.

Lastly, on behalf of my family, I want to say thank you to the women about my age who ran up to us as we waited for our Uber outside The Gun yesterday. She had a conversation with herself and then ran around my Dad singing last Christmas. I was laughing so much I aim to end up like that the remainder of December. I am not saying this to humiliate she was truly wonderful and I want her on all of our nights out.


On Monday I was in London for work, so for lunch, I wandered over to Old Spitalfields Market to treat myself to hot, steamy, delicious dumplings from Dumpling Shack. I ordered the 6 vegan dumplings which were incredible. If you find yourself in Spitalfields check them out, I love all the street food there, so much so I went back again yesterday. I also really enjoy the communal seating in the middle and shops surrounding the market are my favourite. I made the most of & Other stories to top it all off.

On Saturday my family and I had our annual December trip to London where we had booked a table for the evening at the Oxo Tower. I am a big fan of street food eating so to go from Old Spitalfields market to the Oxo Tower was quite a contrast but the service was second to none they really looked after us, the food was delicious and the views of London were beautiful. The only thing I would say is the menu was limited if you are vegetarian or vegan. Lastly still London themed we went to Dirty Bones in Soho for a quick drink and bite to eat after we subjected the family to Oxford street shopping and I have to say the french fries in there were absolutely insane. Truffle, garlic and salt coated. I am so chipped out after Dad ordered 5 portions for us to share in various places yesterday, yet if I had to eat them today that is where you would find me.


Every December my two sisters, my Dad and I have a London day out filled with a few festivities, a couple of shops we race around apologising for subjecting everyone to them and a hideous amount of alcohol which I am regretting this morning. This year along with the Oxo Tower and a lot of bars and pubs we booked to go to Swingers Crazy Golf in the Browns Building. I had seen and heard so much about this golf so I was really pleased with our last-minute decision we were able to get a slot. Swingers were the originals in indoor golf where you could drink and eat. It really is the perfect first date, Christmas party, friend catch up or family day out venue. I lost pretty spectacularly which isn’t like me but oh my god did we laugh, so many occasions we were left crying with laughter. I would 100% recommend swingers crazy golf, the tickets were £13 each and the cocktails are amazing, the only thing I would change would be the course being a little longer but when you are in a large group I imagine it takes some time to get around.


OH MY GOD, I cannot tell you what a wonder product Glossier Futuredew is. I love Glossier, I know some don’t find it worth the hype but to me, it is one of my favourite beauty brands the products just work for me. I treated myself to the Futuredew serum in the black Friday sale and it will continue to feature in my beauty line up. It is a serum but a lot thicker than your average serum, more serum cross with a primer. I use it before Smashbox primer and it has been leaving me with the most glow up skin you could imagine. Glossier is now also doing a gift box of minis made up of their best sellers for £49 which I am definitely going to buy when all this runs out.


I honestly have not watched TV since last Sunday when I binged my way through the end of Power which I had neglected and made a start on the new series of The Marvellous Miss Maisel. If I am completely honest I did turn the TV on to watch the new series of Made In Chelsea and that was it so judge away. Today however once I am home and back in my PJs I am going to get stuck into Jack Whitehall’s Christmas special with his Dad because I find them hilarious.


This week I have really enjoyed Bryony Gordon’s memoir Mad Girl which was released in 2016. The memoir is a candid narrative of Bryony’s battle with Pure OCD, Alcohol and drug addiction. I have found it incredibly moving and very funny. I would recommend giving it a read as it is a real eye-opener. It would not be Christmas without a quick reread of little women, would it? That has been my duvet, a cup of tea curled up on the sofa reading this week.


Hip Hop saved my life with Romesh Ranganathan This series was recommended to me earlier in the week and I am already obsessed. For once, despite the title, it is not a mental health podcast. Romesh is incredible at interviews. I bloody love Serge from Kasabian too so hearing they had paired up had me heading straight over to this podcast. I couldn’t recommend the series more. I so late to the party so there is a whole catalogue of episodes. You don’t need to like hip hop just funny interviews, music and chat.

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