The Weekly Round up

Good Morning, I may as well move this post to Mondays from now on because more often than not I have been vigorously typing away on a Sunday night trying to get these posts out.

I am going to see if I can make it through this post without another mention of coronavirus. It is hard not to talk about it when it changes so much of the privileges we take for granted, nonetheless, this week went by with little disturbance from the virus. I finally feel like spring has shown its face. I have begun to notice the change in my mood and energy levels. I always get this sudden surge of motivation to get things done when Spring begins to show like my mood and coldness finally thaws out.

I have had one of my favourite weekends of the year so far this week, so I am finishing off Sunday rather chuffed with life. I hope you all are too. This is my weekly round up.


This week I started the very hyped up Such a fun age by Kiley Reid. I first heard about this book a few months ago on the High Low and seen I have seen it pepped all over Instagram since. I have been really trying to not buy new books when they are out in hardback as they are quite pricey but I couldn’t wait for this one and I am so glad I didn’t.  The story follows Emira a young black woman who is wrongly accused of kidnapping while babysitting a child, and her blogger and entrepreneur employer who has moved out of the city for the suburban family life and how a wired connection between the two changes how they view life and the privileges which comes with it. It is one of those books you cannot stop thinking about when you can’t read it. I have read a lot of books this year I have loved but none which have consumed my thoughts like Such a fun age.


This weekend I finally brought out the new pair of Dubarry’s I received at Christmas. These are I guess a more countryside boot but I do see them dotted around London from time to time. Historically I have always worn the unisex boots, which I love, they are perfect to wear around the horses and on dog walks but they have always been quite chunky. After 11 years of intense wear, my last pair finally gave way so this year I opted for the women’s Langford Country boot. The fit is a lot more flattering and I think I will get a lot more use out of these although I have found them to be too nice to wear around the horses so they currently look nothing like country boots. I look like I have never seen mud in my life.


With all this talk of self-isolation floating around it has made me want to hunker down with my favourite food, book and a good old series. There is a long list of series I have not watched and some I fear I have left too long to be interested in. I found out my sister had been hiding a secret NowTV account. Since gaining sight of her login details I have devoured series one of Girls again. I have always loved this series, I make no secret of it. I could never really relate to Sex and the city, I never really got into it. I find Girls a lot more relatable, they are still white, over privilege girls in the way their middle-class parents are paying their rent, and are in a position to take internships, not in a gossip girl way. It is one of the best series I have watched so if you are struggling to fill your time get on over to NowTV.


Today we whizzed over to Norfolk to visit our friends Catherine and Beth and their amazing floofy poodle crosses Scout and Naya. We met at a place called Shouldham forest which has quickly become one of my favourite places and I will no doubt be visiting again very soon. It is a massive forest nicknamed Shouldham warrens, which tracks and turns, hills and burrows all around. Dougal had the absolute time of his life. It was the first time I feared I had actually lost him because he is usually such a loyal dog but he was in a world of his own here. After a walk and dodging the mountain bikers dotted around the place we drove a short journey for a roast dinner. Dog walks, delicious food and a shared bottle of wine between bursts of laughter and catch-ups are exactly what Sundays are for. These are the little moments I saviour in the winter because they’re not quite the same in the summer, are they?


This week has been a little buying crazy as I have three birthdays next weekend and mothers day. Despite the heavy outgoings it, unfortunately, didn’t stop me from buying myself things either. I finally got around to ordering the last pieces from Ikea for my bedroom. I am desperate for fitted wardrobes in my room but that takes some serious commitment to savings so, for now, its chest of drawers and some new home furnishings. They will hopefully all arrive on Sunday so I will give you a little room update. I also had a little splurge on Joules website the other day. I am doing well at avoiding fast fashion and choosing items when I do that are in clearance so I don’t spend too much and also pieces I know I will wear a lot and items which I know will sell well second hand once I am finished with them. I am by no means perfect when it comes to sustainability and wastage but I am trying and I am definitely learning.


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