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Hey all, welcome back to my round-ups. I can’t believe how much has changed since the last time I uploaded one of these, just the little things LIKE LEAVING THE GOD DAMN HOUSE,  and going out for dinner, something I would usually do about 4 out of the 7 days of the week so at least my bank balance is grateful but nothing else.

The first few days of this I struggled, I won’t lie. There were tears, I left whats app groups. I isolated myself further into self-isolation but this weekend I am feeling SO MUCH better. I am so fortunate to be living with my sister, we are looking out for each other, she brings me cups of tea in the morning, I make her green breakfast smoothies. I take photos for her and help film content for her new found TikTok hobby she cooks all my meals. If only we got on this well growing up, my parents might have less grey hair.

I am so lucky to have a dog, to be living in the countryside and still have the farm to visit. Every day, privileges I was ready to give up and leave behind for London a few months back. There are so many aspects of home I took for granted, many of them are the things which now make me smile every day, I promise going forward I am going to be more appreciative of this Tiny Town I call Home, especially because this is where my wonderful family is and I am so glad I can still wave to them from a window and drop things off if they need them.

I think it is important to remember to spend this time how best suits and aids you, don’t feel like you need to be doing, creating, plotting or whatever, just look after yourself. Anyway, this is far from my usual round-up but I have tried to fill it with the things I love this week.


My life has been taken over by Youtube, I am much more likely to lose hours to Youtube than I am Netflix. This week it goes without saying I loved Fliss’ update on buying no new clothes, It was really insightful especially now whilst we are still being bombarded with ads for a spring wardrobe we won’t be able to wear. I love fashion and sustainability related content because they were the vlogs I was following before Covid-19 kicked off and it keeps me feeling normal.

I have really enjoyed following my friends Dan and Abi’s new videos. They handed the keys over from their old house the week before Lock Down and have been seeing self-isolation out in their amazing new home which is on wheels. If you want to see how social distancing is playing out in a more unusual living set up check them out. I have appreciated being able to follow what my friends are up to. Did that sound stalkerish? A little, yes/ no… i’m not sure?

Lastly on Youtube, Joe Wicks, for not only getting everyone around the world moving and exercising but for donating it all to the NHS. We all have to work, this is his work, he had every right to make money from this but he has donated everything from the PE videos, so please tune in, the more views he gets the more money the NHS gets.

Made in Chelsea is back and I am not ashamed to share my excitement for it. I hadn’t finished the last series. Series 18 was the only series out of the 19 I had not finished. With the lack of London, martinis and hot men in my life right now Made in Chelsea is exactly what I needed on my screen to make me remember how good life is going to be when this is all over. Binky and Ollie are also back! Episode two is on Monday night, E4 and 9 pm!

Sam Thompson and Pete Wick’s videos on Instagram are giving me so much joy. If you have ever wondered what it is like going on holiday with me and Chanice watch their Barcelona vlog. Although I am definitely more Sam when it comes to the celebrity gossip news. I absolutely love each video.


I wanted a very easy, very cheesy book to get me through this week, a genre I rarely read. I picked up Flat Share by Beth O’Leary in the supermarket the other day and it is ticking all the boxes. I don’t know if its something I would usually enjoy and there are some parts I cringe at but I have been surprised at how progressive and almost non chick flicky this book is. It took a little while to get into but now I am nearing the end I cannot put it down. It is one I will be sharing around the family over the next couple of weeks.

Sophie’s Suitcase a blog which I have followed for a few years now uploaded one of the best posts I saw all week – 12 PROGRAMMES TO TRAVEL THE WORLD VIRTUALLY. As someone who is massively missing trip planning, holiday plotting and day out excursions I really enjoyed this post and I am going to make my way through her viewing list.


The sunshine last week, wasn’t it glorious? I cannot wait for it to return. Although the slightly greyer days are making me feel less sad and guilty about being stuck inside.

Face timing friends (whats app chat/ zoom/ house party), A shock for us all to hear because I hate phone calls. Yet this has really brought us together and got us all thinking a bit more creatively. This week my family and I are going to do a Facetime cook along of the same meals.

Camera time – With the good weather last weekend and early this week I have really enjoyed taking my camera out and getting some new content. I can only take photos of the animals and Pip currently but it’s teaching me new things.


There are a number of podcasts I could list here, It is great that with the power of technology my favourite podcast have managed to keep going with really engaging content. The biggest applaud needs to go to the Rugby Pod though. I am not joking, I am deadly serious when I say sports and watching sports is a MASSIVE part of our lives. I love going to the rugby with my Dad. I also love watching the Six Nations at his on the weekends, with tea, and snacks and sometimes a good old take away with the family when the game is over. I miss sports so much I even started my own Grand National Races at the farm. So you can imagine how happy I am that for the last three weeks despite the fact there has been no Rugby for weeks and this has been the strangest most disappointing season for the sport Jim and both Andy’s have grouped together to still bring an hour of very entertaining Rugby content. I always find this podcast funny and it has not disappointed. For anyone missing sports I urge you to search out some podcasts they really have helped me.


I finally did some home changes whilst being quarantined, the lawn has had it’s first (two) mows, it was so long it was like cutting hay but I am determined this year to spend a little bit more time in the garden whilst I can. I picked up a few new plants in the queue for the supermarket the other day.

I have also added some new Hemnes draws to my room, to be fair I am a little disappointed with them. I was trying to put them together by myself, I did an ok job but one of the draws doesn’t sit flush which is bugging me. Only I could have this much trouble with furniture but I am excited they are now in place with my new shelf up, I am even more impressed Pip and I, having never put a shelf up in our lives did so much to the bedrooms. We also fitted my sister’s bedroom with new furniture which looks great so hopefully, soon we will have our spare room back and our friends can come and stay.

Some great things

Tiktok saving my sister and I from boredom if you want to follow Pip’s videos follow her Tiktok account @piptoktiktop. We are trying to bring regular entertainment from our very random farm via TikTok and Instagram so stay tuned.

Kindness, It has been overwhelming when you only focus on seeking out the good how kind everyone has been to each other. At a time of heightened emotions, it is so easy to flip out at friends, family, and even strangers. It has been so comforting to hear and see so many acts of kindness towards one and other. Hopefully, this sense of community is something we can carry forward with us.

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