The Weekly Round up – finishing up 2019

Happy 2020! I had an amazing break from routine over the holidays but I am the first to admit I am happy to be back into the swing of life again. I like to feel a little more healthy and wholesome than Christmas leaves me feeling, I am already counting down for the lighter days and nights. I had an amazing few days rounding off 2019 in Amsterdam with friends who make me laugh unconditionally. I love Amsterdam it is always so friendly and fun, I wish we could have squeezed in a few more days but it was the perfect break away from it all. I am never a huge fan of New Year’s Eve but this year was incredible. I am sad it was all over so fast but we did vlog the trip, to keep as a memory for us all so hopefully we will be able to share this with you soon. This weeks round-up is a little thin on the ground but I am keen to keep them going.


Ok so it took me years, everyone told me to watch You when series one was released but it was too overhyped so I didn’t bother. I started it last week and you got it, I am hooked. This is the reason why I don’t watch shows like this because it stops me from doing other things I need to do. Nonetheless, I am enjoying having a series I am hooked on, just vegging out on the sofa for a bit. If you have been putting off watching it, stop, it really is so good.


I have been making a lot of time for reading this week, it makes me feel so much calmer and less rushed. After finishing Andrew Ridgeley memoir, Wham! George and Me I got stuck into the well-known book of poems by Charley Cox, she must be mad. I have had my eye on this book for years packed full of some incredible poetry which did not disappoint however there are a few included I have found a little boring.  I am going to give it another read over and take them in a little slower on a Sunday afternoon to see if they have more meaning, the ones I have liked however are brilliant.


I keep telling myself to be healthy this week but I have not so slowly munched through a few bars of Tonys Chocolony white chocolate with raspberry. I am not even feeling the teeniest bit guilty about it because honestly, it is the best bar of chocolate there is, I don’t even like white chocolate. Its sort of like Hotel Chocolate Eton Mess crossed with popping candy it is delicious.

New years day lunch was miles away from the typical family roast I usually start the year off with but I am not complaining. Pip and I left our hungover group and marched straight to Vegan Junk Food, I am obsessed with this place having been once before. Their restaurants are only in Holland but 100% worth the visit if you are there. I had the Mc cruelty Free ‘beef’ burger, Pip had the ‘chicken’ burger and we shared the loaded truffle fries. I couldn’t tell you a meal I would have rather started the New Year with. I was also lucky enough to head to Foodhallen with the gang for the most amazing Vegan Nachos, Amsterdam does plant-based like no other.

Sticking with my goals for the New Year, I folded over some achievable new recipes in my Jamie Oliver Veg book, this week I made The Sweet Leek and watercress soup. I was really impressed with this recipe although there are a few tweaks I would make, next time I would add more garlic and another stock cube and I think the horseradish and creme fraiche is better mixed in the soup than on bread but overall very happy with my first recipe.


the_chief_shepherdess on Instagram brings me daily joy. Whilst I am chained to a desk Zoe is uploading stories about her day to day life as a farmer. She has this dry wit, funny, sarcastic approach/ sense of humour and very she is very pretty which means nothing other than I envy how good she looks on a farm when I look like a teenage boy. Her accounts sum up what it is like to love working outside on a farm all day whilst hating it at the same time. You don’t need to be interested in farming to follow her because she is just hilarious. I look forward to her stories every day, just a whole bunch of wholesomeness to follow in the New Year.

Trying out…

Penny saver with Monzo. Fliss’ Boyfriend Jon was talking about this in Amsterdam and I thought it was definitely something I could do. I already have a money box I put loose change in after nights out so I thought the penny saver is an easy saving scheme to try out. The idea is you save 1p on January 1st, 2p on January 2nd. 3p on January 3rd and so on, even by December the most you save would only equate to a coffee you could do without. It wasn’t as straightforward to set up as I thought it would be so I thought I would share the link. You will need to set the pot up with If this then that.  If you follow the instructions it’s very easy and can save you over £600 by Christmas if you don’t dip into it. There are also lots of other saving schemes on If this then that you can choose from.


I was so fortunate to be able to spend New years eve ringing in the New Year in Amsterdam. It was a flying visit which we managed to pack out a couple of days we were there with delicious foods, cocktails, views, laughter and shopping. We wandered the nine little streets near the apartment, ducked into little boutique shops, soaked up the winter sun and enjoyed a lot of wine in the square. Despite having little in the way of a plan we still managed to see so much. The views from Mr Porter Cocktail bar is definitely worth a visit if you are in Amsterdam.

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