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January can stay if we can have more weekends like this, please! I have never known a week to pass by in such a blur. I returned home from London for a night only to unpack one bag whilst repacking another to head down to Brighton. I stayed in Brighton for an event I have been working on and then before I knew it the weekend arrived and I am full of cold. For someone who hates to be stuck in one place for too long, I am beyond lucky that some of my favourite people live in London who put us up (and put up with us) so often and that I get to travel (even if it’s only in the UK) so much with work. I am however looking forward to a few long lie-ins in my own room and some time to actually watch TV and films.  I think this will be the only month of the year, where I won’t write something boring and nondescript about how fast the month or year is going so try and savour it whilst you can. This is my round-up.


On Monday night my sister, Dad and I rustled up a host a vegan roast dinner together. I did the roasties, Pip made an incredible vegan nut roast and my dad put it all in the oven (I’m sure it was harder to organise than it looked). A few years ago I would have never believed you if you had said my family and I would be looking forward to vegan meals together but I am so glad we are. It is great to experiment with food and cooking dinner together. Pip has toyed with the idea of doing some filmed cooking tutorials because she is so good at making amazing meals, so if she starts I will let you know because everything she cooks for me is delicious.


As mentioned above this week I was lucky enough to visit Brighton again for another event I organised. I love Brighton, it is such a diverse, relaxed, full of life city with so much choice. We stayed at the Hilton Metropole, I was lucky to be upgraded to a sea view room which was beautiful, the sunset from my room was incredible but the hotel was a little run down for a Hilton and whilst the rooms were comfortable they could all do with a little modernising. On Wednesday evening we made our way to Brighton’s famous lanes and enjoyed Fish and Chips in one of the traditional pubs which peppered the streets. I love the variety of food in Brighton, I try to eat vegan/ vegetarian as often as possible and Brighton is definitely the place to do this, but with the whole group ordering fish and chips I knew my food envy FOMO was not going to let me miss out. Brighton is a city we should all spend more time in.


This week I have been lost in Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez. This book was released in March 2019 and I am ashamed it has taken me so long to get stuck into it. The book is tackling the issues of data gaps in a world where a male is the human default. I am a feminist and I am proud of it, I know we live in patriarchy governed predominantly by white, privileged males but the data this book presents is mind-blowing. I started reading it, in hope it could help me understand how to handle situations in a professional environment better, to help me articulate my points to educate others if I am honest I was thinking of myself and how I could enhance my privileged life, being on one side the oppressed and on the other hand the oppressor (being white, middle class, financially stable, living in this country). What this book has given me is a completely different perspective. Instead of worrying about the gender pay gap, it opened my eyes to the women who cannot go to the toilet all day because there are no toilets for them, or if they go alone they run the very high risk of being raped or murdered, about how transport, city structures or even snow clearing is designed and carried out with a man in mind and how it improves his life whilst leaving women in dangerous situations or how home environments in countries where it is still the women’s place to stay at home and cook and clean provide stoves which cause more exposure than smoking 100 cigarettes a day. This honestly doesn’t even scratch the surface, anyone with females in their life, be it, friends, family or colleagues should be reading this book. It is available on audio if you would rather listen.


After such a crazy week all I wanted from this weekend was a quiet family filled weekend, a lot of sleep, time to read, a movie or two and lots of people I love. I am a big advocate for intuitive living (if that is even a thing) taking myself to London when I crave fun, laughter, a million pornstar martinis and late nights and knowing when to stay at home, or go for a run, settle for some yoga, or do nothing and read a book. When to eat junk food and when my body needs veg and a routine of breakfast lunch and dinner. This week I knew I needed rest and to just chill out, get things in order and have a good think of what I am doing with myself and this year.


I don’t think I am the only one to say a winter Love Island doesn’t work in the winter. I thought I would be all over it with the dark nights, maybe I just don’t like the contestants but it is so boring and I have no draw to watch it, maybe if they were skiing and in and chalet I would be more interested I am not sure? Anyone else off it too?

In a bid to squeeze in some much-needed downtime this weekend I watched Booksmart on Amazon prime. Booksmart is the first film written and directed by Olivia Wilde (I know her best as 13 in house and Alex in the OC) it is a coming of age story about two girls on their last night before high school graduation, trying to make up for the years they spent dedicating to school instead of partying with peers. It is hilarious, honestly, I cannot write anything that will give this film the justice it deserves. You can tell it has been made by a woman like Olivia Wilde if only more young adult films could be made this way!

I am happy the new series of How to get away with murder is back, I cannot wait to get fully stuck in. This series took a bit of a dip series four but it is back and better than ever. Catch all four series on Netflix.

Listening to

I mention Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place podcast a lot on this blog, and sometimes I feel as though I am repeating myself a lot or preaching to the converted but I want to mention the episode I listened to with Tom Odell this week. Tom put himself forward for this podcast having listened to the series whilst on tour and struggling with his mental health. The podcast talked candidly about Tom’s struggles, about his issues with panic attacks and why neither Tom nor Ferne felt it was a coincidence that so many millennials both men and women are now seeking therapy in their late twenties and early 30s. I really applaud Tom for being so open in discussing this and encouraging others to get help. It isn’t just mental health-related I think Ferne’s podcasts are so grounding and wholesome, they never fail to make me feel a little more content about everything.

Saving for 

I am not the number one saver out there, since swapping my banking to Monzo I have to admit it has improved significantly which is a relief because 2019 I want to pack full with as many trips as possible, this is not being helped with Fliss’ current trip to Cape Town, have you been following? Not only is it causing me so much envy but how amazing does Cape Town look? As mentioned I am saving for Hvar and Bali but I am keen to book in a few UK trips, America trip and if I could make another Amsterdam or similar city break trip elsewhere I will be very happy. I am also saving some new bedroom furniture, it’s about time I updated my rails for a real wardrobe!



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