2020 Goals

This is a post I didn’t think I would write. I don’t enjoy sharing goals and visions much as they are personal to me however I do find the more I write them down and the more I see them the easier they are to achieve. I am also a firm believer it is better to change organically than to try and force change upon myself.  I try to keep my goals realistic but sometimes it is nice to add some benchmarks you feel are so far out of reach you have to really push yourself to achieve them. In the past, I have always kept these in my planner. I write weekly, monthly and yearly goals throughout the year. I have always written a little list on the back page pretending I’m writing it at the end of the year of things I have achieved in the year ahead. It is always really rewarding looking at the list at the end of the year to see how my vision compared to what happened. Some things I achieve without trying, other things I outgrow and wonder how it even featured 12 months before and some I just will not have touched on but that is ok. I think keeping track of what you want from each month and long term is the easiest way. Long term I try not to put such a hard deadline on my goals, as long as I get there that is fine with me. These are a few of my goals to come.

January goals

I have set a few goals for myself this month which are, No purchases for myself throughout January. After a rather expensive Christmas and New Year and a few birthdays coming up, I have probably given myself no choice for this anyway. After Christmas and constant spending, it’s hard to break the habit of wanting to buy new things so I am making no purchases apart from supermarket food for myself throughout January. This ties in with staying away from new fast fashion, I cannot wait to get my hands on Lauren Bravo’s book breaking up with fast fashion which comes out this month. This month I would like to book a holiday with the girls, I really want to make the most of travel throughout 2020. Ideally, I want to read four books throughout January. I have a target of 52 books this year so that would keep me on track.  Everyone reading this knows I am not the most engaged cook. It doesn’t interest me, anything on toast is usually enough however this month I want to eat a little more wholesome and cook new recipes. Without causing myself stress I would like to get back into a bit more of a routine with my exercise. I miss Yoga, and sweaty gym classes, running as the nights start to get lighter and head-clearing swims. I will also start sorting the utility room renovation. 

2020 Goals


Read at least 52 books – This year I am allowing myself to abandon terrible books. In the past I have struggled through them and it has hindered me and often taken the joy away from reading.

Learn to cook more wholesome and healthy recipes, stay meat-free and dairy-free (where possible), I still love cheese and chocolate too much. Cook for other people, as I find this has more of a purpose.

Get into an exercise routine again, Christmas has put a stop to any routine I had so this year I want to get back into classes, running, swimming and lunchtime gym sessions.

Save more money – This is something I started to gather good momentum with at the end quarter of last year so I want to continue to build my savings up.

Visit a few ‘bucket list’ restaurants – I love trying out new restaurants, we usually squeeze in a couple each year, I have eyed up a few new ones to visit.

Reduced / No fast fashion – Ideally, I would like to stop buying into fast fashion throughout the whole of 2020 by using charity shops and Depop more often. We will see how this goes. I definitely want to keep shopping in charity shops and selling on eBay and Depop as this really boosts my savings.

Allow more downtime – This is something I am really bad at, this year I want to spend more time doing nothing, no more than reading a book in bed. I always feel time needs to be used and it leaves me a little fried. Therapy really taught me to drop the guilt when my body wants to just do nothing.

Stop therapy sessions – I have waxed lyrical about how much therapy has helped me, I had weekly/bi-weekly appointments from April to December last year which changed my life. However I was very lucky to not have to pay for these, a privilege I am very aware of. I cannot afford the £60 these sessions costs and I don’t want to continue to allow someone else to fund these for me so this year I want to see how I get on without them. I know my therapist will always be there if needed but I am going to see how the tools I have learnt will work on their own without the sessions.

Travel – This year I want to travel so much with people who make me laugh or own my own. I am desperate to go back to Hvar of all the places in the World, I found Hvar the perfect combination of wholesome with the party side we still all crave. I want to fit in at least one long haul trip maybe two if I can convince people to come to America with me again. I also want to see more of the UK something which works well with my job but we always forget how wonderful the UK is. Pembrokeshire was one of the most picturesque places I visited last year, I would take an opportunity to go back in the summer.

As much time as possible with friends and family – I am so lucky to have some of the most incredible people in my life. If I can fill this year making new memories with them all, plenty of time with my family, Cups of tea, meals out and catch-ups with my Mum, days out drinking in cities with my Dad and sisters, laughing with my nephew I will be happy.

Spend time with Sabrina, Jazmyn and Rooney – I have a lot I want to do with the ponies this year. They are great for my mental health but they are also amazing ponies I can’t wait to get out to competitions.

Long walks around the Countryside with Dougal – The last month he has been limited to post office walks because of time so I really want to get back outside with him and explore more, he is happiest running circles across the rambling countryside.

More time in London – According to everyone at home I already spend too much time in London but it is never enough for me. Until they open a Dumpling shack here it will never be enough. To me, there is no place like London and perhaps that is because I don’t live there but I will take an opportunity to spend time there especially if it is with Pip, Fliss and Niece.

Do something that surprises me – I always add this and give it no description. Last year I went to America on my own, something I never thought I would do so that was my one surprise. I will keep you posted on this years.


This is a funny thing to talk about because it’s so personal and whilst I can put in the work a lot of my progression is out of my control.

Progress – Again because this is out of my control the only benchmark I can give it is to be in a better position in 12 months time. I have things I am focusing on at work I want to see develop. I love my job, I love everything the organisation does and I am so passionate about all the work we do there. If I could move our office to London and do the work from there I would be in my dream career so at the moment I feel I am sacrificing one dream for another but I am, at the moment I am content with that. I am fulfilled and happy in my job which is giving me more scope to grow my confidence in what I do and work harder so ideally by the end of the year I would like to have progressed, added new ideas to our work and developed what we do.

Todhpurs – This month marks three years since we started selling Todhpurs and it is really going from strength to strength. We will soon be adding larger sizes and new designs of boots. We have also added new product lines, gained new stockists on board and started looking at exhibiting at the major shows. January is always so reflective for Todhpurs because I remember the day three years ago when the boots arrived and we went live with them, worrying we wouldn’t sell any. To be three years down the line with such amazing coverage and feedback, having not yet killed each other is amazing. This year I want to see Todhpurs continue to grow and start planning how we carve a future out for the brand.

Blog and photography – I want to continue to grow my blog and photography. In the last year, I feel a lot more at ease about my website and what I want to blog about. I have made what I want to do a lot more achievable alongside my full-time job. I also want to vlog trips with my friends more for the memories but it is always good to add something each year which teaches you new skills and pushes you outside your comfort zone.


This is something I add each year and make little progress with but if I have learned anything over the years home renovation is not my thing. I would rather spend money doing things and seeing the World but alas it needs doing.

Renovate the utility room – I would really like to add a downstairs toilet and make some additional storage for all the dog’s stuff.

Redecorate the living room and recarpet the stairs – AKA pay someone to repaint it all

Give the Garden a bit more attention this year – Not just mowing the lawn and hoping for the best.

Finish photo wall up the stairs and art wall in the living room and I will not bore you with the rest.






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