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Good Lord do I have Sunday blues after spending the weekend in my favourite flat of Fliss’ in Angel with the best people. Returning to an empty house after endless laughter for two days is hard, having Dougal here for Sunday night cuddles and Love Island starting in a few hours is softening the blow a little.

We made it through our first full January week, didn’t we? It feels as though it could be February any day now. I can’t wrap my head around the fact we are not even halfway through this month, nor can my budgeting! This week absolutely flew by, I have tried to set the year off on the right foot so I have been running and gyming most days for my mental health and to feel a little more wholesome.

My round-up is a little thin on the ground this week, despite feeling lost without my friends by my side tonight I have been very lucky to spend this week with so many wonderful people. This is my weekly round up.


This week I got stuck into Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant by Joel Golby. This book is what my January needed. I have laughed through the pages over the last few days. It really lives up to its brazen boastful title. I know I have mentioned how to break up with fast fashion by Lauren Bravo a few times now, but it has finally been released! If you are thinking about changing your life up a smidge this year and commit to a more sustainable lifestyle give this book a read, it is available on kindle and audio too. It is packed full of shocking statistics which makes giving up that shopping habit a little easier.


I went to see Little Women at the cinema this week and all I can say is that it is OUTRAGEOUSLY good. Greta Gerwig has written and directed the most progressive feminist forward remake of the much-loved novel without ruining or changing the story. I went with three other women in my family and spent the most enjoyable two hours watching this film, although I would have prefered sitting on my own so I could quietly sob through it. I am desperate to go see it again if anyone would like a trip to the cinema.


No time like the present, we are keen to pack this year full of as many trips as I can afford, which is probably not that many. Wasting no time the girls and I booked a return trip to Hvar in June, this time we are going for a week because five days was not long enough. I just hope the weather is as good early in the season. Hvar, as I have mentioned, was one of my favourite holidays, it probably had a lot to do with the company but the island is so wholesome, you can party if you want or you can chill on an isolated beach with a picnic and no one else around. You can be 10 cocktails in or sailing around the most beautiful islands jumping into crystal clear waters. I am so excited, even though I will be 30 by this point. We are hoping to get our trip to Bali booked soon, so if anyone has any good recommendations send them my way and then If I can save any more I am hoping for a couple more city breaks. I am obsessed with Amsterdam, so if anyone is looking to get away for a few days this is the only place I will entertain with you, but Amsterdam, Hvar and Bali are all places I have visited before so I wouldn’t mind a couple of new places as well.



The is no celebration without eating and eating we did. This weekend for Fliss Birthday we went to the Tramshed for an evening meal before making our way over to Nikki’s bar. The Tram shed is a very cool Chicken and steak restaurant in Shorditch, very well designed with incredible decor and for a steak restaurant, it hosted a very good vegan and vegetarian menu. I had the mac n cheese with the truffle fries, why my friends didn’t tell me the combination of rich food with double carbs was a bad Idea before a night out I do not know.

Before leaving London to ease the blues we made our way to the Lord Clyde pub on Essex Road in Angel for a roast dinner. Fliss had been banging on about how good their vegan roast is for a long time, which she was well within her right to do, it was incredible. I loved the Talbot near to where they live because of the views but this was one of the best roasts I have ever had meat or no meat and the service was great. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.

Lastly, I could not talk about eating without mentioning Pip’s incredible cake she baked for Fliss’ birthday, she is a mastermind when it comes to cakes. They are always delicious my favourite is the white chocolate, raspberry and lemon cake she makes.


I have mentioned Sophie Cliff and her blog before, she has also guest featured on my blog before. Over the last year, Sophie has rebranded and pursued her career in joyful life coaching, something she is incredible at. Sophie has been such a breath of fresh air following in January, whilst everyone is gyming it up, telling us to eat healthily and save money in January Sophie encourages us to find the joy in everything. For a new perspective on life check out her blog and her Instagram.

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