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Sorry for the header image, I literally have no photos which are not animals. I am going to take some this week, I am sure you are all concerned. 

It has been a crazy couple of weeks, hasn’t it? We are now in April and it seems the days and weeks are rolling into one. I often catch myself and think I am handling this all fine and then other times I lose my mind a little. I have mentioned before having the farm which was always such a chore before has become such a sanctuary to be able to spend hours outside away from everyone. We are also lucky to be surrounded by open fields and gardens so I have been using my one exercise time a day to take Dougal out and keep us both fit and sane.

I go through waves, I am sure as we all do. I try to ensure that I hold onto the good waves and as long as I have a few of those a day I will think of the day as a good day and leave it at that.

Nonetheless, last week still featured some great moments, daily face to face meetings with my work team, a work quiz, some delicious dinners with my sister, lots of time with the horses, a few bottles of wine and some fun Instagram workouts. It is far from ideal, I miss my social life but it has been ok. I am fortunate I can still walk by to see my family and I can still see my nephew. He has learned to voice note me which brings me daily cheer.

This week’s round-up is thin on the ground, I will try to make next weeks better.


TV is the one thing I have not had much time for. I have a long list of series I want to watch but Made in Chelsea is the only one I sit down for. I tried series two of Liar after enjoying series one but I cannot get into it. Has anyone else had this problem? I am however counting down the days for Killing Eve series three which comes out next weekend.

This week I did watch The English Game on Netflix, a historical drama based on the FA Cup and the class divide in football ( I am sure I could have made it sound better). It is a miniseries based on the true story produced by Julian Fellowes the creator of Downton Abbey. It was the type of series I would have watched with my family on a Sunday night had I been able to leave the house. Good easy evening watch.


This week is more classic Chick Flick, I am reading the third of the Me before you trilogy Still Me by Jojo Moyes. Despite the tears it causes I love Me before you, I love the book and I love the film maybe because I am a cynical romantic at heart. I found Still Me in the charity shop before we went into lockdown and if I am honest, had lockdown not happened I don’t know when I would have prioritised reading it. Before this all happened I always chose to read books that were either more true to life or helped me in some way which meant a good old light-hearted sentimental novel always got pushed back. I have loved catching up with Louisa and the constant reminder of how good looking Sam Claflin definitely helps.

Listening to

Is anyone else finding it really hard to find time for podcasts and audiobooks? I use to listen to these at the gym, walking the dog, on my way to work, etc. I don’t think TikTok is helping but I am really struggling to find time to listen to them all at the moment, especially since my sister is now working from home too. I am excited about the return on The High Low this week. I need to find time to carve out where podcasts can fit into my life because I really miss them, is everyone else managing? This week I, of course, listened to the Rugby Pod, an entertaining escape from it all, and I applaud the fact they can keep going. I also enjoyed the Happy Place with Ferne Cotton and returning guest Russel Brand. 


My sister is making some of the most amazing dinners for us. On Wednesday we did a Family cook-along via Zoom. We made my butternut squash and sage risotto which we all love and it helps there are hardly any ingredients needed to it. The cook-along involved my Dad, my sister Pip who lives with me and my older Sister Hannah and my Nephew George at their house. It worked really well and gave us the chance to chat etc without going over the same old ground these Zoom chats can cover. Dad’s cooking had us crying with laughter and Hannah’s presentation of course won. We usually have veggie nights once a week as a family so this felt like an ok substitute and something I would do again.


I am not going to lie, from the blog post yesterday you will know I am thoroughly enjoying Tiktok. I won’t say any more about it but if you want to know why we are all so obsessed then read my blog post.

I was really happy with all your responses about the Shetland and Pony Not so Grand National (highlights are all on my Instagram) at the weekend. I wish we could keep them up but they are so time-consuming and I think they might have had their time now. If there are any other farm sports you would like to see let me know and I will see what we can deliver.

Getting dressed up – This is going to be a one-off because it was an effort. On Saturday I dressed up as if I was going on a night out to shoot some remote content with the girls. It felt so good to make a bit of effort instead of looking at the same pasty pale make-up-less face each day. I fake tanned did my hair and my make up. It was 10 am on a Saturday morning and I could have easily started drinking!


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