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Hey, this post is going out a little late this week. I don’t know where my time went but everything has been a little rushed, to say the least. I feel a bit all over the place and I cannot remember where all my time was spent last week, because it feels as though I accomplished very little. It has left me all out of sorts and feeling a little sluggish and behind with everything.

I am feeling a lot more on top of things, ready for Monday morning and a more productive week after a bit of a lazy Sunday so here is my weekly round up.


I think I must have just about exhausted the classic novel remakes lately after watching Little Women and David Copperfield, to top it off I went to watch the new remake of Emma at the cinema on Tuesday and absolutely loved it. I enjoyed all three films but so far despite my love for Dev Patel, Emma and Little Women are neck and neck. Maybe it’s because I like strong female characters more than men but both Emma and Little Women I could sit and watch all day every day. Emma, more from a cinematic perspective, whilst the picture of Little Women was greatly done the set of Emma was incredible and the humour was on point.


I think I am on my last book of February, I would ideally like to fit an extra one in but I am running low on time. This week I started Sweet Sorrow by David Nicholls, a book I received at Christmas. I have been putting off reading it for as long as possible because I know once it is over my David Nicholls fix is over. I am a few chapters in and I don’t want to put it down. Nicholls just has the ability to construct conversations so true to form you feel immersed in them, that you are part of them. I really do think he is my favourite author or at least one of them. As soon as I say this I always remember how much I loved reading Versions of us, so he might have to be joint first with Laura Barnett.

Listening to

This week I listened to two amazing episodes of How to Fail with Elizabeth Day. The first was with Adam Pearson. Adam spoke at one of my events a few years back. Still today he stands as probably the funniest man I have ever met. We sat for an hour just chatting about life and movies, music and places we like to eat. He was so much fun to be around so to listen to ways in which people have treated him during this episode was heartbreaking but he has some incredibly valuable advice and outlooks and in light of what happened last week, the episode was a bold reminder on how to treat people and what your words and actions can mean. The next was with Frankie Bridge from the Saturdays. Over the years Frankie has been so honest about the severity of her mental health. During the podcast, she discusses her mental health, her treatment for depression and what she regards as her failures. The episode is so raw and honest. Not only does it remind you that mental health can affect anyone and no amount of money is going to exempt you from that but also you never know what someone is going through. They may be all party and sunshine on the outside and then be struggling to get out of bed on the inside. How to fail as you can tell is my favourite podcast because I love the stage it gives people to be free and vulnerable and look after each other.

On Saturday night Pip and I went to see Cage the Elephant at Alexandra Palace in London, they were absolutely insane. I love live music, going to gigs is one of my favourite things to do and that will never change. I do however feel so old at them. There was a massive cohort of 15 -20-year-olds at this gig. I am sure there were just as many 20s and over there too but we did feel a little outnumbered, is this the sign of the times? Am I just old now? Regardless, the band were everything I wanted them to be. It has made me even sadder though that I cannot afford 1975 tickets for Tuesday night. This was my first gig at Alexandra Palace though and as a venue, I absolutely loved it. I am definitely going to get another visit in during the summer, the views of London from the top of the hill were incredible.


For my sister’s birthday this week, we booked a table at Herb in Leicester, an all plant-based Indian restaurant a friend had recommended to her. I had not heard anything about Herb, situated on Granby street in the centre of town but it is now a firm family favourite. The food is incredible, the service was great, and it was really reasonably priced. There aren’t many places around Leicestershire which are fully vegetarian/ vegan, it was great to just pick whatever we wanted from the menu without worrying if the dishes contained meat.


This week I have begun to transition some of my spring/summer items from last year into my outfits. It is definitely not because the weather has made me confident that spring is on it’s way. It is predominately due to optimism that the seasons are changing despite the weather proving me wrong and also out of boredom of the jeans and knitted jumpers I have been living in. As I mention each week I am trying to stay away from buying new clothes. This has been made easier because I live with my sister so we swap a lot and I love the charity shops in my town but spring and autumn are the two seasons which I really struggle to avoid Zara new in.  Digging out my old clothes has made me excited for the next few months and made me evaluate what I already have. I am desperate to start some more swapping and borrowing schemes near me. I don’t have the luxury of London so any midland based followers if you have any borrowing/ sustainable ideas you want to share fashion-wise let me know!


I only had one weekend day this week and I am not sure I fully made the most of it, it was a little lazy, stormy and cold. I did watch the rugby with the family though with lots of choccy biscuits and I spent time with just Dougal (my dog) and Rooney (my horse) just the three of us. It was the therapy I needed after a long week, I will never take for granted how wonderful animals, fresh air and countryside are for my wellbeing.

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