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Good Morning, I have actually for once planned for this post to go out today because yesterday was, of course, International Women’s day and I wanted to mark it instead. I have had a lovely week. It has been insanely busy, not that this post will reflect that. I have been working into the night to complete jobs lately so this weekend I wanted to have everything done by Friday night so the weekend could be spent reading and relaxing, I almost got there.

Friday it felt Spring had arrived, didn’t it? The sky was so blue and the sun shone warmly throughout the whole day. We were celebrating IWD at work and it was a day filled with so much courage, love and honesty, shared with my amazing colleagues. It gave me a massive boost in motivation and inspiration in times to come this month.

This is my very brief weekly round up!


I have been absolutely hooked on Love is Blind on Netflix. I try to avoid watching shows I get nothing from but this has caught me and isn’t letting me go. It’s one of those shows where the next episode has started before I know it. It is a little like the UK show Married at first sight but these contestants are allowed to get to know their dates over a week talking to them behind a screen. Once they have coupled up they go on holiday together and then finally moved in together. It is full of American emotion and optimism which we just don’t get over here. Lauren is by my favourite so far. I really hope they do a UK version.

I watched The Aeronauts this weekend with Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, a casting pair I absolutely love. It is a film based on some true events about a hot air balloon expedition to fly higher than anyone in history. The story is based loosely on the true events when James Glaisher and Henry Coxwell made the same trip, however, in this film Henry Coxwell has been replaced by Amelia Wrenn played by Felicity Jones. It was said because the scriptwriter or author wanted a progressive story where women’s contributions to science were represented so the characters were merged and inspiration for Jones’ role was taken from Sophie Blanchard who was the first women to work as a professional balloonist. This is an amazing film from a cinematic perspective, a little unbelievable but enjoyable. I most enjoyed the uproar from science societies and men that Henry Coxwell should not have been written out. I don’t think replacing a male with a female character made a difference to how I watched the film. We are all quite aware a woman wouldn’t have been allowed the privilege of such a role however, I do agree there are other amazing true stories of women in science back then which they could have made a film out of. Nonetheless, it is a brilliant film, beautifully shot with a fantastic cast. I really enjoyed it.

Listening to

This month’s audible purchase was Frankie Bridge’s new mental health memoir Open. The book explores her battles with her mental health, it follows her success with S Club Juniors and the Saturdays and has features of guidance and advice from the psychologist and psychiatrist who helped Frankie with her recovery. I always prefer to listen to autobiographies and memoirs because I like to listen to the voice of the author.


I went to watch Letters Live at Union Chapel in Islington on Wednesday, it was one of the best nights of my life. I am no exaggerated when I say I loved every second of it. I cried with laughter and I was moved by letters of love, grief and death. I would go every night of the week if I could. My sister and I have wanted to see the production for years and it surpassed the expectations I had for it. I will definitely be returning. I loved Union Chapel as a venue as well.


Our event we held in collaboration with was featured in the Times last week. The event titled ‘Working with Millennials’ explored why millennials are the biggest cohort seeking out therapy which we held in Brighton back in January. I enjoyed working on the event, so much of the content resonated with me and my reasons for going for therapy but it also opened my eyes to the other reason so many of us were looking for someone to talk to about our problems. The article was written with Julia Samuel who presented at the event and whose book ‘This too shall pass’ was released this week. You can read the article on The Times, it is really insightful, as is Julia’s book which I know many will benefit from reading.


A little downtime at home. My weekends seem to be blocked out with various celebrations and occasions lately, leaving me no time at home to get on with the mundane home jobs we take for granted. This weekend I had a whole Saturday to myself, so after my Todhpurs work was out the way, and my photos were edited (and I caught up on sleep) I got to work on giving the house a bit of a spring clean. I am not a massive home person, my house will never be ‘Instagramable’ but there is something nice about having time for a good old spring clean and not just leaving it for the cleaner. I know this is going to make me sound about 80 but I can’t wait until I can get out in the garden get the lawn mowed and some new plants out there. I never understood the whole ‘spring clean’ thing until I was an adult.

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