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February is the beginning of the weeks which unravel before us. Why does it feel as though January is 100 weeks long and now as I type this we are charging into the second week of February the middle of the month already? Madness.

Anyway, I didn’t think I would have enough content for this weeks round-up (how many times have I said that?) It has been a busy week yet not too much has changed since I was here last week. I am still reading Americanah, slowly but loving every second of it. I am still enjoying the most amazing sunrises at the farm in the morning, I have got back into something which somewhat resembles a gym routine now my sinusitis has gone, woo! Very similar to last week, and I am fine with that. I am saving for the utility to be renovated and holidays. So I am just coming to terms with the fact this is what February looks like.


On Friday I went to see the newly released David Copperfield starring Dev Patel and loved every single second of it. I love a period feature film as you will probably be aware, I am excited to see Emma in a few weeks. David Copperfield is fantastic. Dev played the role so well. I am not making this up when I say Dev Patel and Hugh Laurie are my two favourite actors so whoever thought to put them together in a retelling of a classic novel will have my vote from now on. I was crying with laughter throughout so many scenes. It was the perfect, uplifting film I like to see at the cinema.

I have like many others been enjoying The Stranger on Netflix. I have to admit I struggle with the acting, no one else seems to find this as annoying as I do though. The storyline, however, is a gripper and it has kept me entertained between reading this week.


As mentioned above I am still reading Americanah, so book-wise I have nothing to report on. I haven’t even been able to get through many articles either, life eh? I did, however, love every word of this article in the Evening standard, it explores how dating apps are killing love in London but I think it can be applied nationally, probably worldwide if I am honest. I am not saying I have had bad experiences with apps, it might just be the dating scene and how much it has changed these days, but it is an interesting read.


This could have featured under reading but it’s going here. I was so pleased to see this article Fliss shared on Twitter by Vogue covering Britians best charity shops. Have a read, if it doesn’t make you want to ditch the HighStreet shops and rummage through your local, charity, vintage or thrift shops I don’t know what will. It was refreshing to see vogue platforming second hand and sustainable fashion. Thanks for the recommendation, Fliss.


On Sunday after my weekly blog post went out Pip and I made a little journey down to London with Dougal and Indie in tow. Fliss has been looking after a dog so we thought instead of inflicting ourselves there for the weekend we would make a wholesome Sunday of it, catch up, dog walks, roast dinners and to watch the Rugby. Jon is literally the best London food tour guide, slowly thanks to Jon and Fliss we are making our way around the best roasts in London. This week we went to The Prince in Stoke Newington. The speed in which I devoured my dinner was a testament to how delicious it was and the pub was fully dog-friendly which was perfect, if only it could have been kid not friendly we could have actually heard each other talking. Definitely one to check out in Stoke Newington if you are in the area. We didn’t eat there either but for aesthetic purposes, the Three Crowns looked amazing too.

This week, despite my waistline suffering majorly I have been so lucky to share food with wonderful people which is my favourite way to eat. I have never packed so many lunches and evening meals into one week before.

Listening to 

This week I have been hooked on the podcast Adulting with Oenone Forbat. I have listened and nodded along at each and every episode. Adulting address or honest conversations about navigating adulthood the podcast I would say is aimed and predominantly female, Millennial audience but don’t let that put you off, the topics are incredible, current and explore issues much deeper than two podcast hosts just having a chat about them. The guests and the interviews are really enriching, I haven’t been able to stop listening.


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