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Happy Sunday, February is here, hoorah! The light is creeping in a little earlier in the mornings and sticking around a little longer after work which does wonders for my mood. I hate that I am such a spring-summer person, I wish I could appreciate the joys of winter more, I just don’t like being restricted, feeling cold and it always being dark.

This week has been all sorts of wonderful for various reasons but probably because I filled it with a lot of family time and made an effort to see people who make me happy. A welcomed reminder that some of the best weeks are those where nothing major has been planned and yet it still ends up making you feel so happy with life. This is my weekly round up. (FYI for all of you who are concerned, yes my cold is still bloody here).


I was told to watch Deadwater Fell by work colleagues so I got stuck in right away. A four-part drama on channel four, investigating another potential murder-suicide. I know, my watching content is so very cheerful lately. It does feature David Tennant too which is enough to make me want to watch any series. I rattled through this series, I don’t think the ending was as good as it could have been but it was still a good watch.

This week I have also watched a lot of Youtube after showing my nephew our Amsterdam vlog (I know, I am that self-indulgent) we ended up watching so much Youtube and now he is hooked on Carpool Karaoke. I only have myself to blame, nonetheless, I have really started to enjoy vlogs again. None more so than our holiday vlog, featuring our recent trip to Amsterdam, which is up for you all to watch, edited by my wonderfully talented friend Fliss.


I am so pleased with how my reading has been going of late, I have managed roughly a book a week until now. I picked up Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s well-known title Americanah from the charity shop a few weeks ago. This book is another much-hyped recent ‘cult classic’ which everyone says you should read. If  I am honest I am really enjoying this book, it is so well written, the narrative is fantastic and the conversations are brought so much to life I feel as though I am in them, the only downside to this book is it is a deceiving long story. It is a big book and the writing is tiny. I like to read and walk a lot (I know I am strange) but I have struggled to do with this book because I can’t keep track of the sentences and walk with such teeny font. So far though I am really enjoying it, I just need pushing along a little with it.


I am still going strong with sustainable clothes despite desperately wanting to order some new gym clothes. Thankfully I have been spending my money left, right and centre on other things so I have no money for clothes anyway. This week I was so pleased when I realised so many of the outfits I wore throughout the week were fully sustainable/second-hand outfits so I have added a few of my favourites below.


I have my eye on a drone, I think it is something I am going to save for, as a 30th birthday present! In the meantime, a lot of my focus has gone back onto my camera. I love having a good camera but as the saying goes the best camera you can have is the one that is always on you and that by default is my phone. I am lucky that the google pixel produces some amazing results but the photos rarely give me the depth of the image I am looking for. Recently I have invested a lot of time into understanding my camera better. How to set it and focus manually and I am getting some great photos. This week I picked up a new lens for it, it wasn’t anything groundbreaking, I cannot afford them yet but it is a slight upgrade from the kit lens I have been using. I have my eye on another which I would like for the holidays so I will let you know how I get on with them.


I will try to keep the horse chat to a minimum but it is needed for context. My two little ponies are struggling to keep on weight with grass alone as you can imagine our fields are so muddy so I am having to feed them once a day a mixture of horse food and Hay. (That’s the horse chat over) this has resulted in me driving over every morning to dish up their breakfast for them and I have loved it. I am going to continue with it because as I have said many times before, doing something no work-related first thing in the morning puts me in the best mood and strangely I feel more energised if I wake up at 6 ish than I do if I let myself sleep in. It has given me more energy and more time to read in the morning or tick off a few jobs. I really believe in the power hour before work it can really start your day off on the right foot.

Listening to

I am back into a routine with my podcasts, thank god! This week I listened to an episode of Women’s Health new podcast Going for Goal about how to create a healthy social life. I am someone who stretches themselves thin with friends, eager to keep so many people I care about in my life but as I grow older there are many elements to a friendship I find lacking and I have really been considering what I get from some friendships and also what they get from me. I have really started to assess who I am making memories with, memories we both want to make and not just memories for one and who I am meeting up with to relive old times. I think there is a place in your life for so many different types of friendships. This podcast really made me stop and think about how I was spending my social time and who with. I know its a simple concept but I really enjoyed how thought-provoking it was. The other series I tried out was Give me strength with Alice Liveing. I listened to the episode with Bryony Gordon which focused on exercise for mental gains. As someone who exercises to improve and manage their mental health, I related to this episode on so many levels. Alice is a fantastic podcast host, I am looking forward to listening to more.

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