The Weekly Round up

Happy Sunday, it was touch and go as to whether this week’s round-up was going to be as this week in a true over-dramatic style I was struck down with sinusitis and I did nothing for days. Leaving my blog with little content to talk about but also no energy to write. I had intentions of giving it all a miss and just sleeping but I like the diary for my own reflection so here it is.

I really thought this week was going to be my week of gyming, running just getting on top of all my stuff and all I have really done is sit so please excuse the scarceness of it all, it has been the last week before payday, I was ill and the weather wasn’t great but here it is.


This week I rattled through my fifth book of January titled Where the Crawdags sing. This is a murder mystery novel published in 2018 a book my Mum bought me for Christmas (she buys about 6 from Tesco on Christmas eve which we all share. She didn’t pick this with me in mind). I wasn’t too sure on the blurb, it sounded a bit meh really but honestly, two pages in I was hooked, I couldn’t wait to find out what happened. It felt to me as though it had a slight To Kill a Mocking Bird feel to it which is my favourite story so as you can imagine I loved it. It was hopeful, kind, romantic with a good old who done it involved too. From Goodreads it’s apparent, this book is a love or hate it type of reading but I really enjoyed it.


As I was stuck to the sofa with tissues, Vicks, lemsip and the dog all in arms reach all I did this week was rattle through Netflix. I really enjoyed devouring all of series five of How to get away with murder. I know a lot of viewers have given up with this series but I still love it, I really love the non-linear style of filming and the suspense.

I absolutely LOVED series two of Sex Education, I thought it was even better than the first. I was overtired on Thursday watching it but the episode on female solidarity had me crying. I really enjoyed how they weaved statistics into the narrative as someone who loves to back every one of my points up with a half-remembered stat. I think the messages this series portrays to a wide audience are undeniably important and really Netflix, although I don’t say it much should be applauded for this series. It really could change lives.

I also finished the Marriage Story with Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, a much-hyped film which I very much enjoyed. Definitely a rainy Sunday afternoon film.

Lastly, I don’t know how to discuss this series in a tasteful manner but I have been watching White House Farm on ITV. A six-part series based on the true story around the murders of the Bamber family in Essex in 1985. The narrative is so addictive, whether you know the story or not ITV have made it into a gripping drama. I find it difficult because this is a true story and the family in the midst of the story were much-loved relatives and friends so I feel uncomfortable when Wednesday arrives and I find myself looking forward to watching it, but they have made it well and it is definitely worth a watch.

Listening to

This month, I have purchased Heartburn by Nora Ephron (can’t you tell I am a Highlow listener???). This book has gained so much hype I knew I needed to read or listen to it in some capacity. I have purchased this with a credit on audible, I do enjoy listening to it, Meryl Streep is narrating the story which I think adds a lot, however, and it’s a big one, Am I just not cultured enough to appreciate this book? I am enjoying it but I am currently a few chapters in and I just don’t get the cult classic hype around it?


This week’s eating was cut short (yes I am still moaning about my sickness bug, get used to it). On Monday night my friend Izzy, my sister Pip and I made our way over to Leicester to grab a Grounded Kitchen, Budda Bowl. I had heard so much about this eatery I couldn’t wait to squeeze in a visit. We went to the chain on King street in the centre of Leicester. The food was delicious, it really is great value for money. The only annoying part was they had run out of Tofu and prawns so I couldn’t order the bowl I wanted but it was still amazing food. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Leicester, there is a restaurant on Kings Street and Queens Road.


I am still trying to continue my second hand/ sustainable shopping. I love receiving messages from friends telling me what they have found on Depop and in Charity shops. This week I took a walk up to my local charity shop and came back with 5 new items! I bought an unworn Padded Khaki parka new with tags, it was only Primark but I got it for £7 so I am either going to use it as a toasty dog walking coat or it will go on Depop. I found a Cos black smock dress for work which I love. A Joules and Crew Knit jumper (both of which are going to go on Depop if its something you) like and also a Dubarry waistcoat for £5 which will mean nothing unless you are from the countryside, but it was £127 coat, people are crazy. So this month when you are feeling as though your wardrobe is tired but your spare change is low, remember to shop second hand. It will help your finances and the planet.

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