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Good Morning, this is again going out a day late. I am currently in bed on a massive weekend high from two full days of friends, laughter, cocktails and celebrations. I also won my first teddy in the grab machine at Penny Lane arcade which I am still buzzing like a 5-year-old kid about. This weekend was beyond perfect. My sister and the other bridesmaid Nat did an amazing job organising a weekend of fun for our friend Tiff’s Hen do and Winstanley House in Leicester pulled off the most incredible Hen do room. We were all so shocked at how incredible they had dressed the room for our afternoon tea. As you can imagine I cannot sleep tonight, I have edited all the photos and keep shouting over to my sister all the fun memories from the weekend. It has got me massively excited for March and the weeks to come. Last week was a busy one so here is my weekly round up.


Despite my frequent visits to Winstanley house I had never been there for Afternoon Tea. We had booked out the entire of the orangery for Tiff’s party and it was perfect. All the afternoon tea is served on Yvonne Ellen cake stands, plates and in the most incredible teacups. The afternoon tea itself was amazing. Delicious sandwiches, fresh out of the oven scones and thick cream and strawberry jam with the yummiest little cakes to accompany it. It was safe to say we were all rolling out full and filled with happiness by the time we left.

This week I cooked my first Gousto recipe, my older sister who subscribes to them was going away and wasn’t going to get through all her meals so kindly donated it to me. I love the concept, the recipes are always delicious and usually ideas I would have never thought of myself. I made a Moroccan couscous with Roasted vegetables which were delicious. The Gusto boxes are brilliant. I don’t really eat much for dinner, I am definitely more hungry in the mornings and lunch so I am not sure at this stage if it will be worth signing up for but if you are someone who loves a good wholesome and healthy meal in the evening or you are in a couple I would highly recommend giving them a go.

Listening to

I have become a little overwhelmed with the number of podcasts I enjoy listening to at the moment. I have also purchased two audiobooks which are sitting in my audible library unopened.

This week I really enjoyed Sentimental Garbage Podcast by Caroline O’Donogue, the author of the book I read this week. Strangely I came across the book in the charity shop and the podcast in a refinery29 post, so it was just a coincidence they both arrived in the same week. Sentimental Garbage is a podcast discussing the ‘chick-lit’ classics we were raised on. Caroline debunks the literature snobbery which Instagram seems to be growing and discusses the books we really love reading. I have found this podcast as a little corner of self-care, a podcast where I am not trying to better myself or absorbed facts etc. I loved the episode with Jo Jo Moyes discussing Riders by Jilly Cooper 


I am onto my 11th book of the year, I am actually rather proud of myself. I have stopped binging on TV and making more of a conscious effort to find time to read which is also helping my sleep. So a win-win situation. This week I finished David Nicholls book I mentioned last week titled Sweet Sorrow. It was everything and more I expected from David Nicholls, One day, Us and Sweet Sorrow have all left me feeling the same way, I am sad it is all over for now. This week I picked up Promising young women by Caroline O’Donoghue in the charity shop and got stuck into it straight the way.  It reminded me a lot of Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams it was an instant hook which I finished in a couple of sittings. It is witty, clever, but took a dark turn. It highlighted male privilege in the workplace, gaslighting and mental health issues. It was packed with female solidarity, I don’t need a man, hard-working women and therapy. Literally everything I want in a book. I would recommend to so many.


Nottingham took me by complete surprise this weekend. I had heard quite a bit recently about the new bars and restaurants popping up in Nottingham but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it half as much as I did. On Saturday we booked in for Bottomless brunch at the Alchemist. I thought it was amazing value for money, we had three cocktails with our choice of brunch which was delicious. I was pleased to see the colour changing cocktails, (the novelty drinks you go to the alchemist for) were still on the menu despite them limiting the choices down for the brunch option.

I cannot get over how much I liked Penny Lane arcade. Mainly due to the music. In Nottingham, they played Blondie, Toto and Wham! all on their own accord. I also loved Penny Lane because I won my flamingo. The arcade games are slightly overpriced in my opinion but so much fun. I would happily go there with anyone of any age and have a good time.

I also loved Das Kino in Nottingham. It was definitely my type of place. A pub/bar on the top floor with table tennis tables and good music and more table tennis downstairs turning into a club through the eras at night. We left as they got onto the end of the ’80s/ ’90s music but I could have happily stayed there. It was the first place similar to Old Street records I have visited outside of London.


I really recommend following Venetia Falconer on Instagram. Venetia is the host of talking Tastebuds, a podcast on food, mental health and sustainability. She is a climate activist, fast fashion debunker, vegan and feminist. I know historically that list of labels could have been stereotyped negatively, I personally feel she is doing an amazing job at changing that. She posted a really insightful story last week on the lies In the style was selling their customers when it comes to the ethics and sustainability of the brand. I know we knew this already but to actually mislead on their stories about where their clothes are made and who by is another level. Please check her out, it is a whole new resource of learning via her pages.

Inspired by

Recently we have been working on an equality group at work. It is so pleasing to have a group of voluntary members from our organisation both women and men who have chosen to come together to explore how we improve equality and fairnesses within our organisation. I have loved the bravery in sharing and the solidarity created between colleagues, some of which I have worked in the same building as for the last 7 years and never spoken with much. We are currently planning to celebrate Internation Women’s day on Friday which I am really excited about. I am really lucky to work in a company full of Inspiring people.

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